Starfield: Best Starborn Powers – Ranked

Delve into the realm of Starfield as we rank the Best Starborn Powers, introducing the most potent abilities in the universe.

This ranking lists the 10 best powers in Starfield and explains how to utilize them. As part of the main story, powers are earned for discovering and completing the temples scattered on many planets. Vlad in the Eye, the Alpha Centri system, will give you the temples’ quests and locations, but you must discover the rest of them while exploring the Starfield universe.

Starborn guardians protect each temple, and they will attack you on sight, each time, you will need to defeat them. Killing the guardian will reward you with quantum essence, a consumable aid, increasing your Starborn power regeneration speed for 60 seconds.

You can unlock new powers by visiting and completing temples but also level up powers if you rediscover them in a new game plus. Once unlocked, you can equip the power in your inventory and add it to a quick slot to access easily during combat. I personally slot three powers there: one for utility, one for speed and movement, and one for combat, depending on my build.

Best Starborn Powers in Starfield

Starfield Best Starborn Powers

In Starfield, the Reactive Shield is the best Starborn power due to its dual ability to diminish damage and potentially bounce back projectiles. It is cheap and, with an extended duration, gives you near-constant availability. Casting it and stepping into heated combat can drastically cut down damage received nearly to zero while also sending damage back to the source. This Starborn power serves as a formidable defense mechanism, adept at mitigating harm across all ranges, making it a standout choice.

Here is a list of the strongest Starborn Powers in Starfield:

  1. Reactive Shield
  2. Void Form
  3. Parallel Self
  4. Alien Reanimation
  5. Gravity Dash
  6. Sense Star Stuff
  7. Personal Atmosphere
  8. Creators Peace
  9. Elemental Pull
  10. Anti-Gravity Field

10 Anti-Gravity Field

Anti-Gravity Field Power features in Starfield:

  • Anti-Gravity Field: Generate a localized field of intense low gravity and behold a planet’s true power.
  • Cost: 45 Power.
  • Usage: Area-based control.

The Anti-Gravity Field is one of the strongest Starborn powers and, ironically, your first power. Shown in the trailer footage before the game’s release, it lifts enemies up into zero gravity. They typically cannot respond for a limited amount of time, allowing free rain of damage on them. Where this power shines is its ability to lift multiple targets, as shown in the picture above. Most of the powers aren’t area-based or multiple enemies, and this one sure is, which makes it very powerful.

The best usage for this power is in close-quarters fights on ships or facilities where multiple enemies are in a small area. This power is also great for melee or short-ranged builds that charge in. Where the Anti-Gravity Field diminishes in power is longer fights where targets do not surround you. The range seems generous, around 18m, but still, it’s limited and won’t work in every situation. Consider this a must-have starborn power to control targets in close range.

9 Elemental Pull

Elemental Pull Power features in Starfield:

  • Elemental Pull: Elements, the true treasure of planet and moon, are drawn to your being.
  • Cost: 25 Power
  • Usage: Material farming on planets.

Starborn powers aren’t all related to combat, and Elemental Pull is the first utility skill on our list. This essentially harvests the minerals of planets instantly. This saves you a lot of time instead of using your Cutter tool to mine the material. Elemental Pull instantly grabs the material from the planet and deposits it in your inventory.

Ideally, default to this skill when roaming a new planet, especially while hunting artifacts and temples. You can pull your scanner out and locate mineral deposits, then use the Elemental Pull to siphon the rich resources. Resources are very important and used in every aspect of the game, from weapon mods to research and even outpost building. If you love crafting and building in games, this will be a very important power to save time and gain many more materials.

8 Creators Peace

Creators Peace Power features in Starfield:

  • Creators’ Peace: Fill your foes with the silent calm of the universe, compelling them to temporarily abandon their weapons.
  • Cost: 25 Power
  • Usage: Neutralize enemies’ weapon damage

The Creators’ Peace Starborn power is every pacifist dream come true. Use this power to drop enemies’ weapons; most likely, they will not have time to pick them out. Similar to Anit-Gravity Field, this is a great power in close proximity to close-quarters combat. The effectiveness diminishes the further you go.

This also has some extra utility if you accidentally make a mistake and attack someone with a misfire. The UC authorities are likely to surround you and try to take you out. Rather than getting in an all-out brawl, which will raise your bounty and cost you many credits, you can disarm the guards and feel. You can then create a self-service bounty clearance at an outpost and avoid a disaster. Or, if you prefer persuasion, intimation, and a dialogue build, this can be used to avoid combat with weapon carries.

7 Personal Atmosphere

Personal Atmosphere Power features in Starfield:

  • Personal Atmosphere: Oxygen, pure and clean, brought forth to breathe deep and counteract harmful carbon dioxide.
  • Cost: 45 Power
  • Usage: Helpful when encumbered carrying items to sell.

The end game in Starfield is resource gathering, research, and crafting. A lot of your time will be spent hauling massive amounts of weapons, armor, and materials to and from locations. You will likely run into issues with being encumbered. This fills up your CO2 and can eventually cause you damage and eventually death. Personal Atmosphere is your workaround and a way to horde massive amounts of material without the disadvantage of being encumbered.

