The First Descendant: How to Find and Complete Encrypted Vaults

Encrypted Vaults are puzzles in The First Descendant that reward materials, below you’ll learn how to find and complete them.

The First Descendant How to Find and Complete Encrypted Vaults

With the launch of The First Descendant, there is a plethora of content and quests to complete, and numerous materials to collect. One of these such resources is Negative Ion Particles. These are used in various crafting patterns to make additional Descendants or ultimate weapons. Encrypted Vaults can be difficult to find so we explain how best to find and complete them.

What are Encrypted Vaults?

In The First Descendant, Encrypted Vaults are small puzzles that contain materials desired for crafting. At first, they can be difficult to find and are required for an early quest completion. Also, they hold materials like Negative Ion Particles used in crafting.

The First Descendant What are Encrypted Vaults

Encrypted Vaults have multiple steps to find and complete them. Using your scanner you must locate a small blue icon that is the start of the puzzle.

Finding the Encrypted Vault Icon

The easiest place we have found for consistent Encrypted Vault locations in the First Descendant is the Outposts Spawn in the Classified Area in the Sterile Lands.

The First Descendant Sterile Land Map Location
The First Descendant Outposts Classified Area Map Spawn

After spawning in, activate your Ecive Scan and listen for a ping depending upon the direction you are looking. This will indicate which direction the icon is located. Continuing scanning and listening for the ping until you see a small blue holographic icon.

Locating the Encrypted Vault

Once you have locations the small holographic blue icon standing on top of it and activate your scanner by pressing Tab on PC or the Right Stick on console as you rotate in a full circle. One direction will send out a ping the same as the icon. This is the direction you must go to find the vault.

The First Descendant Locating the Encrypted Vault

Unlocking the Encrypted Vault

After finding the Encrypted Vault, approach it and use your Code Analyzers to begin the unlocking minigame. Different levels of Analyzers make the minigame faster and more difficult while giving additional rewards for your trouble.

Unlocking the Encrypted Vault

The minigame isn’t too difficult until more advanced analyzers. However, if you are unaware of what to do, you may mess up your first few attempts. To start, there will be a key bind indicator in the middle of the lock. This must be pressed upon the red line crossing over the fully colored area of the circle. Also, the red line will move faster and the correct areas will be smaller on most difficult analyzers.

The First Descendant Encrypted Vault Minigame

You will likely need multiple presses to unlock the vault. However, don’t assume the beginning key is the same throughout that analysis as the key can change after each press. Failure to press the right key or take too long to unlock will remove you from the vault without any loot.

Completing the Encrypted Vault

After completing the vault, you will be rewarded with materials like Negative Ion Particles. Once you complete the vault, you will need to go back to Albion and spawn back into the zone for the vault to be bootable again.

The First Descendant Encrypted Vault Completed

Why You Should Unlock Encrypted Vaults?

Encrypted Vaults in the First Descendant are necessary puzzles to unlock various crafting materials and complete an early tutorial quest.

Below is why you should unlock Encrypted Vaults in the First Descendant:

  • Crafting Materials: Negative Ion Particles and other materials
  • Complete Magister’s Hidden Assets Quest: Early sub-quest needed to progress the Descendant Instructor’s Questline
The First Descendant Magister's Hidden Assets Quest

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