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Todd Howard’s New Starfield Interview Reveals Starship Details

Will Starships be the Starfield Engame?

Recently, Starfield Game Director Todd Howard participated in an interview with Kinda Funny Xcast. The extensive question and answer session offered up some really interesting details on several topics related to the game. But arguably the most exciting information came in regards to shipbuilding. Keep reading to discover more of Todd Howard’s New Starfield Interview Reveals Starship Details!

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Starfield Starship Building System

Starfield Interview: New Starship Details

One of the first questions about starships asks if ships acquired through piracy or stealing are ‘locked’ into whatever shape or stats they come in. The surprising answer is no – Howard says that all of the ships you see in game were built with the ship building players will use themselves.

Ships obtained through boarding/piracy can be flown and used as-is. However, if you want to make any changes you will have to register the starship. And that will require spending credits. It’s just the start – the bigger your fleet becomes and the more modifications you want to make, the more expensive things will get!

Additionally, Howard clarifies further that simple upgrading of the systems on your ships is very straight forward (and likely will not be as expensive). However, building a starship, or breaking out one you have in order to change or add new modules will be a critical money sink.

Starfield Ship Building
Starfield Ship Building: Module Breakout

Starships as Endgame

“That’s a very deep system, and one that we expect for late game.”

Game Director Todd howard

Howard cautions that players shouldn’t expect to start the game and jump into ship building early on. Starfield appears to take a bit of time to ramp up into the complexity. Furthermore, the cost of modifying your starship will likely be a barrier in the early game, regardless.

As you reach that level where you’re breaking out your ship and adding in or taking away modules, the ship building system becomes not just about crafting a more powerful ship. It simultaneously becomes about how you craft the form and function of the interior living space.

Your ships can become like a second home, and you’ll need space for your companions and crew to bunk, eat, and work. Undeniably, trying to tie together the form, function, and performance of our starships in Starfield will give players hours of engagement!

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Starfield launches exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6, 2023. You can play it day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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