How to Get Wood Acid in Enshrouded

Learn how to Get Wood Acid Enshrouded, a valuable material for creating end-game items like Tin Bars, antiseptic, Nitrate, and more!

Enshrouded Game - Wood Acid Enshrouded

Welcome to Enshrouded, where you embody the Flameborn, the final flicker of hope for a fading civilization. As you awaken, you must confront the looming threat of an evil fog known as the Shroud, which seeks to consume all in its path. In this open-world co-op survival action RPG, your survival hinges on your ability to explore, gather materials, and craft essential items.

One such material essential to survival is Wood Acid. With Wood Acid, you can create crucial items to aid in your quest for survival, like Antiseptic, Nitrate, Tin Bars, and more.

Wood Acid: This byproduct of the Charcoal Kiln has many useful properties that can be used in medicine and alchemy.

Where to Find Wood Acid in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Game Wood Acid - How to Get Wood Acid in Enshrouded

Craft Wood Acid using the Charcoal Kiln, a Workshop item forged by skilled Blacksmith Craftspersons. Unlock the Wood Acid recipe by crafting Tar within the Charcoal Kiln at least once. Once you’ve obtained the recipe, mix 15 wood logs with 3 dirt for 7 minutes to produce 10 Wood Acid. Construct the Charcoal Kiln using 20 stones, a relatively swift task in the Enshrouded game.

What is Wood Acid Used for?

Enshrouded Crafting Tin Bars in Smelter

Wood Acid shines when used to craft higher-level materials such as Antiseptic and Nitrate. Antiseptic transforms Cleaned Bandages into potent healing aids, providing a powerful heal over time. Nitrate, on the other hand, fuels the Shroud Meteor staff’s charges. Furthermore, combining Tin Ore, Charcoal, and Wood Acid in the Blacksmith Smelter allows you to forge Tin Bars. These bars are instrumental in creating mid-level armor and other essential resources required to progress before reaching the maximum level in early access.

Below is a list of all the usage for Wood Acid in Enshrouded:

How to Learn Wood Acid Recipe in Enshrouded

The Charcoal Kiln is one workshop you want to keep working constantly. Tar, Wood Acid, and Charcoal materials are all used throughout the entire game of Enshrouded, and most only require basic ingredients like Wood Logs and Dirt. Our tip is to keep that Charcoal Kiln burning with endless materials!

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