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Starfield Crimson Fleet

In Starfield the Crimson Fleet operate outside the bounds of any political or military organization in the Settled Systems. Their primary function is piracy for monetary gain rather than seeking control of planets or cities, but they do maintain some strongholds.

Starfield Crimson Fleet

Starfield Crimson Fleet Pirate
Crimson Fleet Pirate

The Crimson Fleet is a loose alliance of individual pirate captains who choose to operate together under the Jolly Roger banner. They have footholds in multiple systems and although originally they were primarily a Freestar Collective problem they have since expanded their reach and now trouble the United Colonies as well. Their primary military opponents are the SysDef and the Vanguard.

It is said that once a member joins the Fleet they may never leave – the only way out is death.

So far in Starfield previews we’ve only really seen the pirates of the Crimson Fleet as enemies and antagonists. The player character comes across them at an abandoned mining facility and engages in a gun fight with them. This early combat engagement will introduce you to a lot of the basics and abilities such as sneaking, guns and ammo count, grenades, using the booster pack, and more.

You can also encounter them out in the vastness of space. Be sure that your starship is well equipped with proper shields and weapons, or at least with a decent grav drive so you can flee in a pinch.

Starfield Combat Pirate Enemy Preview
Starfield Combat Pirate Enemy Preview

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