Starfield: How to Pick Locks with Digipicks

There’s a wealth of credits to be had for those who know how to break these futuristic locks. We’ll tell you how in our Starfield: How to Pick Locks with Digipicks Guide!

Starfield Digipick Item

In Starfield, the vast universe is filled with countless opportunities and challenges. One essential skill for any spacefarer is the ability to pick locks with Digipicks. Whether you’re a Cyber Runner looking to access restricted areas or simply want to unlock valuable containers, mastering this skill is a must. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to become a proficient lockpicker in Starfield.

Types of Locks in Starfield

Starfield Security Skill

In Starfield, there are four different levels or types of locks:

  • Novice – Only requires having a Digipick in your inventory
  • Advanced – Requires Security rank 1
  • Expert – Requires Security rank 2
  • Master– Requires Security rank 3

Any character of any background can attempt to pick a Novice lock. In order to pick a lock you’ll need an item called a Digipick. You won’t be able to attempt to break the lock without one, but don’t worry too much about running out because you’ll run across this item all around the Settled Systems. If you’re already picking up lots of loot, you’re sure to grab these along the way. You may even find some for sale at various vendors, and it’s not a bad investment to stock up so you always have some on hand. They will definitely pay for themselves!

If you want to be able to open more advanced locked you’ll have to invest some skill points into the Security skill from the Tech skill tree. Not only is this the only way to become proficient enough to attempt higher ranked locks, but you’ll also earn perks like the ability to bank auto attempts and eventually even the ability to sacrifice a digipick to eliminate keys that aren’t required so solve the lock!

How to Pick Locks with Digipicks

Starfield Digipick Instructions
In-game Instructions on how to break locks

Digipicking in Starfield can be considered its own little mini puzzle game. The idea is you have to match up the small gaps you see in the rings, with the key segments you see underneath the ‘Digipicks’ text box on the right hand side of your screen. Easier locks like the Novice one you see in the images below will have only a few possible solutions that can be matched up with the gaps in the center rings with a little trial and error.

Starfield Digipick Novice Lock keys
Starfield Digipick Novice Lock tutorial 1

As you can see in the images above, for this Novice lock there are only four keys and you will need to use all of them in order to solve the lock picking mini puzzle. The locks are not timed and so long as you’re hidden from potential NPCs that might catch you, you can take your time figuring out the correct order in which to use the keys.

You can choose any of the keys to use, in whatever order you think will work to break the lock. Once you’ve picked a key, the corresponding key segments will appear on the outside of the lock rings to the left. You can then maneuver them around the outside of those rings until they line up directly with corresponding gaps. Then press the button to Slot the Key and the gaps will successfully close. It may take more than one key to successfully bypass a single ring.

Starfield Digipick Novice Lock tutorial 2
Starfield Digipick Novice Lock tutorial 3

Once you’ve successfully bypassed the first ring (note that bypassing each ring will remove a digipick from your inventory!), you’ll have to follow the same steps to unlock the next ring. If you’ve made a mistake in your key selection and wish to go back a step, be aware that doing so will cost you a digipick. You can also Exit from the locking picking attempt and start over – this will also cost one digipick but in some instances, especially with higher level locks, it might be cheaper than Undoing multiple key selections.

As you unlock and rank up the Security skill, these puzzles will obviously get more complex. Higher ranked locks will display more keys then you actually need to solve and break the lock. You’ll have to puzzle out which ones will actually help you break the lock and which are just false decoys.

If you’re low on digipicks and yet absolutely determined to solve the lock picking puzzle, one method that can help is to simply save the game before each lock picking attempt. If you can’t solve it on the first go, reloading the game and starting over fresh will keep you from using more digipicks than necessary.


Becoming a skilled lockpicker with Digipicks in Starfield requires dedication and practice. With the right tools and techniques, you’ll unlock new opportunities and rewards as you explore the vast reaches of the universe. Just remember to use your newfound skills wisely, as the consequences of your actions can shape your journey in the game. Good luck, spacefarer!

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