ESO Templar Class Overview

Looking for the ultimate solo class?  Check out the Templar in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).  Originally I had hated the Templar.  That’s until I played one and could nearly solo everything while leveling.  This is part one in our guide series discussing the Templar class overall.  The next two parts will show skills/morphs and follow up with a build “The Harvester.”  Let’s get started with our ESO Templar Class Overview.


eso 2014-09-04 20-20-05-05Truly the Templar shines in two roles, healing and soloing content.  It can be a powerful AoE machine and a great tank too.  It’s also probably the best class for a stamina build which is what I’ll be using for my Harvester build.  I’ve had so much fun leveling my Templar through to VR 5.  The Templar has the three of the four important piece of any build Crow Control (CC), self-healing, and gap closer which makes it an ideal character to build around.

After reaching VR 5 with all the character types, I do consider this the weakest (besides healing).  It’s the real underdog class and when compared to the survivability of the DK, the speed of the Sorc or the DPS of the NB, just doesn’t hold up.  However, it’s the only class that can really pull off stamina DPS build in a dungeon situation.  Leading up to the launch of 1.4 and Dragonstar arena, I think teams should definitely consider a Templar for its survivability and group utility.  Here’s my strengths and weaknesses list:

+ Great for stamina builds

+ Group utility

+ Tanky

– Lower DPS

– High ultimate cost


eso 2014-09-09 19-44-20-46While the Templar can do all well, it’s more suited for a healing or tanking role in my opinion.  It’s the only class with a healing line and some critical passives that make it a juggernaut healer.  Secondly, it has some amazing survivability tools with Repentance and Blazing Shield.  Play whatever you like, but here’s my thoughts on each style.

Healing – I suck as a healer, I’m not going to lie.  I can’t turn off my Rambo mentality to rush in and kill everything.  With that being said, I healed a successful VR Fungal Grotto run in medium armor.  If I were to respec and wear light armor, I could have healed so much better.  The Templar with Luminous Shards, Purifying Ritual, and Breath of Life is a powerhouse healer from the start.  Put in the hands of competent healer (not me) you’ll be the saving grace from death.

Tanking – My solo build is somewhat a tank build.  I haven’t gone full Sword and Board, but can only imagine how effective that could be.  As a Templar, you’ll get massive stamina regeneration for tanking which is the cornerstone of blocking.  Plus with self-heals, you won’t be so reliant on your healers.  They make a great meat shield.

DPS – Here’s my problem with the Templar.  Since ESO is currently Elder “Staffs” Online, the Templar does not shine in the Staff wielding role.  However, it is my favorite DPS style with the 2-Hander or the Bow and it’s the one class that can truly pull it off.  I’ve hit high numbers, survived crazy encounters, and bring utility to the group.  Though the Templar might not hit record numbers, their survivability and utility make them a good choice to bring along.

Why Play a Templar?

eso 2014-09-09 20-22-27-18Simply put, it’s fun.  If you like soloing or doing your own thing, Templar is for you.  If you like always being invited to a group for your healing, Templar is for you.  If you want some of the most dynamic class skills, Templar is for you.  And lastly, if you hate wielding stupid Staffs all the time, Templar 2-Handed DPS is for you.

My character Big-Jake feels like a powerful underdog waiting to unleash hell on enemies.  After I’ve reached near end-game with the Templar, I can honestly say it’s one of the more fun classes to play and besides Dragonknight, fits my play-style the best.  The two character I play in any game are Deltia and Big-Jake.  I rolled Templar on launch day to save the name for my secondary character.  I’m glad I chose the Templar and plan on taking him to VR 12 (or 14) soon.

What are your thoughts on the Templar?

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