Enshrouded: All Staff Charges & Eternal Spells with How to Get Instructions

This comprehensive Enshrouded guide explains and lists all Staff Ammo, Charges, and Eternal Spells with How to Get instructions.

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Staff Charges and Eternal Spells Explained

Staff Charges and Eternal Spells are magical ammo for staffs in Enshrouded. Eternal Spells are a type of staff charge that never ends and can be “used infinitely.” You’ll unlock more staff charges and eventually eternal spells as you progress.

In Enshrouded, staff charges and eternal spells require an alchemist NPC to craft and unlock them. Once you unlock him, open his menu and look for the first basic Heal channel and Ice bolt.

While the staff can deal the most damage in Enshrouded, you cannot BLOCK with it, so you’re vulnerable. Wands are another magical weapon type that can return some mana to you on kills. As a result, the best strategy is to attack with the staff regardless of whether you use Staff Charges and Eternal Spells, then swap to wand and shield to block any incoming enemy attacks. Combining a wand with a shield and staff, you will deal significant damage and quickly escape to defense.

How Do Staff Charges and Eternal Spells Work?

Best Wizard Attributes Enshrouded Game

While casting Staff Charges and Eternal Spells in Enshrouded, your character will use their mana, so having a decent pool will help you be effective in combat longer without recharging. Your character tab contains the spirit statistic, which determines your total mana. Intelligence determines your damage and staff damage bonus. You can increase Spirit and Intelligence statistics with weapon or armor bonuses and specific skills, usually from blue passive skills.

Cast Time with Staff Charges and Eternal Spells indicator in Enshrouded

You must have staff and staff charges or eternal spells in your inventory to cast. Equip a staff, and right-clicking and holding lets you use the mouse wheel up and down quickly to select different spells (default keys). You can pick a charge type and quickly swap between various elements or healing depending on a situation and needs.

Also, with the staff, you can cast spells in one of two ways:

  • Primary method (easy): equip your staff and hold down the left mouse. This will charge the spell with the tiny circle reticle to the left like the stamina symbol (white) and automatically cast.
  • Best method (pro): you hold down the right click, which charges it, and then you can release it when you want. So you can decide when the staff will be fired. You can hide behind a pillar, charge a long spell, turn a corner, and let loose.
Abyss Skill - Enshrouded

Various skills, such as the Dark Arts (10% to shroud damage) and Abyss (20% to shroud damage), can increase your damage. There are bonuses to all elements and, consequently, all Staff Charges and Eternal Spells in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded - Quick Charge Skill

The Quickcharge pell reduces the time to prepare the spell by half. If you are hit while charging your spell, you get interrupted and may need to recast it. This skill speeds up the cast time and overall damage per second.

Staff Charges vs. Eternal Spells: The Difference

Eternal Spells are a type of staff charge with multiple uses. However, they are considered an ultimate end-game ammunition and a better version of lower-grade spell charges.

Casting Staff Charges and Eternal Spells in Enshrouded

Significant differences exist between Staff Charges vs. Eternal Spells, including damage, casting time, usage, level, and crafting recipes. Additionally, eternal spells in the staff spell selection are marked with the infinity symbol (∞). In contrast, staff charges will have a number next to them, telling you how many are left in your inventory. The Eternal Spells solve the major issue of the staff charges needing constant ammo. However, Eternal Spells’ long cast time is hard to deal with in specific situations.

Here is a full list of differences between Staff Charges vs. Eternal Spells:

  • Damage: Exact same element staff charges can have different damage compared to ethereal spells.
  • Casting time: Even the same spell, such as fireball, available in both staff charges and eternal spell charges, will have different cast times. Eternal Spells usually have longer cast time.
  • Usage: Eternal Spells have infinite uses, while staff charges are consumed on each cast.
  • Level: Most eternal spells are higher-level ammunition compared to regular staff charges.
  • Crafting: Higher-level staff charges and eternal spells require more advanced crafting resources.

