The First Descendant Best Characters (Classes): Tier List

The Tier List will analyze the best and worst Characters (classes) in the First Descendant based on their damage output, survivability, utility, and flexibility.

The First Descendant Ultimate Tier List Guide - Best Characters and Classes

This First Descendant Character Tier List will examine and rate the best and worst builds based on their effectiveness and versatility. The game’s character (descendants) system allows players to choose from various options, including area damage (AOE) damage over time (DOT), tanks, and nukers. What makes a strong character in the First Descendant is the ability to be effective in any situation. Some characters are helpful during boss fights, while others are geared toward AOE only. Moreover, survivability and the utility of healing, debuffing, or buffing allies are especially useful.

In the First Descendant, you will start with one of three characters and can use Credits to select additional options. Therefore, you want to make a good decision based on your playstyle and abilities. The goal of this guide is to provide an overview of the relative power levels of each class, allowing you to make informed decisions when selecting your class and character.  Below, we review each character (classes) and rank them from best to worst in the First Descendant tier list.

This guide has been updated after the full release of the First Descendant and playing and testing all characters.

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The First Descendant Character Tier List

The rankings from best to worst in our Tier list for the First Descendant Character (Classes) are:

  • S Tier – Bunny, Valby, Kyle
  • A Tier – Esiemo, Freyna, Enzo, Gley
  • B Tier – Lepic, Jayber, Ajax, Viessa
  • C Tier – Sharen, Blair
  • D Tier – Yujin

What is The Best Character in The First Descendant?

Bunny is the strongest character in The First Descendant due to her speed and killing potential. No other character has as much AOE damage and destruction potential as Bunny. The second choice is Valby, a water-type character blending AOE damage and utility and a solid all-around character to choose from. Jayber is the third best because he excels at either boss fights or mobs with the current. Kyle makes the best survivability and tank character due to his barrier, ultimate, and stuns. Esiemo is a new character introduced and could have been S Tier if it weren’t for his ultimate requiring melee range. Ultimately, our list below explains the best and worst and pros and cons of each so you can choose what’s best for you.

Here is a tier list of all the First Descendant characters ranked:

List PositionCharacterRanking
The First Descendant Best Character (Classes): Tier List

Yujin (D Tier)

The First Descendant Yujin Character

Focused on only support, Yujin is the First Descendant healer and is rated D Tier on our Best Characters Classes Tier List. His abilities primarily heal others, not himself. Therefore, he is ranked lowest. Yujin’s playstyle will not be applicable to a wide audience that doesn’t have a friend using AOE nuke Bunny killing everything for them. Then, you’re left with a pure support character playing solo with no one to heal. However, your ultimate ability, Hyperactive Healing Ground, can be a game changer regarding survivability and co-op gameplay. But, the character is too niche and narrowly designed to have widespread usefulness.

Yujin Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Yujin Pros:

  • Healing: You are a true healer, outshining Jayber, and allies will love playing with you due to increased survivability.
  • Buffs: you buff almost every aspect of your team, DEF, ATK, damage reduction, etc.
  • Group Play: in serious hardcore group content, Yujin will shine due to supporting skills.

Yujin Cons:

  • Weakest DPS: You have the lowest damage out of every character in the First Descendant, and it won’t be fun unless a partner is carrying you.
  • Worst Passive: your passive is only useful when allies are downed and you rescue them, which hopefully will never happen.
  • Narrow Focus: Balanced just for group play, with very hardcore content with limited usage outside of that narrow window.

While we think it’s awesome the developers used a true healer character, we’d avoid this for most players. However, people with a coordinated group or running duo built with Bunny or Valby could enjoy Yujin. We wished the kit had some type of damage and a reworked passive to rank higher.

Blair (C Tier)

The First Descendant Blair Character

Ranked C tier on our list, Blair is a damage-over-time (DOT) character who can maximize critical hit damage through his passives and abilities. As a flame-based character, his playstyle resembles that of a wizard with a gun. However, Blair’s potential damage output is generally lower than other descendants, especially in a game that prioritizes DPS and quickly defeats enemy bosses.

