ESO Stamina Templar PvP Build

Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online Templar Stamina Templar PvP Build called the Harvester.  The idea of this build is simple built around high damage but high survivability and mobility.  Ideally you’d play this in a four to eight man group in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. If you’re looking for a place to start PvPing in the Elder Scrolls Online as a damage dealer both solo and in small groups, this build is for you.



[Updated for ESO Patch Clockwork City]

This build centers around what the Stamina Templar does really well and that’s take out tanky permanent blocking healers.  It can do this by the skill Power of the Light, undodge-able, unblock-able. I have also given it some great survivability and group utility though one can specialize into all damage if necessary.  I will also list alternative weapons if your focus is more AoE as the Masters Weapons have seen a massive improvement.  Is this the best Stamplar build on Earth?  No idea, but it works well solo and in a group against the current meta in ESO Clockwork City.

+ Great burst

+ Can play solo or group

+ Resource Sustain

– Lacks AoE without adjustments

– Not a full tank not a full DPS without adjustments

Should You Play This Build

The Stamina Templar PvP class has definitely seen its ups and downs.  The reason why I love it, Biting Jabs our spammable attack.  I much prefer this ability over using say Dizzying Swing or Wrecking Blow.  Another advantage the Templar has over classes is a self cleanse.  If you’re going to focus on PvP, this is such an incredibly powerful skill as you can remove negative effect at the cost of magicka.  Pair this with a set like Shacklebreaker for a large magicka pool and we become very survivable.  My play style and the way I’ve developed this is more of an “off” damage dealer (DD or DPS).  While I can do DPS, I specialize at bursting down heavy armored tanky players while staying alive at all cost.  You can ultimately change this build how you set.  Want massive AoE? Put on a Masters 2H drop Crit Rush and spam Brawler.  Want max burst? Drop Troll King and put on Selene’s.  I still feel Stamplar is great in PvP for my playstyle and hopefully you will too once you play it.

How To Level

The main thing you want to focus on when leveling a Stamina Templar is getting to the skill Restoring Aura in the Restoring Light class tree line.  The reason being is, once you get this skill, morph it, Repentance now gives you back stamina and health for corpses.  Basically you can go all offense and just zap corpses and always be healed.  Remember to always start out each character by getting one specific ability from each class skill line (Aedric Spear, Dawn’s Wrath and Restoring Light).  This will level up your skill lines and unlock new skills and important passives that will help you at end game level 50.  That gives you two more skill slots, since we will be using sword and shield at end game, I’d equip it just to unlock the skill line.  Get the first ability and put it on your bar (yes even if you’re not using the skill). Reason being is you’ll level the skill line simultaneously with your Two Handed which you should have equipped.  It seems weird, but you will thank me once you reach end game with two skill lines maxed not one.

Priority Skills

As I’ve said before unlocking skills is very important and how you load your bar up can determine how fast you can get to end game.  Here’s my suggestions for you on how to start and what skills to pick up.


  1. (Aedric Spear) – Puncturing Strikes morph into Biting Jabs ASAP then leave it on your bar forever.
  2. (Dawn’s Wrath) – Sun Fire don’t morph but keep it on your bar until you unlock Backlash.  Get this, morph it and level up Power of the Light fully.
  3. (Restoring Light) – Rushed Ceremony can morph into Honor the Death and be used as a heal early on in the game.  You want to also take the ultimate ASAP so it’ll give you two Restoring Light abilities thus leveling it faster.  Reason being, Restoring Aura morphed into Repentance is critical for our build and leveling.  Once you get this skill, drop the ultimate and switch to Aedric Spear Radial Sweep to advance that skill line quicker.
  4. (Two-handed) – Grab Uppercut and leave it unmoprhed as we won’t use it.  Then start grabbing each two-handed skill as it unlocks and work on leveling it so it can be morphed.  Mainly use Biting Jabs as damage and the rest of these skills as fillers or experiment with them.
  5. (One-hand and Shield) – Yes, grab a skill here even though you’re not using or have equipped a Sword and Shield.  You will still earn experience for the skill line thus reaching that level 50 faster.  I’d suggest just grabbing the first skill Puncture and only using the others if you plan on tanking with it so you can save skill points.
  • [Ultimate] Grab Rite of Passage and leave it on until you get Restoring Aura.  Then grab Aedric Spear until it reaches 50 for passives. Once that’s done, switch to Dawn’s Wrath until it reaches 50 then hopefully Sword and Shield or Fighters Guild will be maxed then work on those.