A Complete List of All Staff Charges and Eternal Spells

There are 15 staff charges and eternal spells in Enshrouded. Each is unlocked at a certain level, with significant differences between them. The following list chronologically presents all Staff Charges and Eternal Spells, arranged from lowest to highest levels.

  • Ice Bolt (level 5)
  • Heal Channel (level 5)
  • Fireball (level 10)
  • Chain Lighting (level 12)
  • Chain Heal (level 12)
  • Fireball II (level 15)
  • Acid Bite (level 17)
  • Eternal Ice Bolt (level 17)
  • Eternal Chain Heal (level 17)
  • Eternal Fireball (level 17)
  • Eternal Heal Channel (level 22)
  • Lighting Channel (level 22)
  • Eternal Light Burst (level 22)
  • Eternal Acid Bite (level 22)
  • Shroud Meteor (level 27)

Ice Bolt

Ice Bolt- Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 5
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 26
  • Element: Ice
  • Manna cost: 38
  • Cast Time: 0,5s
  • Requirements: Alchemist

It is one of the basic early-game charges in Ice Bolt. It’s a great choice of staff charge in Enshrouded initially, but you will not use it much later due to low damage compared to other options. However, it slows the target, giving you extra crowd control possibilities, which is especially valuable early in the game.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Ice Bolt in Enshrouded

How to get Shroud Liquid - Enshrouded
Shroud Liquid Mushrooms

To craft Ice Bolt, you need 2 Water and 5 Shroud Liquids. Shroud Liquid is an alchemical ingredient from mushrooms in shroud areas form. You can collect water from wells scattered in abandoned settlements or later craft it and place as many wells as you want in your home base. All resources required to craft this staff charges are in the Enshrouded starting areas.

Additionally, a few Ice Bolt charges will be acquired from the quest at the start of the game.

Heal Channel

Heal Channel- Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 5
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 17
  • Element: Healing
  • Manna cost: 7
  • Cast Time: 1,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist

While holding down the attack button, you will heal yourself and your allies over time. To heal, you consume charges, but Heal Channel gives a cheap flow of healing. It’s an early-game spell with a low mana cost. Heal channel is recommended for solo players or those who don’t have access to regeneration food.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Heal Channel in Enshrouded

  • 2 Aureolin Flower
  • 5 Bonemeal
  • 1 Wood Acid
How to get Bonemeal - Enshrouded

Wood Acid, 2 Aureolin Flower, and 5 Bonemeal are required to craft twenty Heal Channels. The Aureolin Flower is a yellow flower that grows on bushes in green areas of starting locations and woods in Enshrouded. You must kill a few enemies and collect their bones to get bonemeal. The best are mutants from Enshrouded areas. Then, place bones on the grinding stones to craft bonemeal.

Enshrouded Crafting Wood Acid in Charcoal Kiln

Lastly, Wood Acid can be crafted from 15 wood logs and 3 dirt. You will get the wood acid recipe after you unlock Blacksmith, place his charcoal klin at your base, and craft at least one charcoal in the kiln.


Fireball - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 5
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 51
  • Element: Fire
  • Manna cost: 46
  • Cast Time: 0,8s
  • Requirements: Alchemist

There are three different “fireball spells” in Enshrouded. The Fireball I has the weakest damage but the lowest cast time and mana cost. It deals area-of-effect damage, being a perfect choice against a group of enemies such as shroud creatures who will often swarm you. It’s your first AoE spell, allowing you to be robust and impactful at low levels.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Fireball in Enshrouded

  • 10 Resin
  • 1 Tar
  • 2 Bonemeal

You need 10 Resin, 1 Tar, and 2 Bonemeal to craft Fireball. As mentioned, you must place bones from enemies in grinding stones to craft bonemeal. Tar players can craft on a charcoal kiln from wood logs and dirt after they unlock blacksmith. All resources are almost everywhere in the game, including resin, which drops from trees in the green woods of Enshrouded.

