Best Starfield Companions Guide

Companions will be an important part of gameplay in Starfield, and this Best Starfield Companions Guide will give you all the details on who these NPCs are!

Starfield Companion Sarah Morgan
Starfield Companion Sarah Morgan

Who are the best companions to have in Starfield?

Within the vastness of space, you’re going to need all the help you can get to keep your outposts functional and to help crew your starships. Companions can also play a vital role in exploration and questing.

Significantly, not only will certain companions play important roles in the main story, but all companions come with their own unique set of abilities. Choosing the right companion to accompany you on your adventure or mission may make all the difference when it comes to combat encounters, successful resource harvesting, or solving puzzles on side quests.

Starfield Companions

Companions are going to be a vital part of Starfield gameplay. The companion system that Bethesda Studios has created here is much more robust than any we’ve seen before. They won’t just follow you around, shooting randomly at enemies, saying a few catch phrases, and mostly serving as extra inventory space.

Companions in Starfield will have a story role to play, with many having interesting backgrounds and personalities you can discover through personalized side quests. With time, as your relationship with them grows, some may even become available to romance.

Significantly, companions also have their own unique set of abilities. Proficiency in these abilities can be at various levels, represented in-game by one to four stars. Knowing your companions and their skills and abilities will be important when it comes to choosing the best companion for questing, combat, exploration, and more!

In trailers and gameplay reveals, it’s become clear that players can possess more than one starship. But even if you’re using only one, you’ll need a crew to help work and fly your transport. In addition, it has also been said that crew members can be stationed at your outposts on other planets and moons in order to oversee their resource production and maintenance.

Starfield Crew Roster
Starfield crew Roster

Above is a screenshot of the crew Roster UI, where you can see the full list of companions and crew you have access to. It also shows where each of them have been assigned. Those who are unassigned can be sent to whichever ship or outpost you need.

All of this means that Starfield will have a lot of potential companions for the player character to meet and befriend. So far, specific information has only been revealed about a handful in particular:

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is likely to be one of the companions you met early on in the game.

Starfield Companion Sarah Morgan
Starfield Companion Sarah Morgan


Barrett is another member of Constellation, and will likely be the one to introduce you to the rest of the group.

Starfield Companion Barrett
Starfield Companion Barrett

Sam Coe

Not much is known about Sam yet, except that he is a former space cowboy. Perhaps a former member of the Freestar Collective?

Starfield Sam Coe Companion
Starfield Sam Coe Companion


Vasco is a bi-pedal expeditionary robot owned by the Constellation faction you meet with early in the game.

Starfield Companion Vasco
Starfield Companion Vasco

Keep your eyes here for more information about additional companions!

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