The major issue with Blair’s skill is that his ability to build stoves is cast on top of you. You have zero mobility and no way to transition safely outside of melee range. Moreover, your channel fire ability is great, but you are vulnerable to damage the entire time and feel squishy compared to almost all other Descendants. While Blair does have one transcendent mod that can change his abilities range, outside of that he’s weaker than other DOT dealers.

Blair Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Blair Pros:

  • Effective AoE Damage: Blair excels at dealing area-of-effect damage, making him effective against groups of enemies.
  • Critical Hit Boost: He benefits from a boost to critical hits, increasing his overall damage potential.
  • Ultimate: Blair’s ultimate ability is amazing with huge damage.

Blair Cons:

  • Weaker Overall Kit: Compared to top-tier characters, Blair’s abilities are not as powerful or impactful.
  • Survival: Blair has very low survivability playing in melee range without healing or mobility.
  • Mobility: no mobility skills.

Overall, Blair is a weaker DOT dealer with survivability issues. However, Frenya does more DPS than Blair, ranking her higher on our list. Thus, he ranks C and an average character (classes) in the First Descendant tier list.

Sharen (C Tier)

The First Descendant Sharen Character

Sharen is ranked C tier, the rogue or assassin, and the perfect choice for players who enjoy using stealth mechanics. The general premise behind Sharen’s build is attacking enemies who aren’t attacking you to take advantage of her passive Assassinator. You can become invisible with Active Camouflage and take advantage of your passive. This isn’t as reliable as other characters, and you must be within melee range. However, she is one of the coolest looking and interesting kits in the First Descendant and makes an excellent burst character for those who love stealth.

Sharen Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Sharen Pros:

  • Burst: Sharen’s ultimate knife throw and burst coming out of stealth makes her a glass cannon fun character.
  • Stuns: Sharen can consistently crowd control and stun enemies with Impact Rounds.
  • Debuff: your cutoff beam skill debuffs enemies with electrocute status effect and perft to pair with Bunny as a duo.

Sharen Cons:

  • Weaker Skills: Her skills are not as powerful as those of other characters, limiting her overall damage potential.
  • Weak Against Bosses: Sharen’s ultimate ability is less effective in boss encounters, reducing her impact in these critical fights.
  • Requires Melee Combat and Passive Reliance: Her optimal damage output requires close-range combat and taking advantage of her passive abilities, which can be challenging and risky.

If you enjoy playing stealth and love invisibility mechanics in games, we recommend Sharen. Outside of that, better options don’t require backstabbing and melee. We suggest other characters and classes to use in the First Descendant below on our tier list.

Viessa (C+ tier)

The First Descendant Viessa Character

Ranked C+ tier, Viessa is a decent character in the First Descendant due to chill skills. Viessa is a starting character using ice and status effects to do damage. Her strength is that her skills are all useful and can debuff enemies. However, you’ll need to constantly focus on debuff enemies with your skills to produce decent damage. While Viessa’s skills look impressive and flashy, she doesn’t offer that one unique thing that separates her from other classes that either do more damage, survive better, or something unique.

Viessa Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Viessa Pros:

  • Excellent Crowd Control: Viessa’s abilities allow her to control the battlefield by freezing and slowing enemies, providing valuable support to her team.
  • Strong Chill Damage: Her ice-based damage deals chill and frozen status effects helpful for debuffing enemies.
  • Effective Ultimate: Viessa’s ultimate ability enhances her crowd control and damage capabilities, making her a formidable presence in combat.

Viessa Cons:

  • Weak Damage: Despite her crowd control abilities, her area-of-effect damage is less impressive than other characters.
  • Less Survivability: other classes have better survivability due to healing or increased defense.
  • Debuff Focused: she’s mainly focused on complex ice shackle and constant baby sitting of this mechanic to produce damage.

