Starfield: All Apparel List

Explore the Starfield Apparel Guide, featuring a list of all apparel in the game, and create unique, sci-fi-inspired looks for your protagonist.

Starfield - All Apparel List - Hat - Costume

In the universe of Starfield, the realm of fashion takes on a futuristic, otherworldly flair. As explorers, pioneers, and interstellar travelers begin their journeys across the cosmos, and their attire reflects their individuality and the dynamic fusion of technology and imagination that defines the sci-fi genre.

Starfield’s sci-fi fashion contains a collection of styles, from sleek and minimalist spacesuits designed for survival in the vacuum of space to flamboyant and extravagant ensembles that defy the constraints of gravity. This guide dives deep into Starfield’s clothing world, exploring exosuits, armored spacesuits, cyber outfits, and more.

Apparel in Starfield

In Starfield, apparel refers to a wide range of wearable items that provide protection and unique benefits to the wearer. Each piece of apparel comes with its own statistics, including resistance to physical, energy, EM, thermal, corrosive, airborne, and radiation damage. These stats help you survive in the sci-fi world. Some clothes even give special bonuses, like more health or oxygen, improving your character at different tasks. With over 240 distinct apparel items to discover and equip, you can dress your character to match your style and the challenges of space.

Where to Get More Apparel, Clothing, and Hats?

In Starfield, obtaining new apparel costumes allows players to express their individual style and enhance their character’s appearance. These costumes can be acquired through exploration. You may stumble upon them in various containers, chests, and from defeated enemies. Alternatively, apparel items can be purchased from traders. Look for perfect costumes, especially in modern, busy cities like New Atlantis, where you can find shops dedicated solely to apparel. In Starfield, you have two equipable slots for clothes and headwear so that you can mix and match for a unique look.

All Apparel List

The following list contains all the discovered apparel items in Starfield:

