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Best Starfield Crew Guide

Who are the best crew members to have in Starfield?

Like companions, crew members are available to help you out in Starfield, and this Best Starfield Companions Guide is going give you all the details on who these NPCs are!

Though generally not as ‘powerful’ or skilled as the more robust companions, you don’t want to pass them entirely by. As your reach in space grows with more starships and outposts, you’re going to need more than just your companions to keep everything running smoothly. Hiring crew to help is a great way to keep your operations running while enabling your more knowledgeable companions to continue traveling with you.

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Crew members are similar to companions, but are on something of a lower tier. They likely won’t have any story or background quests associated with them. Nor will you be able to romance them. You’ll quickly notice that all of their abilities are lower level and that they have fewer of them. They typically won’t be much help when it comes to combat or exploring surface worlds.

However, they will still play an important function within the game. With the possibility of having more than one starship and more than one outpost on multiple planets, your group of companions would get spread thin quickly. You’ll want to have crew members, both to help crew your starships and to manage your outposts.

Starfield Crew Roster
Starfield Crew Roster

Marika Boros

As you visit populated cities and settlements on your journey through the universe, you’ll be able to hire certain crew members at the various spaceports you visit. Marika Boros is just one possible hire you may choose to have join your crew and you can find out more about her HERE.

Starfield Marika Boros Crew
Starfield Marika Boros Crew


Based on clips shown during the Starfield Direct livestream on June 11, Heller appears to be a potential crew member that you met out in space as you’re adventuring. You can find out more details about Heller and where to find him by checking out the full guide HERE.

Adoring Fan

This handsome fellow appears to live in the United Colonies capital of New Atlantis, and is thrilled to meet his personal space hero in person! You can find out more details about your Adoring Fan and where to find him by checking out the full guide HERE.

Starfield Crew Talents
Starfield Crew Adoring Fan

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