If it weren’t for lower overall damage than other classes or healing, Viessa would rank higher on this The First Descendant Best Characters (Classes) Tier List. She’s also weaker in single-target boss fights, but still a fun, worthwhile character to enjoy if you like freezing and cold theme builds.

Ajax (B- Tier)

The First Descendant Ajax Character

In The First Descendant, Ajax is the tank-class character, thanks to his survivability and group utility, and is ranked B- Tier on our list. He is one of the three characters you can choose from to begin the game with and is one of the strongest for beginners due to his survivability. His best skills Orbit Barrier (shield) can reflect damage and boost defensive stats. He relies on expulsion to knock back enemies and do damage, but there is little offer for consistent damage outside of this.

Ajax Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Ajax Pros:

  • High Survivability: Ajax is built to withstand damage, making him a durable character in prolonged battles.
  • Useful Utility and Crowd Control: His abilities offer valuable utility and crowd control, enhancing his team’s effectiveness in combat.
  • Barrier: The frontal shield created helps with solo or group content.

Ajax Cons:

  • Module Dependent: Similar to Lepic, Ajax relies on modules for optimal performance, which can be a limitation.
  • Lower Damage Output: His damage output is lower compared to other characters, making him less effective in dealing damage.
  • Not the Best at Tanking or Dealing Damage: Ajax is a jack-of-all-trades but doesn’t excel in either tanking or dealing damage compared to specialized characters.

Overall, Ajax is a weaker version of Kyle. We recommend selecting Ajax if you want high survivability and are new the game. If not, Lepic will be a better selection due to his grenade-spamming potential.

Jayber (B Tier)

The First Descendant Jayber Character

Jayber is a balanced character who uses turrets to do damage but has to babysit them for effectiveness constantly; thus, we rank him B Tier on our First Descendant Best Characters Classes List. He is unique in his ability to deploy turrets that either deal damage or provide healing, which is a rare capability in the game. The issue with Jayber is that the turrets require much time to summon and don’t last long. You can shoot and increase their duration and effectiveness, but it comes at the cost of doing damage. Ultimately, you babysit the turrets rather than nuking enemies like other descendants.

Jayber Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Jayber Pros:

  • Survival: Jayber has great survivability, even without mobility skills, thanks to his turrets.
  • Hard Content: Jayber does well in harder content with slower and more tactical pace.
  • Versatile in All Content (AoE and Bosses): Jayberperforms well in both area-of-effect situations and boss fights.

Jayber Cons:

  • Dependent on Turrets: His effectiveness relies heavily on deploying and maintaining turrets, which can be a limitation if turrets are destroyed or on cooldown.
  • Lower Movement Speed: Jayber’s has zero bonus to movement speed.
  • Not the Highest Damage Output: While versatile, Jayber doesn’t excel in pure damage output compared to top-tier damage dealers like Bunny.

After testing Jayber extensively, the turrets are fun but require constant attention. Other Descendant just do more damage or mobility, but Jayber is a fun alternative to others on this list.

Lepic (B+ Tier)

The First Descendant Lepic Character

Lepic is your basic solider in the First Descenand and is an all-around great choice when starting the game; thus, we rank him B+ tier on our First Descendant Best Characters (Classes): Tier List. He can be chosen at the game’s start, making him a solid choice for a simple damage build. His ultimate fires an artillery shell that deals damage over time. Lepic’s passive, close calls give him a random chance of surviving fatal damage during battle and is helpful as a beginner. The downside of Lepic is that he requires advanced mods and components and is limited in mobility. Moreover, he is mod-dependent and doesn’t shine until later when leveling with Transcendent mods.

The main theme with Lepic Build is using Overlock to add burning damage over time to grenades. You then throw your low cooldown grenade for AOE damage or Traction grenade to suck in enemies. Your Overkill ultimate ability changes your weapon into an AOE grenade launcher but has a longer cooldown.

