Why I Can’t Stop Playing Fallout 4

Rarely does a game capture my imagination through gripping story telling like Fallout 4. I think back to the days of Final Fantasy 7 and how absorbed I was with the game and what would happen next. Now a new generation has Fallout 4, what a next gen game should look, sound, and feel like. Let me explain with a story.

After settling in to Fallout 4 (FO4)’s introduction and Settlement system, I started liberating towns and securing defenses. I couldn’t stop. It was so fun to think I was helping out the wasteland and my results were starting to show all over the common wealth. My actions were effecting the game at large, call this Role Play or whatever, but it was fascinating.

The next thing I know, Freedom Radio broadcast a distress signal in one of my heavily fortified towns requesting Minutemen backup. This was my first time responding and I was excited. I arrived to a clouding swarm of gunfire and super mutants ambushing us from all over. There was even a legendary mutant that I could barely put a dent in and I eventually died, over and over again.

I ultimately overcame this pillaging of my town by using tools I acquired earlier. A Flare Gun to call in backup from the Minutemen, a Smoke Grenade to rain down artillery fire, meanwhile repairing gun turrets and sniping targets from afar.

This was my Christmas night, a present from the gaming world. FO4 has the most compelling story telling to date, a robust crafting system, fun and engaging combat with an excellent character development system. The hype is real surrounding this game and I’m hooked.

The reason I’m writing this is because I plan on doing some FO4 guides in the near future. I still need a week or so to understand the basic parts of the game and learn useful information to share with others. I still plan on playing Elder Scrolls Online in the evenings and covering new content, but I’m totally gripped by the Fallout bug.

What made Skyrim one of my favorite games of all time is how the environment interacted with your gameplay. Complete a quest, and villagers would talk to you about it. Take that aspect to the next level with FO4. Every cubic meter of the world feels carefully placed with materials, lore, quests, and purpose. It’s a game world like no other and I plan on sharing some tips with you very soon.

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