Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Find Warrior Vocation Maister

Discover how to unlock your Vocation’s ultimate ability in Dragon’s Dogma 2 with our How to Find Warrior Vocation Maister guide!

Dragon's Dogma 2 Warrior Maister Beren

How to Find Warrior Vocation Maister

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, each vocation has a Vocation Maister you can learn an ultimate ability from. You’ll have to find them and will also usually have to complete a quest to earn their approval. Completing some of the quests can be time-consuming, but the powerful abilities usually are worth it.

Moreover, you do not have to have any specific Vocation Rank before unlocking ultimate abilities. However, you do have to have the vocation itself unlocked. Therefore, you will first need to visit the Vocation Guild in Vernoworth and find a greatsword to unlock the Warrior Vocation.

The following guide will walk you through how to find the Warrior Vocations Maister in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and the quests you must complete to unlock the abilities.

How to Find Warrior Maister Beren

Dragon's Dogma 2 Warrior Maister Beren Location Moonglow Garden
  • Maister: Beren
  • Location: Borderwatch Outpost (can immediately meet after tutorial), Moonglow Garden, Beren’s childhood home.
  • Required Quest: ‘Claw Them Into Shape’. You can get this quest from Beren when you meet him at Moonglow Garden. To complete it you will need to collect three swords, find a recruit, and defeat Beren. Then return to Moonglow Garden and help Beren defeat the Cyclops.
  • Quest Timer: Speak to Beren before you do the Feast of Deception main story quest. The border permit pass you receive at the start of the next will grant you passage in to Battahl and you’ll find Beren’s childhood home just down the road inside.
  • Ultimate Ability – Arc of Might: Channels all of the user’s strength into an almighty blow; consumes all of the user’s stamina when activated.

To find the Warrior Maister Beren in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll need to go to his camp at Moonglow Garden. You’ll find Moonglow Garden west of the Borderwatch Outpost, which is the first location you visit in the game. Beren can sometimes be found at the Borderwatch Outpost, instructing the troops at the training grounds. However, Moonglow is where he appears to stay in his downtime.

You can’t walk straight from the Borderwatch Outpost to Moonglow Gardens. You’ll have to take a route that runs west and south of Moonglow, and then swings up north and around back east. If you’re planning on visiting him in the early game before heading out to Melve/Vernworth you should make sure to summon a couple more pawns at the riftstone in Borderwatch. Then, you’ll have a full party.

How to Complete Claw Them Into Shape

Dragon's Dogma 2 How to Complete Claw Them Into Shape

Once you have accepted the ‘Claw Them Into Shape’ quest you can continue on the main story, which should lead you first to Melve and then on to Vernworth. Vernworth is the capital of the kingdom of Vermund and here you can also visit the Vocation Guild and pick up the quest to unlock the Warrior vocation. Here are the steps for completing the Claw Them Into Shape quest:

  1. Visit Roderick’s Smithy if you need to purchase any swords. If you have found any extra swords as loot along the way, then keep them, but you’ll need to give Beren a total of three. Roderick’s Smithy has Iron Swords for sale for only 1,480 gold each.
  2. Outside the Vernworth Pawn Guild, you should run into Humphrey, who will automatically trigger a conversation with you. He’s looking for an instruction and is hoping you will oblige. Instead, choose the dialogue option that has you ‘Tell him about Beren’. On your recommendation, the lad will set off.

Take the Claw Them Into Shape Items to Beren

Once you have completed these two steps in Dragon’s Dogma 2 you can return to Warrior Maister Beren at his camp in Moonglow Garden. He will thank you, and then challenge you to a fight. Accept, and when the duel begins just concentrate on dodging his attacks. Wait for him to pause and go off balance, then run in, grab him, and throw him out of the ring.

However, you do not have to win the duel. Even if you lose, the next part of the quest will occur. A soldier will report to Beren that a cyclops has attacked and Beren will take off to investigate. Follow him to the site of the attack. Beren will tell you that this ‘failure’ will mean his dismissal. Beren will leave and Claw Them Into Shape will officially be completed.

How to Complete Beren’s Final Lesson

Dragon's Dogma 2 How to Complete Beren's Final Lesson

After Claw Them Into Shape is finished, Beren will walk away. Head back towards Moonglow Garden to find him again. However, you may need to rest at the nearby campsite before he appears again. As you speak with him, your conversation will be interrupted by the rampaging cyclops. Fight and defeat the beast with Beren, Humphrey, and your party.

After the beast has been killed, go back to the nearby campsite and rest again. Return to Moonglow Garden for one final time and speak to Beren again. He will tell you he is leaving for another post and thanks you for your help. Beren’s Final Lesson will be complete and you will receive Beren’s greatsword Lifektaker.

How to Find Beren in Battahl

Dragon's Dogma 2 How to Find Beren in Battahl

Now that Warrior Maister Beren has left Vermund in Dragon’s Dogma 2 you will have to seek him out in Battahl to finally unlock the Warrior’s ultimate ability. Getting down to Battahl will take some effort and there are two different ways you can get into this new kingdom.

  1. Keep working on the main story quests with Captain Brant in Vernsworth. You will need to complete them through Feast of Deception. The next quest, Nation of the Lambent Flame will start with Brant giving you a permit to get through the checkpoint gate. If your Arisen is Beastrn you can simply use this. If your Arisen is human you will first need to buy a Beastren mask at Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop in Checkpoint Rest Town.
  2. Cross the border through a secret mountain pass. Jump off the bridge leading into Checkpoint Rest Town into the river below. Make your way west and then south through Thunderclap Cave. This is a long way around, but will save you 8,700 gold for the mask. Or if you just want to go there without doing all of the main story quests first.

If you choose the mountain pass, be warned that the enemies are higher level here. It’s best not to attempt it too early in your game. We recommend your Arisen and Pawns be at least 22-25.

How to Unlock Arc of Might

Dragon's Dogma 2 Warrior Ultimate Skill Arc of Might tooltip

Just south past the checkpoint gate, you will find Beren’s Childhood Home on the east side of the road. You should find Beren either inside or somewhere nearby. Speak to him and if your affinity is high enough he should simply give you the Champion’s Fable scroll. If you have unlocked the Warrior vocation you should be able to use it to learn the Arc of Might ultimate ability.

However, if your approval with Beren is not high enough, he will instead ask you to accompany him on an escort mission. This quest isn’t too difficult until near the endpoint, where a dragon appears just outside the cave you are trying to get to. If you are having trouble defeating the beast, you can attempt to grab Beren and carry him far down into the tunnel away from the fight.

After completing the mission, Beren’s approval level should now be high enough. As a reward, he will finally give you the Champion’s Fable scroll.

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