Lepic Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Lepic Pros:

  • Simplistic Build: Lepic’s build is simple: activate a buff, throw grenades, and destroy stuff.
  • Spam Ultimate: His ultimate ability can be used frequently, providing consistent high-damage output.
  • Effective Grenade Usage: Lepic’s grenades offer powerful area-of-effect damage, useful in both crowd control and single-target scenarios.

Lepic Cons:

  • Low Mobility: Unlike other Descendants, Lepic has no skills to boost speed and can feel sluggish.
  • Module Dependent: Lepic’s effectiveness relies heavily on specific modules, making him less versatile without them.
  • Passive: While his passive is great for a random death, it doesn’t boost your damage and survival like other builds.

When played right, Lepic can do great damage, is highly survivable, and is a simplistic character. He’s weaker at the start and module-dependent but can unfold into a powerful character in the right hands.

Gley (A- Tier)

The First Descendant Gley Character

Gley is the most unique character in the first Descendant, and we rank her A- tier, with one issue being complexity holding her back from the S Tier. She does not use shields but recovers HP through kills. She has two states, one of which is Frenzied, where she increases damage but decreases HP recovery. Therefore, she plays at a high-risk, high-reward style based on aggression and kills outside of Frenzied to restore health.

Gley feels very powerful but squishy at the same time. You need to constantly make decisions about your state and use skills to build up life spheres. With mods a proper build, and many hours of playing, she can be powerful. However, other Descendants require much less to get the same power level, limiting her effectiveness.

Gley Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Gley Pros:

  • High Damage Against Bosses: Gley is particularly effective at dealing significant damage to bosses, making her a strong choice for boss encounters.
  • Powerful Skill Combos: Her abilities synergize well, allowing for devastating skill combinations that can quickly decimate enemies.
  • Increased Damage from Berserk Mode: Entering Berserk mode boosts Gley’s damage output, making her even more lethal in combat.

Gley Cons:

  • More Complex Gameplay: Gley’s mechanics require careful management and understanding, making her more complex to play effectively.
  • High Risk, High Reward Mechanics: Her gameplay involves balancing health and damage, which can be risky but rewarding if managed correctly.
  • Low Mobility: Gley also doesn’t have high mobility or a skill that generates increased movement.

She is held back by no shield and a unique survivability mechanic. On paper, her damage numbers are insane but ultimately come at a price, which is complex gameplay.

Enzo (A Tier)

The First Descendant Enzo Character

A hybrid support character, Enzo has unique skills that suit group-oriented gameplay. We rank Enzo A tier overall due to his versatile support kit, but lowers than others due to lack of damage. However, what makes him stronger than other support characters is he has a damage skill and a defensive shield skill that applies to him. Unlike Yujin, he can aid allies while keeping himself alive and doing moderate damage. Moreover, his passive buff allies max ammo capacity. Your main spammable skill gives ammo, which keeps your heavy ammo nearly full the entire time. This is a massive boost to everyone’s damage, making him an incredible asset to any team.

Enzo Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Enzo Pros:

  • Amazing Passive: passive boost max ammo capacity and your skill can drop ammo for everyone.
  • Group Utility: Whether you want to heal, increase max ammo, or ring in a drop ship, Enzo is a great support character.
  • High Survivability: your enhanced combat suit skill recovers your energy and is helpful for surviving tough encounters.

Enzo Cons:

  • Weak Damage: Enzo’s kit doesn’t buff his damage nor does his passives, so he’s going to be much lower in damage.
  • Not Solo Friend: if you are a solo player, you’ll want to avoid Enzo otherwise your skills will be somewhat useless.
  • Low Mobility: he has nothing to buff speed and feels sluggish.

Without a boost to speed and damage, Enzo remains a A tier character focused on group play. Enzo is our preferred support class with damage and a high fun factor.