Once you use the Personal Atmosphere Starborn power, your O2 will flood to full and remove CO2. While encumbered, you will increase CO2 generation, you cannot travel fast, and it’s quite annoying. You can use this power along with Boost Pack jumping to travel vast distances to your ship and sell or offload that precious cargo. Keep in mind, you can still use your ship to travel while encumbered, then go to your outpost, the lodge, or cities to sell to traders. Consider this the hoarders’ number one Starborn power.

6 Sense Star Stuff

Sense Star Stuff Power features in Starfield:

  • Sense Star Stuff: Bind yourself to the particles of creation, sensing the life force of any human, alien, or Starborn.
  • Cost: 15 Power
  • Usage: Detect enemies and allies’ location.

The Sense Star Stuff is a useful Starborn Power that helps with detecting enemies and allies. This power will show their icons in a thermal image, which can be seen through materials and walls. The obvious implications of this power are for combat, knowing where the enemy is, and allowing you to sneak up and destroy them. However, non-combat can be very helpful as well.

I was stuck on a ship and couldn’t figure out where to go, but I used Sense Star Stuff and found a nearby enemy one floor down. This led me to the location where I needed to go in order to progress. This power also shows NPC, friendly or foe, so tracking down your wandering companion is useful. Consider this a great power to put on your quick slot prior to an engagement, or you don’t know what’s waiting around the corner.

5 Gravity Dash

Gravity Dash Power features in Starfield:

  • Grav Dash: Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward and briefly increase any damage you inflict.
  • Cost: 15 Power
  • Usage: Speed and quickness

The Grav Dash Starborn is a high mobility power perfect for melee builds. This shoots you forward while giving you a boost to damage for a short period. You can use it to charge in with melee weapons or close-range weapons like a shotgun and overwhelm an enemy. The cost is very low, so you can use this back-to-back frequently and travel massive distances.

Grav Dash is also helpful outside of combat as well, allowing you to zip around cities, planets, and exploration. I use this power in combination with Boost Pack to traverse areas much faster than on the ground. Grav Dash also doesn’t fill up your CO2, so you can use it in combination with sprinting and zooming the battlefield or that random planet you want to explore.

4 Alien Reanimation

Alien Reanimation Power features in Starfield:

  • Alien Reanimation: Life, a gift of the cosmos, granted once more to a fallen alien beast so that it may serve thankfully.
  • Cost: 35 Power
  • Usage: Control a creature.

The Alien Reanimation is a powerful skill to control the alien beast you’ve killed in combat. Once dead, you use this Starborn power, and the create will fight by your side. The duration is quite long, and it’s very helpful on planets with hostile creatures. The weakness of the ability is that it’s limited to creatures.
In the right circumstances, this can turn the tide of battle, especially if you already have a companion and the Xenosociology skill, which does something similar to living creatures. This is a must-have for Beast Hunter builds and adds a fun and powerful element to your character.

3 Parallel Self

Parallel Self Power features in Starfield:

  • Parallel Self: From across the vast multiverse, a friendly version of yourself arrives, armed and ready to lend aid.
  • Cost: 45 Power
  • Usage: creates distraction and adds damage.

The Parallel self Starborn Power creatures a copy of your character. The cost of the ability is high, but the duration is long and very impactful. The strength of this ability is one: it can distract the enemy and take pressure off you, just like a companion. And two, the copy of you isn’t limited to just firing weapons. You will see this copy throw grenades, charge in, and react just like an enhanced companion.

One of your companions can obtain this power later in the story quest. With that unlocked, you can copy yourself and have four individuals on the battlefield. That’s a lot of distraction and firepower for your main character.

2 Void Form

Void Form Power features in Starfield:

  • Void Form: Channel the very darkness of space, rendering yourself nearly invisible to those around you.
  • Cost: 45 Power
  • Usage: Stealth

Next up, we reach every stealth player’s dream, Void Form. This gives you invisibility and is useful in combat and outside. The obvious use for this is to sneak attack enemies at range or melee. You can also use this to evade attack by casting Void Form Starborn Power when you are in trouble. You can flee, use a med pack, then get back into the fight.

The downside of the power is the cost of 45 power and the duration. You likely won’t be able to use this back-to-back. You can also use this in non-combat situations that require sneaking and stealth. Consider a fun and useful Starborn power.

1 Reactive Shield

Reactive Shield Power features in Starfield:

  • Reactive Shield: Form a shield of pure cosmic light that can weaken and even reflect enemy projectiles.
  • Cost: 35 Power
  • Usage: defend against enemies

Reaction Shield is the most powerful Starborn power because it reduces damage and can even reflect projectiles. This power is a huge advantage because of its lower cost and longer duration, allowing for nearly 100% uptime. You can cast this, turn the corner into a massive gun battle, and reduce your damage to almost zero while reflecting damage back. It carries Starborn power and should be used to avoid damage, and it is fantastic at any range.

The only downside of this power is it doesn’t have any outside combat utility. Reaction Shield is purely meant for combat situations where bullets are flying. Thankfully, that’s mainly the entirety of the game, and even if you’re a Pacific, melee build, ranged sniper, this Starborn power will help you.

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