The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Heart Containers

What are Heart Containers in Tears of the Kingdom?

Heart Containers are special reoccurring items in The Legend of Zelda games. Typically, acquiring one grants Link an extra heart on his life bar. Thus, increasing his health/hit points. Heart containers are somewhat rare, and often granted upon the defeat of major bosses or hidden away in secret treasure locations.

Where do you find Heart Containers in Tears of the Kingdom?

We don’t know with 100% certainty where heart containers will be found as Tears of the Kingdom does not release until May 12, 2023.

However, given that the game is a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild (2017), it is highly likely that heart containers will be found in much the same ways as in that game. In BotW, there were two ways of getting heart containers:

  • One heart container each was granted after defeating the four Divine Beasts
  • Four Spirit Orbs (obtained by completing Shrines) could be traded in for either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel by praying at any Goddess Statue in Hyrule
Shrine Entrance in Breath of the Wild

Stamina Vessels or Heart Containers?

Similar to the Heart containers, Stamina vessels would increase the amount of stamina Link had. This would boost his ability to explore – gliding, climbing, swimming and charged attacks all use stamina. Given the vast open-world nature of the game, prioritizing stamina vessels might seem like a given. However, in BotW Link could not remove the Master Sword from its stone (and thus progress the story) without having at least 13 hearts.

We don’t yet know if there will be some kind of similar requirement for acquiring the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom. We will be updating this page with relevant information as soon as the game launches!

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