Freyna (A Tier)

The First Descendant Freyna Character

Freyna is a damage-over-time (DOT) specialist who uses her Arche affinity for poisons to drain her enemies’ HP. We rank Freyna Ranked A tier Freyna is the best DOT build on our The First Descendant Characters Classes Tier List. Her abilities inflict Poison, and her passive ability increases damage against poisoned targets. As one of the most consistent damage dealers in The First Descendant, her gameplay loop involves applying Poison with abilities and swiftly eliminating enemies.

The positives of Freyna are high, consistent DPS with a well-rounded skill kit giving you everything you need. Her downsides are limited mobility and reliance on the poison status effect for optimal damage.

Freyna Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Freyna Pros:

  • Sustained DPS: Freyna’s abilities revolve around poison damage, providing a steady and reliable source of damage over time.
  • Good Skill Kit: She has a well-rounded set of skills that enhance her damage output and survivability.
  • Effective AoE Damage: Freyna can deal with groups of enemies efficiently, thanks to her poison-based AoE attacks.

Freyna Cons:

  • Weaker Against Bosses: While effective against groups, her damage against single targets, particularly bosses, is less impressive.
  • Lower Mobility: the one skill Freyna lacks is something that grants her mobility.
  • Status Effects: Your passive rewards you for applying poison to as many targets as possible, and you are weaker when attacking a boss.

What holds Frenya back is her weakness against bosses and reliance on status. While she’s great, there are more effortless characters in the First Diescendant that do more burst damage. However, she’s a strong choice for players who like managing debuffs and status effects.

Esiemo (A+ Tier)

The First Descendant Esiemo Character

If you’re looking for an explosive damage-dealing character, check out Esiemo. Due to AOE explosives and skills, we rank him A+ tier on our First Descendant Best Characters (Classes) Tier List. The main appeal of Esiemo is his ultimate Arche Explosion, where you charge forward, explode and knock enemies back. Additionally, gain a madness state buff and remove buffs from enemies. This ultimate serves multiple purposes and is one of the best in the game. However, that’s also Esiemo’s downside is the reliance on his ultimate and lack of survivability skills.

Esiemo Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Esiemo Pros:

  • AOE Explosives: with many explosive options, Esiemo is a fun character that is simplistic and rewards area combat and damage.
  • Sticky Explosives: you throw sticky grenade and place mines at choke points, giving you more control over explosives.
  • Great Ultimate Skill: your ultimate is not only flashy but effective as a gap closer, buff remover, and big damage.

Esiemo Cons:

  • Weak Passive: when your shield is dropped, you drop a bomb that can manually explode, which is odd.
  • Lacks Survival Skills: very little survivability within Eisemo kit.
  • Melee Ultimate: the only issue for him is charging in with a melee ultimate, which is not applicable to bosses.

You should try Esiemo if you want a fully explosive AOE build that doesn’t emphasize damage over time (DOT). He’s fun, looks cool, and has an enjoyable, easy build to play. However, he won’t out DPS or survive better than others on this list, leaving him at A Tier.

Kyle (S- Tier)

The First Descendant Kyle Character

Kyle is a durable character who excels in the tank role in The First Descendant, using his Magnetic abilities to create shields and knock back enemies. Therefore, we ranked him in the S- tier on our best classes and characters in the First Descendant list. Unlike Ajax, Kyle can do massive damage and is one of the most fun characters playing like a Thundercrash Titan from Destiny 2. His Barrier soaks up damage, and another skill explodes out, giving you insane survivability and damage. Moreover, you can constantly charge and stun enemies. He is the best tank character and a perfect fit for any player valuing survivability over pure damage.

Kyle Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Kyle Pros:

  • Stuns: Kyle’s Repulsion Dash charges forward and stuns enemies with a low cooldown, giving you tons of control.
  • High Survivability: you want to build for Max shields, which can then be used to absorb damage and explode out at enemies.
  • Mobility: you get a gap closer and an ultimate that lets you fly like Superman, crashing down and doing huge damage.