Chain Lighting

Chain Lightning - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 12
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 69
  • Element: Shock
  • Manna cost: 65
  • Cast Time: 1,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Mortar

Lighting zaps one enemy and then jumps to another, making it suitable for multiple targets that are more spread. Yet if they stand too far from each other, the chain lighting will stop on the first enemy. Chain lighting is a one-time cast and consumes charges, and later on, you will unlock the lighting channel, which is much more useful.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Chain Lighting in Enshrouded

Copper Ore in Enshrouded Game

The chain Lighting recipe requires 4 Resin, 4 Bonemeal, 1 Copper Bar, and 20 Flintstone. The flintstone is colorful and easy to spot, next to the home base where you start. The most challenging might be copper ore, an orange metal found directly west of the Revelwood Ancient Spire. To access this region, you need to Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 3.

Enshrouded using the smelter to create copper bars

After you collect it, you must place raw copper ore and charcoal in Smelter. Charcoal is from charcoal kilns, and Resin is from cutting trees.

Also, you will need Mortal to craft it and all higher-level eternal spells and staff charges from now on. You will eventually unlock all alchemist crafting tools and furniture while doing his quests, so always take the opportunity to improve your base equipment when possible.

Chain Heal

Chain Heal - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 12
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 28
  • Element: Healing
  • Manna cost: 17
  • Cast Time: 1,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Mortar

Another healing spell, this time meant for group play. Chain Heal goes from player to player, bouncing around. It has a low mana cost compared to the healing amount. It’s the best healing spell because it’s instant and bursty. In comparison, the Heal Channel is suitable for solo play when you don’t have potions or regeneration food.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Chain Heal in Enshrouded

  • 4 Bonemeal
  • 5 Chamomile
  • 1 Glow Dust

We already discussed how to get bonemeal, and you will need 4. Also, to craft Chain Heal, you must find 5 chamomile flowers. They grow on small bushes in the green woods of Enshrouded and resemble white daisies. Lastly, 1 Glow Dust can be crafted in Alchemist’s Mortar by crushing Fire Flys. Those tiny bugs spawn in swarms, in all woods and green plains of Enshrouded.

Fireball 2

Fireball 2 - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 15
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 85
  • Element: Fire
  • Manna cost: 68
  • Cast Time: 1,3s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Mortar

Fireball 2 is an upgraded version of a lower-level fire spell with the highest damage and, sadly, cast time. Mana’s cost and how long you must charge it before throwing it at your enemies make it more tricky to use. Like Fireball 1, it’s an area of effect with massive damage to all enemies standing inside.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Fireball 2 in Enshrouded

Enshrouded - Amber

2 tar and 10 resin are easy to get. First from dirt and logs crafted in charcoal kiln and second from trees. Amber is a rare resource that you can find in a few caves or mains. You can find Amber on the north side of the Revelwood area and northwest of the Revelwood in the Elixir Well Mine area. The best place to farm Amber is inside the well, where you will find a wall of this resource, perfect for gathering when you need a fair amount. To gather amber, you need any pick.

Acid Bite

Acid Bite - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 17
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 84
  • Element: Poison
  • Manna cost: 67
  • Cast Time: 2,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Alchemy Station

The greatest damage over time spell with limited range in front of you is the Acid Bite. Acid spell charge deals the most damage and is the strongest and best choice regardless of whether it’s an eternal spell or basic staff charge. Acid casts a puddle of green poison on the enemies, dealing a few ticks of damage after the initial first attack.

Additionally, it has a high cast time, so ensure you apply all the tactics mentioned at the beginning of this guide to be more successful while using staff charges and eternal spells in Enshrouded.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Acid Bite in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Poison Sack Enemies found in Revelwood

2 Poison sacks you can get from poisonous enemies, such as purple or orange poison flowers in muddy forest areas in Enshrouded.