Akila Security Hat0012B4B3Unknown
Amanirenas Hat001E426EUnknown
Ambassador Suit15515+5% Persuasion chance003E3D51Unknown
Argos Extractor Jumpsuit15510+5 Health and O20021BBECUnknown
Argos Jacketed Jumpsuit51015+5 Health and O2001C84DBUnknown
Astral Lounge Charmwear15510+5% Persuasion chance Newill’s Goods Vendor in Neon
B. Morgan’s Suit51515+5% O2 Recovery003FDBF7Unknown
Batball Cap0019219CUnknown
Bayu’s Corpwear52010+5% Intimidation chance003E8E7FUnknown
Black Elbow Grease Gear51015+5 Health and O2001466EECan be looted from a Scow Guard enemy inside The Scow orbiting Procyon V-b Moon.
Black Engineering Outfit15515+5 Health and O2001466F2It can be looted from a Scow Guard enemy inside The Scow orbiting Procyon V-b Moon.
Black Graviplas Helmet001466F6Unknown
Black Leather Jumpsuit10515+5 Health and O2001466EAThe Mining League Vendor in Neon
Black Open Graviplas Helmet001466FAUnknown
Blue Collar Offwork Duds51020+5 Carry Capacity00246B32Unknown
Blue Collar Offwork Hat00246B30Unknown
Blue Elbow Grease Gear00077814Unknown
Blue Lab Outfit15515+5% chance of Research Sudden Developments003A264EUnknown
Blue Labor Jumpsuit51510+5 Health and O20029E174Jane’s Goods Vendor in Cydonia – Central Hub
Blue Neocity Formwear001B52FFUnknown
Blue Neocity Poncho20510+5% O2 Recovery002619F1It can be looted at the Argos Extractors Mining Post in Vectera Moon.
Blue UC Leather Jumpsuit51015+5 Health and O200077810Unknown
Brown Elbow Grease Gear10515+5 Health and O2001466EFUnknown
Brown Engineering Outfit20510+5 Health and O2001466F3Inside a cave in Procyon III Planet.
Brown Leather Jumpsuitxxx+5 Health and O200062EA3Unknown
Brown Neocity Formwear20510+5% O2 Recovery001B5300Unknown
Casual Street Suit002619F6Unknown
Chunks Cap00185A6FIt can be looted from the Bank Robber Leader enemy at the Akila City Galbank in Akila Planet.
Chunks Service Uniform15510+5% O2 Recovery001A8DDDUnknown
Clean Suit52515+5 Health and O200235B7DUnknown
Complete the Look52010+5 Health and O2 Unknown
Compressed Corporate Suit52010+5% Intimidation chance Unknown
Corpo Boardroom Suit001A4253Unknown
Corpo Executive Suit00190D0BUnknown
Corpo Power Suit002265B0Unknown
Corpo Salary Suit0019F9C1Unknown
Corpo Sleek Suit002265B1Unknown
Cosmo’s Suit52010+5 Health and O2 Unknown
Cream and Blue Dress001F1DCEUnknown
Crewmember’s Shitkickers10515+5 Health and O2 Unknown
Cyberware Streetwear000788ABUnknown
Dalton Fiennes’ Suit00177494Unknown
Deimos Cap00185A6EUnknown
Deputy Hat002BA0E1Unknown
Disciples Tagwear002262D3Unknown
DJ Headphones001625DCUnknown
DJ Headphones Cap001625DBUnknown
Dockyard Work Hat Unknown
Dockyard Work Helmet Unknown
Dockyard Work Jacket51015+5 Health and O2 New Atlantis Vendors
ECS Captain Actionwear0017A439Unknown
ECS Officer Uniform0017A437Unknown
ECS Uniform0017A438Unknown
Engineering Outfit00077816Unknown
Engineer’s Tuxedo15515+5% Intimidation chance Unknown
Enhance Service Uniform001A8DE6Unknown
Explorer Adventure Hat003FC344Unknown
Farming Hat00204002Unknown
Farming Outfit002262D5Unknown
Fashionable Suit00250C86Unknown
Faye Sengsavahn’s Outfit0010799AUnknown
Festive Neocity Poncho0009F0F6Unknown
Filthy Physician Uniform003EC02EUnknown
First Crew Outfit51020+5 Health and O2 It can be looted from a Scow Guard enemy inside The Scow orbiting Procyon V-b Moon.
First Mercenary Outfit003E5D26Unknown
First Officer Hat0021113EUnknown
First Officer Outfit00228826Unknown
First Soldier Helmet0021F3F4Unknown
First Soldier Outfit00228825Unknown
Fishworker Mask0024EF42Unknown
Fishworker Splashwear0024EF40Unknown
Fishworker Wetwear0024EF41Unknown
Formal Slack Suit000788A1Unknown
Franklin Roosevelt’s Outfit0021BBF1Unknown
Freestar Duelwear0022856CUnknown
Freestar Dustwear00224FE9Unknown
Freestar Militia Hat0021712AUnknown
Freestar Militia Uniform00228827Unknown
Fugitive Spacesuit20510+5% Intimidation chance Unknown
Future-Proof Suit10515+5% Intimidation chance Unknown
GalBank Service Uniform001CB843Unknown
Generdyne Guard Helmet003CD812Unknown
Generdyne Lab Uniform003CD80FUnknown
Generdyne Security Uniform003CD810Unknown
Genevieve Monohan’s Suit00177492Unknown
Genghis Khan’s Hat001D8426Unknown
