Inside Larian Studios’ Inaugural Patch for Baldur’s Gate 3

Coming hot on the heels of several hotfixes for the game, let’s take a look Inside Larian Studios’ Inaugural Patch for Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Dragonborn in Heavy Armor

Just three weeks out from the launch of the full release of the game on PC, Larian Studios has released their first huge game Patch for Baldur’s Gate 3. This patch addresses over 1,000 issues, glitches, or bugs which have been found by players as they make their way through the world of the Forgotten Realms.

Inaugural Patch for Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly anticipated role-playing game developed by Larian Studios, has taken the gaming world by storm since its full game launch. With a captivating blend of rich storytelling, strategic gameplay, and a faithful adherence to the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset, the game has been praised as a worthy successor to the iconic Baldur’s Gate series. Now, Larian Studios is set to release its inaugural patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, a move that promises to not only address bugs and issues but also bring substantial enhancements and new features to the table.

For the full list of fixes you can visit the official news post to check out just how much Larian has been working hard to address issues players have found. Before you click, be aware that some of the fixes can reveal spoilers for the game, so if you’re still having fun looting every container in Act 1 you may want to exercise some caution. The developers also mention that the second large Patch is heading our way soon, and this time will include some “significant performance improvements” as well as some possible new quality of life features.


  • Showstoppers
    • Fixed a bug where listening in on a conversation as Player 1 and then exiting the dialogue prematurely could result in not being able to interact with anything anymore.
    • Fixed a bug causing you to get a Game Over screen after helping Downed party members.
    • Fixed an issue where characters could get stuck in an infinite falling loop.
  • Story Flow and Logic
    • Shadowheart should more easily follow up on her proposed romance moments in Act III.
    • You can no longer recruit both Halsin and Minthara to camp in the same playthrough.
    • Made it less ambiguous that you’re starting a romance with Gale when choosing certain dialogue options.
    • Throwing a single coin at the beggars will no longer damage them.
    • The Zhentarim at the Goblin Camp should now be more tolerant if you approach them.
  • Balance
    • Increased players’ HP bonus in Explorer Mode from +50% to +100%.
    • You can no longer have multiple Mage Hands active at the same time.
    • The Club of Hill Giant Strength now increases Strength to 19 and not some puny 15.
    • Fixed NPCs attacking outside of their turn when combat starts during forced Turn-Based Mode.
  • Fixed a random crash when going to Long Rest in the camp on split-screen.
  • Fixed an issue with cross-save that prevented players with unstable internet connections from creating or loading a savegame.
  • Made sure certain bushes in the wilderness and the swamp in Act I don’t block projectiles during combat.
  • Fixed Archfey warlocks not being able to use their warlock spell slots if they are a lower level than regular spell slots when multiclassing.
  • Fixed some Smokepowder Arrows having an incorrect weight and price.
  • The Owlbear Wild Shape will no longer lose access to its Rage charges at Level 8.
  • Reduced the flesh golem’s attack damage in Explorer Mode.
  • In Tactician Mode, meenlocks now have increased Dexterity and Constitution stats, as was intended.
  • Dragonborns’ Breath Weapon attack now scales with your character level and uses Constitution as its Saving Throw.
  • Fixed the Sword of Life Stealing’s effect not triggering when dealing a critical hit.
  • Fixed the Cloud of Daggers spell sometimes not being considered a hostile action and not starting combat.
  • Fixed the Stoneskin spell granting resistance to magical damage – it should now only provide resistance to non-magical damage.
  • Fixed the Wall of Fire area of effect not matching the target indicator.
  • The Planar Ally: Cambion fire surface no longer creates a fire surface on death.
  • The cambion from the Infernal Rapier can now be dismissed.
  • You can no longer use Dimension Door on creatures that are Grounded.
  • Using the ladder in Zevlor’s secluded chambers is no longer forbidden.
  • Fixed Fist of Unbroken Air not applying fall damage when pushing the target.
  • All broken Moonlanterns, not just Nere’s, can now be investigated in a dialogue.

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