Priority Passives

Remember this if you don’t learn anything else, passives make you powerful.  You can only have so many skills on your bar while passives you continually add (up to a point).

  1. Class skill lines (take them all even if you don’t think you’ll use them)
  2. Armor skill lines, Heavy first then Medium
  3. Weapons – Two-Handed then Sword and Shield
  4. Race
  5. Guilds – Fighters first, Undaunted, and I’d skip Mages Guild until later
  6. Alliance War Assault then Support
  7. Crafting Alchemy (hit level 50 specifically for Medical Use)

Yeah, that’s a lot of skill points.  Even after you hit level 50, you’ll be starved of skill points.  I have a separate guild on it, but public dungeon bosses, group dungeons and skyshard hunting to optimize your character will be needed.


Bar One – Two Handed – Used for damage.

  1. Critical Rush (morph of Critical Charge | Two-Handed skill line) – I like gap closers though they are not always effective.  Reason being, they have a minimum range requirement (3.5 meters), so you aren’t going to be reliably use them all the time.  However, this thing hits hard especially if Power of the Light is on them prior to rushing in.  A tip is to cast Forward Momentum for snare immunity prior to charging in.
    • FLEX – I would change this skill out as my flexible slot as gap closers aren’t needed 100% of the time.  If you are going for the more area AoE damage route, swap in Masters 2H and put Brawler (morph of Cleave | Two-Handed skill line) here.
  2. Forward Momentum (morph of Momentum | Two-Handed skill line) –  What is needed is snare and immobilization immunity and that’s why we use this since we are going to be wearing five pieces of heavy armor.  No longer can you cast the medium armor skill Shuffle without five medium pieces.  Yes we lose the burst heal, but we have other ways to survive and heal.  I also like to refresh this ability every time I’m crowd controlled or stunned (unchain Champion Point passive).
  3. Power of the Light (morph of Backlash | Dawn’s Wrath skill line) – Our heavy hitter that nukes down perma-block tanks and healers.  Why? Can’t be dodged or blocked.  The trick to using this properly is to line up enough damage within six seconds so it reflects the max damage back onto the opponent.  Typically, PotL, Crit Rush, Jabs 2x is enough to reach the cap. If going up against a shield stacker or tank, throw in a Dawnbreaker two for extra punch.
  4. Biting Jabs (morph of Puncturing Strike | Aedric Spear skill line) – Our main spammable ability that snares.  I still love this ability though it doesn’t have a CC component like in earlier versions of the game.  The range is also nice and it’s AoE so make sure to get use to the aim and snaring potential to fully utilize it’s potential.
  5. Executioner (morph of Reverse Slash | Two-Handed skill line) – This is our execute that works on lower health targets (50% or lower).  No do not use this ability when someone is at 100% health because it doesn’t become effective until around 35% health.  Also, the other morph Reverse Slice is great for small group play.  But if you’re playing just solo I like this morph because I’ve hit players for 12.5k damage with it.
  • [Ultimate] Dawnbreaker of Smiting (morph of Dawnbreaker | Fighters Guild skill line) – A go to ult for stamina dealers and it still rocks.  The main reason I go with this over the Templar’s Crescent Sweep is the stun or CC component along with the damage over time.  With the Two-Handed passive Follow-Up, after a fully charged heavy your next ability gets 10% more damage, try to line up your Dawnbreaker AFTER a completed fully charged heavy for massive single target and AoE damage.

Bar Two – Sword and Shield – Used for buffs and healing.