Genghis Khan’s Outfit002262D2Unknown
Gray Elbow Grease Gear001466F0Unknown
Gray Labor Jumpsuit0029E175Unknown
Gray Leather Jumpsuit001466ECUnknown
Gray Neocity Poncho10520+5% O2 RecoveryUnknown
Green Fashionable Suit002619EFUnknown
Green Lab Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Green Neocity Formwear10520+5% O2 RecoveryUnknown
Green UC Leather Jumpsuit51510+5 Health and O2Unknown
Grey Neocity Formwear10520+5% O2 RecoveryUnknown
Hazmat Suit0029AEAEUnknown
Haz-Mat Suit2555+5% O2 RecoveryUnknown
Helios Mining Coveralls15510+5 Health and O2Unknown
Homesteader Scout Hat00273C05Unknown
Hopetech Cap00185A6CUnknown
Ikande’s SysDef Officer Uniform00108353Unknown
Imogene Salzo’s Suit177493Unknown
Inclement Weather Outfit0025DEF0Unknown
Jacketed Leatherwear000788AAUnknown
Leather NCR-0050 Suit15515+5% Persuasion chanceUnknown
Leather Pocketwear002619FEUnknown
Leather Streetwear002619FDUnknown
Linden Calderi’s Suit00177493Unknown
LTL Dockyard Worker Suit51510+5 Health and O2Unknown
Mardet Armor15515+5% Intimidation chanceUnknown
Mardet Dress Uniform51510+5 Health and O2Unknown
Mariner Heavy Gear52010+5% Intimidation chanceUnknown
Masako Imada’s Outfit00226298Unknown
Matteo Khatri’s Hat00030B4BUnknown
Matteo’s Outfit00030B4DUnknown
Medic Uniform000028A5Unknown
Megacorp Executive Suit001A52D1Unknown
Mei Devine’s Outfit002262D1Unknown
Mercenary Pit Crew Suit52010+5% Intimidation chanceUnknown
Meteorological HoodUnknown
Miner Hard Hat Outfit0026D8AAUnknown
Miner Jacketed Jumpsuit0001D1D9Unknown
Miner Jumpsuit0001D1D7Unknown
Miner Orebreaker Outfit0009B72FUnknown
Miner Utility Outfit0001D1E7Unknown
Naeva’s Outfit00225FCAUnknown
NASA Lab Uniform000C47A0Unknown
Navy Tan Dress001F1DC9Unknown
Neocity Corpwear002266A2Unknown
Neocity Hustler Outfit000788A4Unknown
Neon Businesswear002266A3Unknown
Neon Clublife Skirt001F1DD0Unknown
Neon Dancer Headwear000C900AUnknown
Neon Dancer Outfit00225FCCUnknown
Neon Nightlife Jumpsuit003556E7Unknown
Neon Nightlife Skirt001F1DCFUnknown
Neon Security Helmet001F73EFUnknown
Neon Security Uniform00225D9EUnknown
Neon Socialite Skirt00165720Unknown
Neon-Blue Managerial Outfit51510+5% Persuasion chanceUnknown
New Atlantis Sec Uniform0021BBF2Unknown
Noel’s Outfit00036AFCUnknown
Nyx’s Outfit0018DE02Unknown
Operative Suit0018B54AUnknown
Orange Mechanic Jumpsuit15515+5 Health and O2Unknown
Padded Hat00261A03Unknown
Paradiso Staff Uniform0002FE70Unknown
Patient’s Clothes002BC183Unknown
Paxton’s Officer Hat003E5D27Unknown
Physician Uniform00226297Unknown
Pink Neocity Poncho15510+5% Persuasion chanceUnknown
Pirate Captain Outfit0022766BUnknown
Prison Scrubs002491EAUnknown
Prisoner Uniform00208E8BUnknown
Pryce’s Suit001BF2F8Unknown
Purple Neocity Poncho10520+5% O2 RecoveryUnknown
Purple UC Leather Jumpsuit10520+5% O2 RecoveryUnknown
Ranger Deputy Uniform0013730BUnknown
Ranger Hat002BA0E1Unknown
Raptidon Handler Outfit51510+5 Health and O2Unknown
Red HatUnknown
Red Mile Service Uniform001CFA01Unknown
Red NCR-0050 Suit15515+5% Persuasion chanceUnknown
Reliant Medical Uniform000028A6Unknown
Resort Wear00003BF6Unknown
Resort Wear00003C4DUnknown
Riot Gear2055+5% Intimidation chanceUnknown
River Monster HatUnknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Blue Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Blue Shirt51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Brown Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Green Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Green Shirt51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Pink Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Pink Shirt51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Red Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Red Shirt51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum White HatUnknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum White Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum White Shirt51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Yellow Outfit51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rizzo’s Spectrum Yellow Shirt51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Rokov’s Officer Hat003EB4B4Unknown
