How to Get the Signed Trade Visa in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can get the Signed Trade Visa in Baldur’s Gate 3 through paying Gerringothe Thorm, a being with an intense lust for gold.

Get the signed trade visa bg3

In Act 2, you can encounter Gerringothe Thorm in the Tollhouse, where she immediately demands all of your gold. Without preparation, she will likely kill your entire party very quickly, but she is on the second floor of the Tollhouse, which makes her very easy to avoid. You can even walk right through the Tollhouse and not interact with her.

Giving Gerringothe Thorm Your Gold

Baldur's Gate 3 Tollhouse location Gerringothe Thorm Rolan Twist of Fate Signed Trade Visa

When Gerringothe Thorm demands all of your gold, you will need at least 5000 gold coins to satisfy her. Any less, and she will still attack you. Giving Gerringothe at least 5000 coins will cause her to give you the Signed Trade Visa item in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can still meet a deception check while talking with her, which will cause her to implode. If you fail the check and cannot give her at least 5,000 gold, you will probably need to reload and avoid her. Gerringothe Thorm uses an ability called Jealous Avarice. This ability multiplies in damage for every 500 gold that the character is carrying. If you have a few thousand gold coins, it will one-shot you every time.

BG3 Jealous Avarice

Gerringothe also has over 600 health. The trick to lowering her defenses is to kill the skull scattered around the Tollhouse. For every skull you destroy, she loses 100 health. If you kill her, she drops the Twist of Fortune morningstar, a powerful weapon against any enemy holding gold. When killed, she will not drop the Signed Trade Visa.

The easiest way to kill her is to stow away all of your gold and then fight her, or you can utilize the various pits and chasms around the Tollhouse. Any knockback will fling her into these pits and kill her instantly. Using any of these options, you’ll earn an achievement for killing her without her using your gold against you. You can climb onto the roof and drop through the ceiling in a druid’s owlbear form, one-shotting her.

Be careful, though. If you want to loot her body, you cannot throw her into any of the deeps. One alternative is to knock her off the ledge near the south side of the map. There is an opening in the wall and a steep drop that you can push or thunder wave off the cliff and still loot its body.

Get the Signed Trade Visa in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you give Gerringothe Thorm at least 5000 gold coins, she will give you the Baldur’s Gate 3 item, a Signed Trade Visa.

Getting the Signed Trade Visa BG3

The Signed Trade Visa can cast Flesh to Gold, a level 6 transmutation spell. Flesh to Gold traps a target and turns it into gold after 3 turns. This is similar to the learnable spell Flesh to Stone with a little more cosmetic flare. Using the scroll does consume the Signed Trade Visa. If the target misses all the saving throws and turns into gold, they’ll be petrified.

Should You Give Gerringothe Your Gold?

You should avoid giving your gold to Gerringothe, as the Signed Trade Visa isn’t worth it. The scroll costs at least 5000 coins, but it’s worth 600. The one-time-use effect of turning a target into gold is incredibly useless. If you use it on a target, they get three chances to roll a saving throw, negating the effect. If you do manage to turn an enemy into gold, the statue has no value afterward.

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