All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location

The guide presents all 24 Starborn powers and temple locations in Starfield. Those special abilities will complement your build and help you become powerful.

Starfield Temple Epsilon on Volii

This guide was updated for game version Starfield Update 1.11.33 – May 2024.

During Starfield’s main storyline, you earn powers by discovering and completing temples on various planets scattered in space. Vlad in the Alpha Centri system will introduce you to the temple and will give you missions that allow you to discover more temples and powers, while the rest must be found during exploration. Furthermore, guardians protect each temple, attacking on sight and requiring defeat. Finally, overcoming them rewards you with quantum essence—a consumable enhancing Starborn power regeneration for 60 seconds.

Therefore, you can unlock new powers by visiting and completing temples. Additionally, in a New Game+, you can level up powers by rediscovering them. Once unlocked, add powers to quick slots in your inventory for easy combat access. Based on my build, my approach is one utility, one speed, and one combat power equipped on my hot bar.

All Starborn Powers in Starfield

Let’s take a look at All the Starborn Powers from temple locations in Starfield that will help equip your character with fantastic extra abilities to make you even more powerful.

Starfield Best Starborn Powers

Here is a list of all the Starborn Powers in Starfield:

  1. Alien Reanimation
  2. Anti-Gravity Field
  3. Create Vacuum
  4. Creators’ Peace
  5. Earthbound
  6. Elemental Pull
  7. Eternal Harvest
  8. Grav Dash
  9. Gravity Wave
  10. Grav Well
  11. Inner Demon
  12. Life Forced
  13. Moon Form
  14. Parallel Self
  15. Particle Beam
  16. Personal Atmosphere
  17. Phased Time
  18. Precognition
  19. Reactive Shield
  20. Sense Star Stuff
  21. Solar Flare
  22. Sunless Space
  23. Supernova
  24. Void Form

Alien Reanimation

Starfield Alien Reanimation Power
Alien Reanimation
  • Cost: 35 Power

Life, gift of the cosmos, granted once more to a fallen alien beast, so that it may serve thankfully.

Anti-Gravity Field

Starfield Anti-Gravity Field Power
  • Cost: 45 Power

Generate a localized field of intense low gravity, and behold a planet’s true power.

Create Vacuum

Starfield Create Vacuum Power
  • Cost: 25 Power

Oxygen, fuel of humanity, is withdrawn from a localized area at your command.

Creators’ Peace

Starfield Creators Peace Power
  • Cost: 25 Power

Fill your foes with the silent calm of the universe, compelling them to temporarily abandon their weapons.


Starfield Earthbound Power - All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide
  • Cost: 15 Power

Earth, the cradle of humanity, shares its gravity in an area of your choosing.

Elemental Pull

Starfield Elemental Pull Power
  • Cost: 25 Power

Elements, the true treasure of planet and moon, are drawn to your being.

Eternal Harvest

Starfield Eternal Harvest Power
  • Cost: 25 Power

What has blossomed will bloom once more, ripe for the picking.

Grav Dash II

Starfield Grav Dash II Power - All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide
  • Cost: 15 Power

Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict.

Gravity Wave

Starfield Gravity Wave Power
  • Cost: 25 Power

Emit a gravitational force strong enough to propel almost anything… or anyone.

Grav Well

  • Cost: 45

Create a gravity anchor at a location. Generate a focal point of crushing gravity that draws in anyone caught in its field.

Inner Demon

Starfield Inner Demon Starborn Power
  • Cost: 35

Force an enemy to confront their inner demons, creating a mirror image of themselves that attacks them

Life Forced

  • Cost: 25

Drain the life force out of a living being and transfer it to yourself

Moon Form

  • Cost: 35

Become as strong as stone, rooting yourself in place and increasing your resistance to all damages greatly.

Parallel Self

Starfield Parallel Self Power - All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide
  • Cost 45 Power

From across the vast multiverse, a friendly version of yourself arrives, armed and ready to lend aid.

Particle Beam

Starfield Particle Beam Power
  • Cost: 15

Shoot a beam of pure particle energy that deals high amounts of damage to enemies in front of you

Personal Atmosphere II

Starfield Personal Atmosphere II Power
  • Cost: 45 Power

Oxygen, pure and clean, brought forth to breathe deep and counteract harmful carbon dioxide.

Phased Time

Starfield Phased Time Power - All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide
  • Cost: 45 Power

Time itself is yours to manipulate, as you slow the world… and all those in it.


Starfield Precognition Power
  • Cost: 35 Power

Bend time and glimpse the future, seeing the path someone will walk and the words they may say.

Reactive Shield

Starfield Reactive Shield Power - All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide
  • Cost: 35 Power

Form a shield of pure cosmic light that can weaken and even reflect enemy projectiles.

Sense Star Stuff

Starfield Sense Star Stuff Power
  • Cost: 15 Power

Bind yourself to the particles of creation, sensing the life force of any human, alien, or Starborn.

Solar Flare

Starfield Solar Flare Power - All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide
  • Cost: 25 Power

Tap into the power of the sun and release a directed orb of searing hot plasma.

Sunless Space

Starfield Sunless Space Starborn Power
  • Cost: 35

Shoot a ball of ice as cold as space into an area, freezing any living being caught in the blast for a duration


Starfield Supernova Starborn Power
  • Cost: 45

Explode with the power of a supernova in an area around you, dealing massive damage

Void Form

Starfield Void Form Power - All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide
Void Form
  • Cost: 45 Power

Channel the very darkness of space, rendering yourself nearly invisible to those around you.

How to Get Starborn Powers

Next in our All Starfield: Starborn Powers & Temple Location Guide we’ll cover how to get these Starborn powers. First, soome powers are part of the main story and you will acquire them easily. Moreover, you will visit the first temple and receive the first power during the “Into The Unknown” mission. This is the third quest from Constellation members, so you should quickly be able to start collecting more powers as soon as you complete the first one.

Next, you will need to search for more temples in the Starfield universe. Some powers you can also unlock by completing the “Power From Beyond” quest from Vlad in the eye station in the Alpha Centauri system. Furthermore, each time you complete the temple for him come back and ask for more to get another quest and another temple location.

However, the rest of the powers you will need to find yourself. After you complete the “Into to Unknown” quest when traveling to the system, look for a prompt that will tell you somewhere in the system is a temple for you to discover.

Finally, in order to collect all of the Starborn powers in Starfield, you may have to play the game again in New Game+.

Temple Locations in Starfield

Aside from the first temple you visit, every other temple location in Starfield is randomly generated/assigned. Therefore, this means that on each play through on New Game+ the temples will be in different locations.

The first temple you visit during the main story quest Into the Unknown is Temple Eta. This temple will always be found on planet Procyon III, in the Procyon A system. Afterward, you will have to wait for Vladimir Sall to detect more large grav anomalies which match the Artifacts you discover. Only then will he be able to point you in the direction of a new temple.

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