How to Get Ammonia Gland in Enshrouded

2 Ammonia gland is another resource from enemies. This time, you must look for creatures resembling mushrooms in shrouded areas of the Kindlewaste region. This area is accessible through Pillars of Creation to the east of your starting location, and you will need at least a level 4 flame altar to get there.

Goo you can craft in alchemist inventory from 1 dirt, 1 shroud liquid, and 1 bug dust. Bug dust can also be crafted by the alchemist from critter parts, a resource available from all spiders living in dark caves of enshrouded.

Eternal Ice Bolt

Eternal Ice Bolt - Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded
  • Level: 17
  • Type: Eternal Spell
  • Damage: 79
  • Element: Ice
  • Manna cost: 82
  • Cast Time: 1,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Alchemy Station

The eternal Ice Bolt spell is the first infinite staff charge you will get in Enshrouded during the “En Eternal Spell” mission. It’s an introduction charge to eternal spells in Enshrouded. It deals decent damage for a low mana cost so that you can cast it often but with less impressive damage than other eternal spells.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Eternal Ice Bolt in Enshrouded

Fossilized Bone in Enshrouded

30 Fossilized Bone should be easy to find anywhere in the deserts of Kindlewaste and Nomad Highlands regions. Look for giant structures that look like the bones of giant creatures sticking out of the sand. Remember you need a flame level 4, minimum, to access those areas. Once you get the Fossilized Bone, you can place it on grinding stone and convert it into dust.

Eternal Chain Heal

Eternal Chain Heal - Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded
  • Level: 17
  • Type: Eternal Spell
  • Damage: 35
  • Element: Healing
  • Manna cost: 19
  • Cast Time: 1,2s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Alchemy Station

This eternal healing spell is an infinite version of a great group healing spell, the chain heal. It works similarly, but its healing, mana cost, and cast time are higher. The charge jumps to nearby friends, making it a must-have for any group of players.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Eternal Chain Heal in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Crafting Tin Bars in Smelter

We have already explained how to get Carcoal and fossilized bone. You can make ten tin bars in a smelter from 20 tin ore, 5 charcoal, and 1 wood acid. The best location to farm Tin ore is at the Mining Rift, where a large deposit is easily accessible. To find this tin ore farming spot in Enshrouded, you need a level 4 flame altar. West of the Ancient Spire Nomad Highland, you’ll find the Mining Rift.

Antiseptic - Enshrouded

To craft 10 Antiseptic, you must place 10 wood acid and 10 aloe in the alchemy station (one per each battle).

Aloe plant - Enshrouded

Aloe is a plant growing in deserts and savannas of Kindlewaste and Nomad Highlands regions. It has thick green, fleshy leaves; you can cut it with an axe.

Eternal Fireball

Eternal Fireball - Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded
  • Level: 17
  • Type: Eternal Spell
  • Damage: 114
  • Element: Fire
  • Manna cost: 94
  • Cast Time: 2,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Alchemy Station

Eternal Fireball is a fire area-based damage spell with a higher cast time and mana than Fireballs 1 and 2. However, while using it you will quickly notice the significant increase in damage dealt to all enemies.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Eternal Fireball in Enshrouded

  • 30 Charcoal
  • 3 Bronze Bars
  • 50 Amber
Enshrouded Crafting Bronze Bars in Smelter

You will need a lot of tin ore to craft three bronze bars, smelt it, and combine it with copper bars and charcoal. All those metal ingots can be crafted in the smelter, another piece of crafting furniture from the blacksmith questline.

Eternal Heal Channel

Eternal Heal Channel- Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded
  • Level: 22
  • Type: Eternal Spell
  • Damage: 43
  • Element: Healing
  • Manna cost: 21
  • Cast Time: 1,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Laboratory

It’s the last healing spell and, at the same time, the eternal spell on the list. The eternal Heal Channel in Enshrouded is an excellent alternative healing method that can replace potions. Similar to basic staff charge, the Heal Channel provides great healing immediately.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Eternal Heal Channel in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Mining Lapis Lazuli

The best area to farm lapislazuli is located directly southeast of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. To access this region, you will need to Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 4.

