How to Run Pipes & Water in ARK Ascended? – Irrigation Explained

The New Irrigation System in Ark Ascended lets you efficiently run pipes and supply your base with Water in ARK Survival Ascended.

How to Run Pipes & Water in ARK Ascended - Irrigation Explained

Players who remember ARK Survival Evolved are likely familiar with the frustration of dealing with pipes and irrigation systems, which were considered one of the worst mechanics in the game. Running water from a water source to your base was often a nightmare, involving the challenge of making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing while dealing with terrain clipping. ARK Survival Ascended addresses and resolves these problems. Also, once underutilized water tank structure is highly useful and worthwhile. This guide explains the Irrigation mechanic in Ark Survival Ascended and How to Run Pipes and Water to your base.

Irrigation in ARK Ascended

Irrigation in Ark Survival Ascended solves the issue of complex pipe systems, and the new mechanic runs the water directly to your base from the water intake. Studio Wildcard removed various pipe types from the game. Instead, the new mechanic is based on a range without the need to craft and place long pipe systems. All happens “wirelessly” or “pipe-lessly“.

Now, to run water to your base and irrigate your crops, you will only need one water intake, water taps, and if your base is far from the water source, one or more water tanks.

How to Run Pipes and Water Supply

Irrigation System Metal - Ark Ascended

If your base or greenhouse is located near a water supply, you should start by placing the Water Intake in the shallower areas of the ocean, lake, or river. Next, place the Water Tap inside your structures, ensuring it falls within the intake pipe’s range. A useful indicator that you’ve correctly installed both structures is when you see a water drop icon on the Water Tap. As a result, you should be able to refill the water containers inside and drink from it.

How to Run Pipes and Water Supply - Range

To check the water intake range, interact with the pipe by holding down the “E” key on the PC. Then, from the options wheel, choose “Show Range,” represented by a house icon. A blue sphere will appear around the intake pipe, and within that area, you can place a water tap anywhere, which will automatically be supplied with water. There’s no need for additional pipes to connect the intake with the tap. It’s all done automatically.

How to Run Pipes and Water Supply or Long Distances?

In cases where your ARK Ascended base is situated outside the range of the intake pipe, and you must transport water over longer distances, the water tank comes into play. It serves to extend the reach of the intake pipe and transport the water directly to the water tap. Depending on the distance between your structures and the water source, you might require more than one water tank.

How to Run Pipes & Water in ARK Ascended - transporting the water

Start by placing the water irrigation pipe so that it touches the water source. Then, equip the water tank. You’ll notice a blue arrow pointing directly at the water intake, indicating that placing the water tank in this exact spot will “wirelessly” connect it to the water intake, successfully transporting the water and extending its range.

Now, move the water tank as close as possible to your base while the blue arrow still points to the water source. If the arrow disappears, take a few steps back until it reappears, then place the water tank in that location. This will be the maximum range to which you can extend your water irrigation system with one Tank. If you still don’t have water running inside your base, you may need to add more water tanks.

Repeat the process and place the next tank closer to your base. When the arrow disappears again, step back to make it reappear and place the tank. Ensure that it’s irrigated and part of your running water supply. Continue to place as many water tanks as necessary until the water taps in your base are successfully supplied with running water.

That’s all you need to know about How to Run Pipes, Water Supply, and Irrigation Systems in ARK Ascended.

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