  1. Restoring Focus (morph of Rune Focus | Restoring Light skill line) – A truly insane buff that requires magicka, spell and armor resist, 8% less damage taken, 8% more healing taking making it must have for tanky type players.  While the rune area is small, you can always re-enter to refresh the buff duration.  Try to keep this up before charging in or in defensive retreat, it makes a big difference.
  2. Extended Ritual (morph of Cleansing Ritual | Restoring Light skill line) – My favorite Templar skill and it still hasn’t been nerfed.  Cleansing off five negative debuffs is the equivalent to any other defensive ability in the game.  Getting shot with siege, cleanse, getting hit with poisons, cleanse, getting tagged with bow attacks, cleanse.  This is where the majority of our magicka will be spent, cleansing negative effects with is the primary reason we went with Shacklebreaker five piece gear set.
  3. Repentance (morph of Restoring Aura | Restoring Light skill line) – This skill has seen a nerf recently in the fact that only you get the stamina back (use to be all allies) but everyone still gets the health. I still love this ability because when you and your team are playing aggressive, you can constantly repent bodies and keep the fight active.
  4. Binding Javelin (morph of Piercing Javelin | Aedric Spear skill line) – Our only stun besides Dawnbreaker.  The downside of this ability is that it can be blocked, absorbed and reflected, but generally works on most players.  That’s the downside of the Templar currently, no one way drop block (shards use to do this).  Another reason for slotting it is the passive that increases critical hit damage (Piercing Spear).
  5. Resolving Vigor (morph of Vigor | Alliance War Assault skill line) – Our main heal that also acts as group AoE healing.  No longer can only one Vigor be active, meaning if five people run the same morph of Vigor and use them together, you’ll get massive healing. So there’s really no point in using Echoing Vigor for this build.
  • [Ultimate] Spell Wall (morph of Shield Wall | One-Hand and Shield skill line) – Our main defensive ultimate that reflects projectiles.  This is our “oh crap” button that is still incredible.  The way I like to use this is when I drop low stamina, pop it swap to Two-Handed and fully charge heavy attack everything to get up my resources.  Or pop it, Forward Momentum, Immovability potion and ZIP in or out quickly.


IDEAL STATS (in Cyrodiil only food buff) – 24k health > 35k stamina > 13k magicka (ATTRIBUTES depends on your race, there is no one 13/10/45 perfect scenario.  Hit the numbers that’s what is important)

Monster Helm Sets

  • Troll King – Found in Blessed Crucible Dungeon, still one of my favorite sets for survivability.  When I play solo or a group, I focus on surviving first independently of any healers and this makes it so I don’t have to run a specific set for this.  There are downsides, the one piece has no offensive potential and the two piece is only defensive.  Swap out depending on your group and or play-style.
  • Selene’s – Found in Selene’s Web dungeon, still the absolutely best bursting down two piece.  It also comes with a great one piece bonus for our build.  If your group has a dedicated healer and you feel confident in your survivability, throw this on and nuke people.
  • Blood Spawn – Found in Spindleclutch II, this set is still all around incredible and people are returning to it.  This set has flexibility in that you’ll get stamina recovery, defensive capabilities with increased armor/spell resist (even  hit the cap) plus more ultimate means more offense.  Looking for something both defensive and offensive throw this on.

Weapon Choices

  • Asylum – Found in the Clockwork City DLC’s new trials this thing is a game changer.  If you are killing folks with your Execute, you’ll have ultimate for days.  Downside the one piece doesn’t come with max stat improvement.
  • Masters – Found in Dragonstar Arena Veteran this weapon received a massive buff to it’s effect.  Now Brawler acts like a pseudo steel tornado getting stronger the more people are around.  Plus it gives us max stat increase making it great for people who want more AoE.
  • Veteran Maelstrom Area – Found in VMA, it remains not a bad one piece option if you’re relying on Critical Rush though I think the above options are better if you can obtain the gear.

Main Five Piece

  • Shacklebreaker – Craftable set, six traits in Morrowind DLC.  I love this set because I need a large magicka pool and it gives us both magicka and stamina.  Also it’s craftable so you can make it heavy and have a cool look (Ebonshadow all the way).
  • Seventh Legion – A super tanky set that has a 10% on damage to heals you and provides massive weapon damage.  If you are looking for all out tankyness try this though I like to focus on max stamina since PotL and Repentance scale well off of it.


