How to Get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Shroud Wood in Enshrouded, a crucial resource for crafting a glider and other necessary crafting blueprints.

How to Get Shroud Wood Resource in Enshrouded

Where to Find Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

You can find Shroud Wood by venturing into the Shroud and chopping down trees within its interior. There are multiple plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees to harvest in the Shroud, so you should focus on harvesting the full-sized trees to collect Shroud Wood. Any of the larger trees you chop down should yield Shroud Wood. However, larger trees often drop more resource piles for clearing it.

Enshrouded Shroud Wood Trees

The best way to find Shroud Wood is simply by chopping down full-size trees in the Shroud. It’s best to use your best version of an axe to speed up the process. Lastly, pay attention to your Shroud timer while collecting Shroud Wood and reset your timer as needed.

Skill Trees Maps in Enshrouded

Some skills are beneficial for gathering resources; you should equip them to ensure you are gathering as quickly as possible. We recommend the skill Lumberjack to allow your felling axes to deal 30% more damage to wooden objects and trees. Since this decreases your resource-gathering time allowing you to get to other aspects of the game faster.

Also, Stamina is incredibly important to maintain while farming with an Axe, so equipping Endurance can be a massive bonus to allow you to mine for longer. Also, there are multiple consumables that either increase your stamina or stamina regeneration, like Honey can help reduce your downtime while mining.

What is Shroud Wood, and What Is It Used for?

Enshrouded Shroud Wood Glider

Shroud Wood is “the wood of Shroud-infested trees. Its structure and properties are changed forever”. It is vital in the crafting of your glider, one of the best tools to get around the map. You will need Shroud Wood for both the base-level glider and the advanced glider, and a few other recipes and blueprints.

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