Starfield: Can You Respec Skills, Backgrounds, and Traits?

Players who are regretting certain choices in character creation may be wondering: Starfield: Can You Respec Skills, Backgrounds, and Traits?

Starfield Combat Medic Background

Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated space-faring RPG, has generated a significant amount of buzz in the gaming community. As players prepare to embark on their interstellar adventures, one burning question arises: Can you respec skills, backgrounds, and traits in the game? In this article, we’ll delve into the mechanics of character customization and the possibility of respeccing your character in Starfield.

Character Customization in Starfield

Character customization has always been a pivotal aspect of Bethesda’s RPG titles, and Starfield has proven to be no different. Players have the opportunity to create their own unique character, shaping their skills, backgrounds, and traits to suit their preferred playstyle and builds. This level of freedom allows for a truly personalized gaming experience, but it also raises the question of whether players can make changes down the line.

Starfield Character Background

In Starfield backgrounds provide your character with a general backstory and initial set of attributes. Each background unlocks three initial skills, which your character can immediately start to level without having to spend a skill point on to access the first rank.

Traits, on the other hand, are additional unique characteristics that define your character’s strengths and weaknesses. These can affect combat abilities, resistances, and even how other NPCs perceive and react to your character in dialogues. You can choose up to three traits in total, but could also leave the trait selection blank if you so choose.

Can You Respec in Starfield?

There is no mechanic which allows players to respec character skills, backgrounds, and traits within the game of Starfield. There is only one official way to do this, and that it to simply start a brand new game from the very beginning and enter the character creator to make an entirely new character. This includes the available New Game+ mode. If you choose to start the game over after completing the main story, you will still play as the same character with the same available skills, backgrounds, and traits you chose and unlocked in your first playthrough.

While character customization is a core feature of Starfield, the ability to respec your character is often a topic of interest for players who want to experiment with different builds or adapt to changing playstyles. However, this is not a game mechanic that has traditionally be part of Bethesda games. And it looks like Starfield is no different.

Starfield Enhance! Character Change

You can change your character’s appearance by visiting and Enhance vendor, but this is strictly for looks only. The UI for the appearance change looks exactly like what you find in the original character creator. However, only the Body and Face tabs are available for modifications.

So as your start your first game, players eager to explore the vast expanse of Starfield should consider carefully planning their character builds in order to ensure an enjoyable and immersive experience from the start. And who knows, the thrill of discovery and the challenge of adapting to your choices in the game may be part of what makes Starfield an unforgettable RPG journey.

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