How to Get Sage Leaves in Enshrouded

Learn how to get and use Sage Leaves in Enshrouded, a material that increases your Spirit Stat and crafts an eternal heal channel!

Enshrouded Game - Sage Leaves - Enshrouded

Where to Find Sage Leaves in Enshrouded

Sage Leaves Location in Enshrouded Game

You can find Sage Leaves at Rattlebleak farm, situated west of the Nomad Highland Ancient Spire. This farm lies just below the Northern Caravan Camp in the northern part of the Nomad Highland Area. Sage Leaves are purplish and are not the same as Indigo Plants. But here, you can collect various materials to gather Sage Leaves quickly.

Enshrouded Game - How to Find Sage Leaves at Farm in Enshrouded

The Nomad Highlands Spire requires upgrading your Flame Altar to level 4. You can harvest Sage Leaves and reset them by logging out of your game. When you relog, the materials will reappear if you need to collect Sage Leaves in mass.

How to Use Sage Leaves in Enshrouded

Eternal Heal Channel- Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded

You can use Sage Leaves to boost your Spirit by +4 for 10 minutes or craft the Eternal Heal Channel. Eating the leaves grants you +4 Spirit or an extra 80 mana. For Wizards and Battlemage builds, increasing mana is crucial since they rely on spells with hefty mana requirements. Additionally, the Eternal Heal Channel is handy for Healer builds, especially those who use the healing channel often. Eternal staff charges never run out, and you can continuously provide healing to a teammate during multiplayer by holding down the healing channel.

Enshrouded Game - Sage Seedlings in Enshrouded Game

Additionally, you can plant, farm, and craft Sage Seedlings that will grow into Sage Leaves. Seedbeds can be found at the Farmer Crafterperson and water, sage leaves, and bonemeal can be combined to gain five sage seedlings. Once obtained, plant them in Farm Soil or Fertilized Farm Soil. Soil will speed up the yield process. Once completed, repeat the process for fast harvesting of Sage Leaves.

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