Nightingale: Co-op Multiplayer and How It Works

Discover the Fae realms of Nightingale with our preview of how Co-op Multiplayer works in this action-adventure survival game.

Nightingale Character Array

Nightingale, a new Victoria Era survival/crafting/combat game created by developers Inflexion Games will be releasing in Early Access on February 20, 2024. Additionally, in Early Access form it will be available on PC only. In this preview guide, we’ll be taking a look at potential co-op and multiplayer modes in Nightingale, and how you can tackle the Fae realms with friends!

Will Nightingale have Co-op and Multiplayer?

Yes, Nightingale can be played solo, or cooperatively with up to six players in an online shared-world Realmscape. Furthermore, the game will also allow friends to travel into and visit each other’s worlds. When visiting a friend’s realm you can aid in crafting or join in battle against challenging eldritch horrors.

“By default, you will not encounter other players in your Realm unless you’re in a co-op party or set your Realm to ‘Public’.”

Nightingale Multiplayer Description

Nightingale will provide dedicated servers for all solo and group players. You will not need to subscribe to a third-party hosting platform to play with a specific group of friends.

What is a Public Realm in Nightingale?

Nightingale Co-op Multiplayer

According to the developers, a ‘Public’ Realm lets players see everyone else occupying that specific Realm on their map. Significantly, you will have full control over whether or not you want new realms to be Public. This is done through Nightingale’s crafting and unique portal system mechanics.

In Nightingale, completing a ‘site of power’ within the game can unlock a realm card recipe. Once you’ve created this card, you can then use it to travel to another realm. Moreover, you can combine different cards to create different effects within these new worlds. These cards are placed inside a Realm Card machine, and it’s within here that you can choose to set a realm to Public or not.

How to Play Nightingale in Co-op

Nightingale Co-op Exploring Together

When you and your friends start the game, you will all need to separately complete the tutorial area within the Byway Realms first. Following that, you’ll arrive in the introductory Abeyance Realm. This is where you will first have the opportunity to send and receive party invites.

The developers have stated that there are no restrictions placed on what level of players can join each other. If three higher level players wish to invite along a new friend who just started the game, there are no restrictions on doing so.

Players who are adventuring in Co-op or Multiplayer in Nightingale may wish to join together in a single ‘main’ realm and group their bases together. All players will have the ability to create an initial home by placing down an ‘Estate Cairn’. This establishes that realm as your ‘Respite Realm’. Therefore, your entire group can join together in the same realm and collectively create a shared Respite Realm by everyone placing their Estate Carins within.

Moreover, once that realm has been set as a Respite Realm, any player can leave and return at anytime. There will be no need for you to worry about who is online or if a server is active.

Nightingale Loot and Quest Mechanics in Co-op

Sharing Loot while playing co-op or multiplayer in Nightingale works in two ways:

  1. Loot chests from completing encounters are instanced per player
  2. Other loot is not instanced and resources must be gathered individually

However, if you pick up (accidentally or not) something another friend needs, you can easily give it to them. All you need to do is drop the item in game, and your friend can pick it up.

Finally, quests in Nightingale are tracked per player. Each individual player will need to complete the quest themselves in order to progress. This doesn’t restrict friends from traveling with and helping you. However, if a friend completes an advanced quest you are not leveled for or do not have, you will not receive credit for it.

Will Nightingale Have a PvP Multiplayer mode?

Nightingale Umbrellas for Gliding

No, Nightingale will not have a player-vs-player mode which allows players to fight against each other. The game is meant to be cooperative, where friends and even strangers can visit other player’s realms.

However, you should keep in mind that if you set a realm to ‘Public’ there is still some risk. Although players cannot fight each other, players visiting your realm can interact with your base and crafting stations. Under normal circumstances this won’t be a problem, as hopefully most visiting players will want to help. But having that mechanic available does mean that your base will be at risk of sabatoge. Whether it’s a well-meaning prank where someone switches the walls around, or a griefer who comes in and destroys the place.

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