How to Level Up Fast in Starfield – Best & Easiest XP Farm

Discover the best and easiest XP farm methods in the game to level up fast in Starfield!

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Leveling up in Starfield is essential for improving your character’s skills and abilities, making you more powerful in the vast and mysterious universe. Whether you’re just starting your journey or aiming for Starfield New Game Plus, there are effective ways to earn experience points (XP) and level up at an accelerated pace. This guide explores various methods to help you gain XP efficiently and reach higher levels to unlock valuable skill points.

How to Level Up Fast in Starfield

Starfield doesn’t have a level cap, but it does have almost unlimited possibilities and activities. You can explore the universe for hours and never even scratch the surface of what the game offers. With numerous things to do in Starfield, the best methods to level up fast are Resting for the Emotional Security Bonus, Kill high-level Enemies, and Hunt Aliens and Fauna. You can stack all three methods to be most efficient.

By following these methods, you can efficiently farm XP in Starfield, ensuring you unlock numerous skill points to enhance your character’s capabilities:

Well Rested Bonus

Sleeping before each of your adventures in Starfield grants you the “Well Rested” buff, which boosts your XP gain by 10%. It’s a temporary bonus, so remember to find a bed and take a nap every 20-30 minutes during your playthrough.

Married Companion XP Buff

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If you have a married partner in Starfield through their companion quest Commitment, you’ll gain an upgraded version of the Well Rested bonus called Emotional Security. When farming XP with the Emotional Security buff, your XP gain will increase by a total of 15% for a short period when you sleep in a bed, as opposed to the standard 10% with the Well-Rested Buff.

Stockpile Side Quests

Exploring cities like New Atlantis and interacting with side characters can lead to many short quests. Collect as many missions as possible, as they provide substantial XP rewards. Some quests may take you to the same planets or systems, maximizing your XP gains. If you have the XP bonus active, those quests will give you even more experience.

Hunt Aliens and Fauna

While exploring planets, target areas with abundant fauna and alien lifeforms. Defeating these creatures gives a significant XP. Fauna-rich planets will have more creatures to hunt, making your XP farm in Starfield faster and easier. To identify such planets, scan from orbit using your galaxy map. For this type of farm, use weapons with cheap, easy-to-find ammo. Ensure you always carry weapons that use multiple types of ammunition to have more time before you run out of ammo.

Kill high-level Enemies

Starfield Basic Attack

Identify the planet where you believe you can confidently engage and defeat enemies. A safe estimate is approximately 10-15 levels higher than your current level. If you love combat and can take on higher-level enemies, definitely try because the higher level, the more XP you’ll get. Similar to the Hunting aliens method, take multiple weapons that use different ammo. Be sure to equip your character with a large supply of healing and buffing consumables, as you’ll encounter challenging enemies, and these items can be incredibly helpful in Starfield.

What is the Best XP Farm in Starfield?

Among the various methods to level up fast in Starfield, one stands out as the best, easiest, and most effective XP Farm. The Starfield XP Farm with Outposts is an advanced XP farming method that revolves around creating Starfield Outposts, utilizing resource mining and crafting. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Unlock the ability to create Outposts, usually available early in the game.
  2. Select a suitable planet rich in resources such as Iron and Aluminum.
  3. Purchase the required initial resources from any vendor in New Atlantis, Neon or Akila City. Ensure you have Adaptive Frames, Aluminum, Beryllium, Copper, Fiber, Iron, and Tungsten.
  4. Place your Outpost where Iron and Aluminum resources overlap (or any resources you will use for crafting Iron and Aluminum are easy to find on many planets and used in many crafting recipes, but there are more options).
  5. Install Iron and Aluminum Extractors(and additional extractors of all available resources) in the chosen region, preferably five or six of each.
  6. Power the Extractors with Solar Arrays or wind turbines and create storage chests and cargo for the harvested resources. Link the cargo together to maximize storage efficiency.
  7. Set up a Crafting Station and craft Adaptive Frames using the gathered Iron and Aluminum. Craft in batches of 99 for substantial XP gains, potentially leveling up every 10 to 20 seconds.
  8. You can go to sleep to skip time to get more resources quickly.
  9. Use gathered resources to craft Adaptive Frames and get XP.
  10. Sleep, craft, and repeat to get credits and extra XP.

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