How to Get Paper in Enshrouded

Learn how you can find and craft Paper in Enshrouded, a necessary resource for communication and recording knowledge.

How to Get Paper in Enshrouded

How to Get Paper in Enshrouded

To get Paper in Enshrouded you will have to it out of Wood Logs and Ammonia Gland by using the Laboratory. To acquire the Laboratory, you will first need to complete one of the Alchemist’s personal quests. You should receive the ‘Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory’ quest after you access the Kindlewastes region. To enter the Kindlewastes, you will need to strengthen your Flame Alter to Level 5.

Then after collecting the Scientific Instruments for the Alchemist, you can craft the Laboratory using the following materials:

  • 1 Scientific Instruments
  • 1 Athanor
  • 40 Fired Brick
  • 10 Copper Bar
  • 3 Glass
Enshrouded crafting the Laboratory for the Alchemist

Finally, once you have created the Laboratory you can start to craft Paper. To craft Paper in Enshrouded you will need:

  • 1 Wood Logs
  • 1 Ammonia Gland

Combining these in the Laboratory will create 5 Paper at a time.

What is Paper, and what is it used for?

Enshrouded Almanach of Plants and Seedlings crafting recipe

In Enshrouded you’ll need Paper to craft the Almanach of Plants and Seedlings for the Farmer. Furthermore, this new crafting station enables you to craft Seedbed, which you can use to grow seedlings to plant in Farm Soil and Fertilised Farm Soil.

Additionally, once you are able to craft paper, that should unlock a new furniture piece at the Carpenter called Secret Bookshelf Door. You can place this in your base to hide passages with a secret way to get inside. The complete crafting recipe for the Secret Bookshelf Door is:

  • 1 Crude Wooden Cabinet
  • 5 Metal Sheets
  • 10 String
  • 50 Paper
  • 15 Leather
  • 1 Bones

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