Starfield Romance and Best Options Explained

Starfield Romance & All Options

Starfield has companions and NPCs who can become your friends or even life partners, so let’s explore all available romance options.

By Pixel | Published June 20th, 2023

Starfield Romance and Best Options Explained
Starfield Romance with Sarah

Can You Romance Companions or NPCs in Starfield?

You can romance in-game companions or NPCs in Starfield. The mechanic has become a staple of many RPGs, including Bethesda games. Todd Howard already officially confirmed this feature in the game, and we could see a glimpse of it during the Starfield Direct Gameplay Showcase. We don’t know everything yet about this feature, and regardless there is some fantastic news for fans of in-game romances.

Starfield Romance Explained

Romances are a series of approval systems, dialogues, and animations. In Starfield, companions have likes and dislikes, and your relationship will grow or decline based on them. Specific Dialogues will have unique options that players can pursue to find potential life partners. If you show interest in any of the available NPCs and your relationship with them is high enough, it’ll trigger a series of events and sweet cutscenes. Your protagonist will become physically or emotionally attached to them, and in some games, who will be your romance option can change the ending or offer replayability.

All Romance Options in Starfield

Here is a list of all confirmed Romance options in Starfield:

There are most likely more options of various sexual orientations companions available to romance, but Sarah and Sam’s cutscenes were shown during the Starfield Direct. Bethesda confirmed that they would like to focus on the complexity of romanceable characters and companions’ questlines rather than the quantity.

Companions in Starfield will be more distinct in terms of what they like or dislike, making them unique and more realistic. Lastly, an exciting mechanic was revealed recently. You can upset your partner through dialogue, decisions, or actions, leading to temporary consequences and not always ending the relationship entirely.

Romances and companions, like quests, improve the experience for those looking for story and realism in games. Games with affairs also can increase the game’s replayability because what if your character chooses Sam instead of Sarah? Would romance and story play differently?

What is the Best Romance in Starfield

We don’t have enough information to determine the best companions to romance in Starfield. However, the best romances in games usually offer unique character stories, engaging companions quests, and a good amount of cutscenes and dialogue between the companion and player. Those are the most important categories. But another essential aspect of each successful romance is how well this character fits into players’ likes and dislikes. Companions with strong personalities bound in-game with the player by fascinating conversations and dangerous events during the game. This creates a unique type of friendship between the player’s protagonist and companion, making us remember those fascinating characters long after we stop playing the game!

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Starfield launches exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6, 2023. You can play it day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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