Chamomile flowers are mainly used for healing in enshrouded, and for the eternal Heal Channel, you must craft a tea from them. This tea from white flowers can be crafted in the farmer’s inventory.

Lastly, the Sage Leaves are tall purple flowers that are easy to spot on the yellow and orange desert landscapes of the Kindlewaste and Nomad Highlands area.

Lighting Channel

Lightning Channel - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 22
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 20
  • Element: Shock
  • Manna cost: 19
  • Cast Time: 0,3s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Laboratory

Lighting Channel is excellent for burning down single-target enemies. You can hold down the attack button and deal 20 damage per 0,3s, which, in summary, can quickly kill a boss or the enemy that follows you close, and you don’t have time to charge any other bursty damage spell. Lighting Channel has small damage, mana cost, and extremely low cast time compared to other spells.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Lighting Channel in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Oil

You can craft Enshrouded Oil from 5 shroud spores, coal powder, and shroud liquid. Two of those resources can be found in shroud areas from mushrooms and enemies, while coal powder is a recipe you must unlock by placing Laboratory in your base and then transforming Charcoal in the Grinder to the dust.

Enshrouded Mining Sulfur

Sulfur is a yellowish material common in the camp southeast of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. Look for it on walls of orange desert rocks, caves, or mines in this region.

Iron ore in enshrouded - Example in the cave

Ten Iron Bars you can craft from 10 iron ore and 25 charcoal. Charcoal comes from a Charcoal Kiln, combining dirt with wood logs, and is an abundant resource. We found Iron Ore in the Cave north of Ancient Spire Kindlewastes Fast Travel point, the Ridgeback Mine northeast of the same Ancient Spire, and Cave Passage, located Southeast of the same Ancient Tower.

Eternal Light Burst

Eternal Light Burst - Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded
  • Level: 22
  • Type: Eternal Spell
  • Damage: 21
  • Element: Fire
  • Manna cost: 20
  • Cast Time: 0,8s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Laboratory

Eternal Light Burst is another AoE fire spell that is best for utility while exploring. It does minor damage with low cast time and mana. It has a unique animation with a big light spark glowing from the staff while casting it on top of you with the 360-radius damage. If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, if you cast Eternal Light Burst, they all will receive damage if in the spell range—fantastic staff charge for elixir well fights or grinding levels.

Enshrouded - Casting Light Burst Spell

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Eternal Light Burst in Enshrouded

  • 5 Iron Bars
  • 10 Charcoal
  • 30 Sulfur
  • 20 Flintstone
Enshrouded Flint Harvest hole outside of Longkeep

To craft this particular area of effect spell, you will need to spend a lot of time mining in Kindlewaste and Nomad Highlands regions. Both Sulfur and Iron bars come from there. In the meantime, the flintstone is a colorful ore and a basic resource in starting areas.

Eternal Acid Bite

Eternal Acid Bite - Staff Charge - Eternal Spell - Enshrouded
  • Level: 22
  • Type: Eternal Spell
  • Damage: 165
  • Element: Poison
  • Manna cost: 120
  • Cast Time: 3,0s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Laboratory

As with all eternal spells, this upgraded acid bite has more significant damage than simple staff charges. However, its mana cost and cast time increase significantly. Eternal Acid Bite has one of the highest cast times in the game, with 3s needed before the spell is ready. Regardless, it’s the strongest overall, and the tooltip looks deceptive because this charge does damage over time for 3-4 seconds and has a conal area of effect.

It’s undoubtedly the best staff charge in the game, worth even the 3s cast time, which can be mitigated with the Quick charge skill and survival tactics for wizards and magic-based classes.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Eternal Acid Bite in Enshrouded

Glass takes five minutes to craft in a smelter by combining 30 pieces of sand and five pieces of charcoal. To craft Eternal acid Bite charges, you will also need 10 sulfur, 20 Ammonia Glands, and 20 Poison Sacks.

