The First Descendant: Best Builds – All Characters

Are you looking for the best builds in The First Descendant – this page lists all characters and their optimal setups.

The First Descendant - Best Builds - All Characters

The First Descendant is a free-to-play, third-person cooperative action RPG shooter featuring stunning graphics and intense battles. Set in the vibrant world of Ingris, players team up to fight powerful invaders and protect humanity. The game offers diverse combat experiences with fourteen unique standard characters and five ultimate characters, each featuring distinctive skills and playstyles. Players can enhance their abilities and gear through strategic boss fights and cooperative missions.

Our Best Builds for The First Descendant

Our builds combine unique playstyles, skills, and gear to maximize each character’s potential. Whether you’re new or experienced, these guides will enhance your gameplay.

These build guides will help you understand the mechanics behind each character’s playstyle in The First Descendant and explain precisely why you should use those setups so you will understand the build basics, making it easier to apply to your personal gameplay. Moreover, you will find valuable gameplay tips and tricks for your particular group role with each unique weapon and combination of weapons. Remember, you can modify and expand the builds to your needs. Pick your character and enjoy exploring The First Descendant battlefields while feeling powerful.

Each build includes:

  • Pros and Cons: Understand strengths and weaknesses.
  • Features and Mechanics: Key elements for each character.
  • How to Play Tips: Guidelines for optimal play.
  • How to Unlock: Learn how to get each of Descendants
  • Skills List: Detailed usage and strategies.
  • Modules: Best choices for leveling and endgame.
  • Reactor Stats: Optimal configurations.
  • Weapons: Top choices and stats.
  • Character Overview: Background stories.

The First Descendant Builds List for All Characters

Explore the unique atmosphere of The First Descendant with builds that suit your style and conquer the challenges ahead. We are working to create a build for each available character and their role in The First Descendant. The following list will expand as we develop more builds. Click on the character to access detailed guides.

Standard Characters

Ajax Build

Ajax provides two different shields that can be enhanced to reflect damage. He has great crowd control skills, dealing minimal damage but stunning, knocking back, or disrupting enemies’ movement. This combines into a well-rounded tank and utility character.

Blair Build

Blair is a damage-over-time (DOT) character who can maximize critical hit damage through his passives and abilities. As a flame-based character, his playstyle resembles a wizard with a gun.

Bunny Build

Her abilities revolve around electricity and accumulating stacks to unleash powerful attacks. The more Bunny moves, the more electricity she generates, making her perfect for players who enjoy fast-paced, dynamic gameplay.

Enzo Build

Enzo is a supporting character, which increases the ammunition capacity of players in a group. Moreover, he can drop supply drones to fill up everyone’s ammunition, including heavy and special. Enzo is unique and a valuable asset to any team,

Esiemo Build

Esiemo specializes in timing explosive damage for optimal damage. He has a powerful area-of-effect damage as well as single-target damage. The build can deal with all levels of content, from taking out trash enemies to nuking bosses’ health bars.

The First Descendant Best Freyna Build Guide

Freyna Build

Freyna is a damage-over-time (DOT) specialist who uses her Arche affinity for poisons to drain her enemies’ HP. Her abilities inflict Poison, and her passive ability increases damage against poisoned targets. One of the most consistent damage dealers in The First Descendant.

The First Descendant Best Gley Build Guide

Gley Build

The character Gley does not use shields but HP recovery through kills. She has two states, one of which is Frenzied, where she increases damage but decreases HP recovery. Therefore, she plays at a high-risk, high-reward style based on aggression and kills outside of Frenzied to restore health.

Jayber Build

Jayber is the ideal character for players who want utility in combat, rely less on guns, and enjoy skill-based gameplay. With Jayber, your focus will be on using skills rather than weapons, making him perfect for players who struggle with aiming or who like using turrets.

The First Descendant Best Kyle Build Guide

Kyle Build

Kyle is a durable tank who is highly sought after in group play for his utility and protection. He uses his Magnetic abilities to create shields and knock back enemies. While his damage output is modest, Kyle’s primary focus isn’t high DPS.

Lepic Build

Lepic is a solid character choice for beginners, with powerful grenade abilities and good survivability. He can be chosen at the start of the game and is your typical soldier grenade spammer with heavy AOE damage.

Sharen Build

Sharen is the stealth assassin, specializing in using her camouflage ability to attack from stealth. When activating the camouflage, she deals increased damage and resets the cooldown on this ability, enabling her to strike repeatedly from the shadows. Sharen is loaded with crowd control and stuns.

Valby Build

Valby is an area (AOE) damage dealer who uses her water abilities to maneuver around the battlefield, deal damage, and evade enemy fire. She’s an excellent choice for players seeking a character with strong damage output and good survivability.

Viessa Build

Players who enjoy ice-themed characters with crowd control and status effect damage will enjoy Viessa playstyle. She excels at debuffing, making her a great choice for players who like to team up with friends for leveling and progression.

The First Descendant Best Yujin Build Guide

Yujin Build

Players who enjoy support and healing in group content will love Yujin. With unique buffs and debuffs, he’s perfect for group play in the hardest content the First Descendant can provide. While tough to level, he’s the best support character at the end game.

More builds Coming Soon:

  • Luna Build (August 2024 release)

Ultimate Characters

Coming Soon!

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