Multi-Rider Mounts Coming to ESO

Multi-Rider Mounts Coming to ESO with the Ascennding Tides DLC Update 33 on March 14th PC.

Multi-Rider Mounts
Two Multi-Rider Mounts are available on the PTS for testing: the Duo-Dynamo Dwarven Spider (which was previously seen on the PTS back in 2020) and the Grand Pillion Draft Horse. Both mounts can be found under the Mounts Category in the Crown Store and have their own dedicated “Multi-Rider Mounts” sub-category

  • Multi-Rider Mounts can hold a maximum of two player characters (one driver, one passenger) or between you and a Companion.
  • The owner of the Multi-Rider Mount is always the driver, and passenger seats can only be interacted with by an active group member.
    • When the driver is mounted, a group member can bring up the radial menu by pressing the “Interact With Player Button” (‘F’ by default on keyboard, holding the menu button on the controller) when looking at the mounted player. Then, simply select the “Ride Mount” option.
    • When the driver dismounts, the passenger will be dismounted as well. Alternatively, the passenger can individually dismount if desired without affecting the driver.