Shroud Meteor

Shroud Meteor - Staff Charge - Enshrouded
  • Level: 27
  • Type: Staff Charge
  • Damage: 205
  • Element: Shroud
  • Manna cost: 135
  • Flame Power Cost: 5
  • Cast Time: 3,2s
  • Requirements: Alchemist, Laboratory

The last spell you will unlock is Shroud Meteor, which has a special, unique effect and big burst damage. It calls down a meteor on up to five enemies, dealing serious damage, but while casting it, you are left vulnerable for the 3,2s. It can be decent if cast on unexpecting enemies, but during combat, you rarely will have enough time to cast this spell successfully without interruption. Hard to use when not pressured.

Crafting Recipe and How to Get Instructions for Shroud Meteor in Enshrouded

  • 2 Alchemical Base
  • 20 Nitrate
  • 20 Coal Powder
  • 20 Stone
  • 20 Sulfur
Alchemical Base - Enshrouded

Alchemical Base requires 1 shroud Liquid, 1 Mycelium, 1 water and 1 Shroud Spores. Just like Shroud liquid comes from mushrooms in shroud areas, Mycelium is the mushroom-covered terrain in the shroud. Its a substance used to enhance alchemical reactions.

Enshrouded Crafting Nitrate in Laboratory

Nitrate also requires Alchemical Base, along with 5 sand, 5 salt, and 1 wood acid. Salt is the last needed resource not explained yet in the guide. You can find two salt mines, one in Egerton Salt Mines northwest of the Ancient Spire Springlands and a second in Saline Quarry southeast of Braelyn Bridge. Springlands are the starting locations, so you should easily find both mines.

How to Get Staff Charges and Eternal Spells

Staff Charges and Eternal Spells can sometimes be found in chests and looting defeated enemies, but if you want to become a Wizard in Enshrouded, you will need much more ammo for your staff. Another way to get Staff Charges and Eternal Spells is by crafting them in the Alchemist NPC menu.

How to unlock Alchemist and More Eternal Spells

Craftspeople and Survivors Map in Enshrouded

To access the alchemist’s inventory and crafting, you must awaken him from his pod. The pod is located in Ancient Vault – Alchemist, on the west side of Springlands, during the “Powerful Alchemy” quest. The exact alchemist vault location becomes available after you complete Ancient Spire in the Springlands.

Enshrouded - Alchemist Balthazar - Pod

Once you find his pod and awaken Balthazar the Alchemist, he will offer you not only a few essential recipes, including Ice Bolt and Healing staff charges, but also new quests that will help you unlock more advanced crafting furniture and spells.

Enshrouded - Alchemist Balthazar

You will need Mortar, Alchemy Station, and Laboratory, obtainable through the specific alchemists’ quests to craft more advanced staff charges. Progress through his questline and any tasks he will give you because, as a Wizard, he will also be your main source of magical armor, weapons, staff charges, and eternal spells in Enshrouded.

Crafting FurnitureRecipe to CraftQuest Name
Mortar2 Nitrate
3 Sulfur
5 Sand
5 Charcoal
10 Lump of Clay
The Alchemist’s Mortar
Alchemy StationBlack Cauldron
3 Wood Logs
5 Copper Bar
6 Wood Planks
10 Nails
20 Fired Brick
A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist
Laboratory1 Scientific Instruments
1 Athanor
3 Glass
10 Copper Bar
40 Fire Brick
Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory
Enshrouded - An Eternal Spell Mission form Alchemist

As you progress and explore, Balthazar will eventually give you an “En Eternal Spell” mission. It will reward you with an Eternal Ice Bolt Spell and unlock your ability to craft all-new eternal spells but also staff channels in Enshrouded.

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