How to Get Raw Sand Digger Meat in Enshrouded

Discover where to get Raw Sand Digger Meat in Enshrouded, as essential ingredient for end game consumables.

Finding Raw Sand Digger Meat in Enshrouded Game

Where to Find Raw Sand Digger Meat in Enshrouded

You can find Raw Sand Digger Meat in the Kindlewaste desert, dropping from the Sand Diggers in the area. This is a large barren desert with Scorpions, Sand Diggers, and Saffron, but you’ll want to farm the Sand Diggers for the raw meat.

You need a level 5 Flame to access the best farming location, but there is a second location that has a chance to drop Raw Sand Digger Meat that only requires a level 4 Flame.

Finding Raw Sand Digger Meat in Enshrouded Game

How quickly you can farm these Sand Diggers depends entirely on your gear and damage. In our testing, we’ve found that the spell Acid Bite can take them down very quickly.

These are the best places to find Raw Sand Digger Meat in Enshrouded:

  • Kindlewaste desert from Sand Diggers
  • East of the Nomad Highland Shrine from the Vukah Creatures

Kindlewaste Deserts

The Kindlewaste deserts are a great place for farming many end game materials, as it requires a level 5 Flame.

In these desert plains, you can find Raw Sand Digger Meat from the Sand Diggers. While these creatures aren’t aggressive, you’ll want to take them out with care, as they can hit really hard. Sand Diggers will try to hit you with a head butt attack, so you can either strafe or run around them to avoid getting hit.

In the Kindlewaste deserts, you can also find Saffron in the fields as well as Scales that drop from the Sand Diggers. When you come through here, make sure you grab these materials as well.

East of the Nomad Highland Shrine

The second location is the Vukah Canyon, east of the Nomad Highland shrine. The Vukah Canyon only requires a level 4 Altar, so you can access this location earlier than you can the Kindlewaste desert.

At the Vukah Canyon, there are many Vukah creatures, but the bear-looking ones can drop it. It isn’t as consistent as the Sand Diggers, but we have found Raw Sand Digger Meat in this Enshrouded location.

What is Raw Sand Digger Meat, and What Is It Used for?

Raw Sand Digger Meat is used in many high level Enshrouded consumables.

Cooking Raw Sand Digger Meat in Enshrouded

The simplest way to use Raw Sand Digger Meat is by grilling it to make Grilled Sand Digger. Grilled Sand Digger gives +4 Constitution, a direct buff to your maximum health pool. That makes this a, especially great food option for Barbarian builds or tank builds. Since you can have three food buffs active at one time, we like to use a general health buff alongside max stat and recovery buffs.

Raw Sand Digger Meat is also used alongside other ingredients.

The Meat Wrap is a great high-level consumable that uses Raw Sand Digger Meat as an ingredient. Grilled Sand Digger on its own gives +4 Constitution, but the Meat Wrap gives +5 Constitution and +1 Intelligence. For builds using Intelligence, the Meat Wrap is a best in slot consumable.

The Meat Wrap allows magic users to obtain significantly higher stats. Since you can use three consumables total, Meat Wrap gives you a lot of health to play with while further boosting your magicka. Paired with Glow Soup, you have one of the best consumable pairs for wizard builds. This combo will give you over 20 intelligence with end game gear.

Passive Healing Groups in Enshrouded Game

This is critical for end game builds. Skills like water and radiant aura scale off of max stats. One does passive healing per second the other passive damage to shroud per second. With over 20 intelligence, you are a walking juggernaut at max level of 25. These types of builds in Enshrouded are only possible when you take advantage of some of these incredibly powerful consumable options.

Especially for magicka users in Enshrouded, Raw Sand Digger Meat is crucial for end game builds.

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