Should You Steal the Githyanki Egg in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Stealing the Githyanki Egg has minimal impact on your Baldur’s Gate 3 play-through, but this side quest has some great rewards.

Should You Steal the Githyanki Egg in Baldur's Gate 3

Stealing the egg doesn’t significantly affect your play-through; this is a side-quest, after all. Still, the Mountain Pass is a great place to pick up a few notable upgrades before heading into Act 2. You meet Lady Esther while approaching the Creche. She has some notable items to sell, but you can avoid having to buy them, depending on how you handle her quest.

This guide contains spoilers related to this side quest.

Steal a Githyanki Egg Choices in Baldur’s Gate 3

Should you steal the Githyanki egg in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Lady Esther is a bit of an eccentric traveling merchant. She was asked to acquire a Githyanki egg by the Society of Brilliance. They want to prove that the violent nature of the Githyanki is nurtured rather than its nature. They plan to hatch an egg to prove it.

Lady Esther Steal a Githyanki Egg

You can either choose to steal an egg for Lady Esther or make various decisions by not giving her the Githyanki egg.

While you’re traveling through Creche Y’llek, you can also obtain a few powerful upgrades. These include the Blood of Lathander legendary mace, merchants, and many Illithid tadpoles.

1. Give the Githyanki Egg to Lady Esther

Stealing the Githyanki egg for Lady Esther introduces a few unique encounters later in the game, and it requires you to traverse through Creche Y’llek, where you can obtain some powerful upgrades.

First, make your way through the monastery and into the entrance of the creche. The hatchery is down the hallway to the left and to the right of the fork when you enter.

Baldur's Gate 3 Creche Y'llek location Awakened Bonus Githyanki Egg Soulbreaker Greatsword Quartermaster

The hatchery is a dangerous place, and stealing the egg is difficult without meeting a few persuasion checks. Triggering combat and killing everyone in the room doesn’t remove the danger. There are traps all over the room, and the egg is at the center of a pool of acid.

The traps are especially challenging. There are large purple runs that will teleport you into the cages in the acid you see upon entering the room.

Teleport traps BG3 Creche Hatchery

The easiest way to reach the egg by force is to use Misty Step, either through the spell or the Amulet of Misty Step obtained in Act 1, to teleport to the egg directly. This is still tricky because there is a trap directly behind the egg. You need to land on the platform’s edge, closest to the acid, to reach the egg safely.

Steal the Githyanki Egg with Misty Step

The simpler method is to talk to the overseer, Varsh Ko’kuu, on the central platform in the room, overlooking the egg.

You’ll learn they’re merely waiting for the egg to hatch, and it doesn’t have much longer before it’s destroyed. After meeting two persuasion checks, you can tell Ko’kuu you either want to raise the egg or find another creche for it. If you meet all of your checks, he will give you his boots, making you immune to walking through acid. You can walk up to the egg and pick it up.

Traveling down the corridor next to the hatchery will reveal the Infirmary. Here, you’ll find the Zaith’isk, where you can gain Awakened Illithid Powers and a few Illithid tadpoles to consume.

2. Refuse to Give Lady Esther the Githyanki Egg

If you picked up the Owlbear egg from the Owlbear Cave in Act 1, you can offer it to her and meet a persuasion check to convince her it’s the Githyanki egg. Doing this immediately completes the quest, and she’ll pay you for it immediately.

Refusing on moral grounds, however, upsets Lady Esther, and you don’t receive any rewards for doing so.

Refuse to Give Lady Esther the Githyanki Egg

If you’re not giving her the egg and don’t want to return, the better option is to persuade her to pay you upfront and leave.

Alternatively, while it is technically giving her the egg, you can collect your payment for the egg, then kill Lady Esther and take it back. Lae’zel obviously doesn’t like it when you hand over the egg. If you do, she gives you the choice to take it back from her by force.

While the egg will not be given to the Society of Brilliance if you kill Lady Esther, you can loot some of her items and steal back the egg.

Killing Lady Esther BG3

Implications of Stealing the Githyanki Egg

Stealing the Githyanki egg in Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t have large implications for the story. However, it does change a side quest in Act 3.

If you gave Lady Esther the Githyanki egg, you can go to the Society of Brilliance Lodge in Act 3 to meet Ptaris, who you identify as the hatched Githyanki.

Hatched Githyanki Egg Ptaris

Contrary to their expectations, while Ptaris is quite odd for a Githyanki, he killed all of the lodge members to purify them of their “evil,” according to the Ptarian Code they brought him up under.

You either have to convince Ptaris that he’s wrong for doing so, or he will claim you are evil and try to kill you.

If you don’t give Lady Esther the egg through either of the means above, Ptaris is not at the Lodge, and you can talk with the members of the Society of Brilliance, as they have not been murdered. You are automatically given access to the side-quest “Retrieve Omeluum,” while playing through Act 3.

Secret Epilogue from Steal the Githyanki Egg

You can also reveal a secret epilogue by stealing the egg and giving it to Lae’zel.

BG3 Lae'zel Ending Stealing a Githyanki Egg

Asking Lae’zel the option, “What about the egg you took with you? Has it hatched?” reveals that the egg did hatch. Lae’zel, when he is old enough, will name in Xan, meaning freedom.

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