  • Agility/Deaths wind – Agility set can be found in Imperial City or Daily Dungeon finder.  Deaths Wind is a two trait craftable set (picked up this tip from Kodi PvP Warden Build). This combination offers easy to access gear with powerful set bonuses.   You get the defense when you need it on Sword and Shield and offense on the front bar.
  • Powerful Assault – If you are playing a more group utility role, having Vigor combined with PA on your S/B only is a great utility to your team though you will sacrifice damage.


Consumables, Race and Mundus

Food: Dubious Cameron Throne (a holiday event recipe) is great for this as it provides stamina, health and recovery.  You could go tri-stat for a massive magicka pool but that seems wasteful in my testing.  Another options for SUPER tanky builds is the Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch which provides health and then three recoveries.  This combined with Troll King and Orc racial makes you incredibly survivable.

Potions: Stamina Immovability (Blessed Thistle + Columbine + Namira’s Rot) are my go to potions for PvP on any Stamina build.  Immunity to Crowd Control effects for 15.7s help us rush head first into battle, Major Expedition indefinitely (if drinking off cooldown) to help zoom around and make up for heavy armor’s sluggishness, and a big burst of Stamina and Major Endurance to help our sustain.  Tri-potions that give you back all three resources (health, stamina and magicka).  You can craft these with Bugloss, Columbine and Mountain Flower (and more combinations).

Race: Orc is still the strongest in my opinion for PvP stamina based on it’s stats, healing, damage, and mobility bonus.  Some will arguge Redguard for sustain and amage and that’s a great pick as well.  Also Imperial offer massive stats and Jabs procs a heal.  I have Maximus as Imperial and in Seventh Legion with gold food I’m nearly unkillable.  Just realize race isn’t that important, even Argonians can do great as stamina builds (I’ll show you on my Dragonknight T3).

Mundus Stone: The Tower (max stamina) – since our primary focus is large stamina pool its logical to focus on this mundus (bigger repents and PotL).  If you go with a different gear option, switch to Warrior (weapon damage) or Serpent (stamina regeneration) for better sustain.

Traits: For the most part, I run at least five + impenetrable on my armor.  Weapons I’ve found now that Nirnhoned seems to be the best for damage or even infused with a Prismatic Enchant does well.  Defensively two options Powered on S/B or Defending which will get you to around 30k spell/physical resist.

Armor Weight: Heavy armor for PvP is by far the best five piece because of Constitution passive.  This gives us back both magicka and stamina which is needed for blocking, breaking free, etc.  I tried 5 1/1 setup (one light one medium) and didn’t care for it. I ideally run two medium for reduced cost and running speed though true max stats folks will go with 5 1/1.

Infection:  While my character is a Werewolf I don’t use this ultimate or abilities. I haven’t tried Vampire mainly because I’m constantly being sieged though the Undeath passive might outweigh being a Vamp even on stamina. Still need further testing.

Attributes: 64 into stamina if Orc.

Champion Points

I constalty change champion points and truly don’t feel there is a “one sized fits all.”  If you don’t see the logic in my selection, change it.

The Mage (Blue)

  • Mighty – 49
  • Master-at-Arms – 56
  • Precise Strikes – 44
  • Piercing – 47
  • Thaumaturge – 11
  • Physical Weapon Expert – 23

The Thief (Green)

  • Arcanist – 20
  • Healthy – 20
  • Tenacity – 20
  • Mooncalf – 90
  • Warlord – 30
  • Sprinter – 20
  • Tumbling – 30

The Warrior (Red)

  • Elemental Defender – 43
  • Hardy – 43
  • Ironclad – 48
  • Thick Skinned – 48
  • Resistant – 38
  • Expert Defender – 3
  • Quick Recovery – 7


The best example of how to play this build is in the video below.  It shows a small team working together, calling targets, ultimates and smashing face. Just realize, no one player is perfect and or better than another.  There might be many effective Stamplar PvP builds, this is just how I play mine.

Thanks for reading our ESO Stamina Templar PvP Build. Please leave us a comment if you liked it or run something similar.