Kyle Cons:

  • Melee Focused: Kyle’s effectiveness is tied to close-range combat, which can be challenging and risky.
  • Tank-Centric Gameplay: His playstyle revolves around tanking, which may not appeal to players seeking a more aggressive role.
  • Stronger in Late-Game: Kyle’s true potential shines in the late game, requiring investment and progression to reach full effectiveness.

With Kyle, expect a later-game character that players will want to select who enjoys survivability. You won’t sprint around the map, nuking everything like Bunny, but you will be hard to kill and always free to join groups due to your powerful kit.

Valby (S Tier)

The First Descendant Valby Character

Valby is an area (AOE) damage dealer who uses her water abilities to maneuver around the battlefield, deal damage, and evade enemy fire. Thus, we rank her S tier on our list just falling behind Bunny as the best character. She’s an excellent choice for players seeking a character with strong damage output and good survivability. Due to her focus on AOE abilities, Valby excels against groups of enemies but is less effective against bosses.

To maximize Valby’s potential, Bubble Bullet can be used to create small puddles at its impact point. These puddles damage enemies within them over time and allow you to consume less mana while standing in them, enabling you to spam abilities almost for free when combining water and bubble tactics. What holds Valby back from being the best is less speed and damage than Bunny.

Valby Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Valby Pros:

  • High Mobility: Valby can move quickly and efficiently around the battlefield, evading attacks and positioning herself advantageously.
  • Good for Harder Content: Her abilities make her particularly effective in challenging content, where mobility and strategic positioning are key.
  • Survivable: Valby just feels much more tanky than Bunny with slightly lower damage and better stuns.

Valby Cons:

  • Weak Against Bosses: her ultimate is great for add clear and isn’t as effective against bosses like Bunny.
  • Relies on Puddles and Water: Valby’s mechanics depend on water-based abilities, which can be restrictive and require careful management.
  • Bunny Has Better AoE: While Valby has strong AoE potential, Bunny surpasses her in terms of sheer AoE damage output.

The character Valby is a less flashy Bunny with great AOE damage and survivability. If you don’t want to play the metaclass but near the same raw power levels, pick Valby.

Bunny (S+ Tier)

The First Descendant Bunny Character

Bunny is the best character in The First Descendant due to her raw damage, speed, and leveling potential. Thus, we rank Bunny S+ tier on our list. She is the ultimate damage machine labeled the “nuker.” Bunny rushes around the battlefield, collecting energy and bursting it out for massive damage.   Bunny’s passive rewards you for moving, and Charge of Light channels your MP resources into electricity. You then activate a skill dealing massive AOE in a 360 radius and charge in jumping, crashing down with your melee, and doing huge damage. Your Maximum power ability separates you from Valby, channeling your electricity into a god-tier single-target damage attack perfect for boss melting.

Bunny Skills and Combat Gameplay The First Descendant

Bunny Pros:

  • Speed: Bunny’s Speed of Light radically increases movement speed and is effective in combat.
  • High AoE Damage: Almost everything in her kit does area damage in a large radius, making leveling content a breeze.
  • Massive Damage Output (Nuker): Bunny does the most overall damage in both single target and AOE.
  • Balanced Gameplay: she’s effective against bosses, leveling, add clear, and all content types.
  • Boss Nuker: Bunny’s Maximum power ability melts bosses with a channel damage skill.

Bunny Cons:

  • Squishy (Low Durability): Despite her damage potential, Bunny has low health and defense, making her vulnerable to attacks and requiring careful play to avoid taking damage.
  • Requires Melee Combat: Bunny’s optimal damage often requires her to be in close range of enemies, which can be risky given her low durability.

Simply put, no one has as much damage or speed as Bunny. You will want to avoid her only if you have trouble surviving or don’t like the emphasis on constant movement. Otherwise, buckle up to see a lot of Bunny characters zipping around the First Descendant! We hope this best tier list guide helped you select characters (classes) to play in the First Descendant. Below are other guides you may be interested in.

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