Ryujin Guard Helmet0037A34FUnknown
Ryujin Guard Uniform0037A34EUnknown
Ryujin Lab Outfit34110Unknown
Ryujin Lab Worker Hood001823CBUnknown
Ryujin Lab Worker Outfit001823CCUnknown
Ryujin R&D Outfit00034114Unknown
Sam Coe’s Outfit0001D1DEUnknown
Sanctum Priest Headwear0016571DUnknown
Sarah Morgan’s Outfit00055905Unknown
Sari Dress0021C786Unknown
SCS Harverster Suit52010+5 Health and O2Unknown
Security Flightsuit000CC4D1Unknown
Security Guard Helmet00165718Unknown
Service Industry Uniform0021C783Unknown
Settler Adventure Hat0025DEEFUnknown
Settler Casual Hat00258039Unknown
Settler Hat0024EF65Unknown
SCS Harvester Suit000753F4Unknown
Shinya Voss Outfit0021C782Unknown
Ship Captain Hat0016E0B9Unknown
Ship Captain’s Uniform0021C781Unknown
Space Rogue Muscle Gear0029080FUnknown
Space Rogue Outfit0029080EUnknown
Space Trucker Bar Duds002456F2Unknown
Space Trucker Cap002456F3Unknown
Space Trucker Cargowear00246B31Unknown
Space Trucker Casualwear002456F4Unknown
Space Trucker Flannel002470D1Unknown
Space Trucker Flannel002470D2Unknown
Space Trucker Hat0029080DUnknown
Space Trucker Haul Wrap002470D0Unknown
Space Undersuit00165722Unknown
Spacer Outfit51020+5 Health and O2Unknown
Spacers Choice Mock Apple Outfit51510+5 Health and O2Unknown
Standard Troop Armor15515+5% Intimidation chanceUnknown
Striker Maskwear002E18F6Unknown
Striker Streetwear00064A2EUnknown
Suit with Lapel Pin00027189Unknown
SY-920 Fatigues000D41F8Unknown
Syndicate Boss Suit0011F3ADUnknown
Syndicate Capo Suit0011F3A8Unknown
Syndicate Club Suit0011F3ACUnknown
Syndicate Pinstripes0011F3B0Unknown
Syndicate Thug Suit0011F3A7Unknown
Synth Leatherwear002619FCUnknown
Synthleather Streetwear002619FCUnknown
SysDef Crew Uniform003329BBUnknown
SysDef Formal Uniform003329B4Unknown
SysDef Officer Uniform0021C1FBUnknown
SysDef Prison Scrubs000D981CUnknown
T&L Cruiser FTLX-R1 Suit51510+5 Health and O2Unknown
Taiyo Astroneering Cap00185A69Unknown
Teal Elbow Grease Gear001466F1Unknown
Teal Engineering Outfit001466F9Unknown
Teal Leather Jumpsuit001466EDUnknown
Teal Open Graviplas Helmet001466FDUnknown
TerraBrew Barista Outfit003CF431Unknown
TerraBrew Uniform0007F88DUnknown
Tossball Blocker Uniform51015+5 Health and O2Unknown
Trade Authority Uniform001CB7E7Unknown
Trident Crew Uniform00164BDDUnknown
Trident Guard Helmet0014E44EUnknown
Trident Guard Uniform000DBFDAUnknown
Trident Luxury Lines Cap00185A68Unknown
TRItek Lab Outfit00034111Unknown
UC Gray Utility Jumpsuit00077818Unknown
UC Navy Armored Fatigues002C6E7DUnknown
UC Navy Crew Hat0018E260Unknown
UC Navy Crew Uniform0021A86EUnknown
UC Navy Duty Fatigues003E3ACFUnknown
UC Navy Fatigues002C6E7FUnknown
UC Navy Hat002C6E7EUnknown
UC Navy Officer Uniform0021A86DUnknown
UC Navy Recon Fatigues003E3AD1Unknown
UC Security Helmet0025E8D5Unknown
UC Security Uniform20520+5% Intimidation chance0025E8D4It can be looted from a Scow Guard enemy inside The Scow orbiting Procyon V-b Moon.
UC SysDef Crew Hat003329BCUnknown
Ularu’s Suit003B2A81Unknown
United Colonies Cap00185A67Nova Galactic Staryard orbiting the Luna Moon.
Urban Efficiency Attire51515+5% O2 RecoveryVendors in Neon and Jemison Mercantile
Urban Operator Outfit51015+5% O2 Recovery002619FBVendors:
Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon
Jemison Mercantile Can be looted in the Tau Gourmet Production Center in Tau Ceti II Planet. It can be looted from an Ecliptic Merc enemy at the Buried Temple in Masada III Planet.
Urban Slackwear000788A2Unknown
Utility Flightsuit00251F56Unknown
Utility Headphone Cap000781F9Unknown
Utility Headphones00252AE7Unknown
Vanguard Officer Uniform003CAF7EUnknown
Vested Suit002619F7Unknown
White Neocity Poncho20510+5% O2 Recovery0002B5EESieghart’s Outfitters Vendor in Neon
Worker’s Jumpsuit15510+5 Health and O2Akila Security Hat
Xenofresh Clean Suit0004008CUnknown
Xenofresh Tech Outfit001466FFUnknown
Yellow Labor Jumpsuit0029E173Unknown

We will keep adding images of each apparel item and more information as we discover more.

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