Wildcard Confirmed ARK Ascended Remake & Gameplay Trailer is Coming Soon

Wildcard confirmed the gameplay trailer for the ARK: Survival Evolved remake, signaling the approaching release of ARK Ascended.

Wildcard confirmed ARK Ascended Remake & Gameplay Trailer is Coming Soon

ARK: Survival Evolved fans, the wait is almost over! The developers announced that ARK Survival Ascended is gearing up for a late October launch. And they’ve got some exciting updates to share with the community. In a recent tweet, Wildcard confirmed that the gameplay trailer for the ARK: Survival Evolved remake will be launched ahead of ARK Ascended’s official release, so the release date is rapidly approaching.

ARK Ascended Remake and the Trailer are Close to Lounch – What to expect

Initially, we were supposed to get our hands on ARK Survival Ascended in August 2023, but there was a little delay. To make it up to you, the game will come with a $5 discount when it finally arrives on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this October. While the base game is set to make its debut in October, some of the DLCs from the original game won’t be ready to roll out just yet. A few DLCs are set to hit the scene later this year, while you’ll need to hang tight until the first quarter of next year for the rest. Wildcard plans to release Scorched Earth in December this year, Ragnarok and Aberration will follow in Q1 2024, and the rest of the maps beyond then.

When will we see gameplay?

Wildcard has committed to release the gameplay trailer before the game’s official launch and before it becomes available on Steam. But as of now, that’s the extent of what we know. However, over the past few months, we’ve had the chance to see some significant improvements through comparison images that show the differences between the two game versions.

Update: Studio Wildcard has recently announced that the final New Creature Dossier for the Dreadnoughtus will be revealed around October 20, 2023. Following this, the game will launch on PC on 25 October, but console players will need to wait till November.

What is ARK Ascended Remake?

Now, what makes ARK Survival Ascended so unique? Well, it’s not just a regular remake. This is ARK cranked up to a whole new level, thanks to an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. The best part? There’s something for everyone here. Get ready for crossplay, meaning you can team up with friends regardless of their platform. Plus, cross-save and anti-cheat measures are in place to keep the gaming experience fair and fun for everyone.

Also, you can expect some serious performance boosts, all thanks to Unreal Engine 5. This means the game will run smoother and look better on your screen. But the visual goodness doesn’t stop there. We’re discussing high-tech wizardry with Nanite, Lumen, and RTXDI technologies. These fancy words translate into dynamic water, super cool interactive foliage, and a complete overhaul of the game’s art.

In addition, ARK Ascended is getting even more New Dinosaurs, Creatures, and game mechanics. The community got to pick five new dinos to join the game.

So, there you have it – ARK Survival Ascended is bringing a ton of upgrades, improvements, and new prehistoric pals to the table. With a late October release on the horizon, get ready to dive into a bigger, better, and more exciting world than ever. It’s time to revive your survival instincts because ARK Ascended is almost here.

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