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ESO PvP Cyrodiil Travel

The biggest complaint I hear about PvP in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is that you have to spend 20 hours riding your horse to a battle only to die after five seconds of fighting. Well, lucky for you my little puggies (pick-up-group), I am going to teach you how not to be bad today (partially at least). Welcome to the Forward Camp (FCs) edition (well, mostly) of Party Pyro’s PvP Palooza in our ESO P...
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ESO Class Skills Guide

Wondering what important skills every class should bring to the battlefield?  After beating Dragonstar Arena, and playing every class to Veteran ranks, I wanted to share important group abilities that can really help your team.  So welcome to our ESO Class Skills Guide. (more…)
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ESO Healing Guide

So you want to heal huh?  Do you have what it takes to keep people alive through all sorts of chaos?  Do you have the mentality it takes to be excellent?  This guide is to teach you healing 101 and provide helpful tips on keep party members alive!  So let's get started with our ESO Healing Guide. (more…)
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ESO Sorcerer DPS Build

After Elder Scrolls Online published my Lighting Tornado build from two months ago, I figured it needed an update.  Since July 22, 2014, I've learned so much about the game and the Sorc itself.  So I set out to keep the original build in tact, but update it with some new relevant gear and abilities.  Here we go with our ESO Sorcerer DPS Build Lighting Tornado 2.0. (more…)
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ESO Sorc DPS Build

Ever wanted to swing a massive maul into someone's face?  Well don't do it unless you're playing the Elder Scrolls Online.  This is my latest Sorc build the Velvet Hammer.  It's focused on massive AoE cleave damage and armor debuff.  It's fast, hard-hitting, and a blast to play.  Let's out our latest ESO Sorc DPS Build the Velvet Hammer! (more…)
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ESO Sorcerer Skills Guide

UPDATED for patch 1.6 currently on the PTS (not final).  I will change the skills again and give opinions on them once this becomes final. Welcome to our ESO Sorcerer Skills Guide.  Utterly unique and special, the Sorcerer's abilities are truly magnificent to use and even witness.  The combination of interesting, relevant builds are staggering due to the classes design.   In part two of our serie...
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ESO Werewolf Guide

Welcome to our ESO Werewolf Guide.  Lycanthropy makes a rousing return in the Elder Scrolls Online, allowing players to become infected and change into savage beasts in combat.  In this guide we'll examine what benefits and disadvantages we gain from the transformation, where and how to become infected, how it works to use, and all of the skills we gain access to.  If you've yearned to join a pack...
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ESO Banished Cells Guide

Welcome to our ESO Banished Cells Guide for Non-Veteran mode.  Banished Cells is my go-to dungeon while leveling or in Veteran content.  It feels fast, somewhat easy, and a creepy environment makes for a great dungeon crawling experience.  This quick guide will walkthrough all the boss fights and show you some mechanics to help you finish and get that coveted skill point. (more…)
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ESO Character Creation Guide

Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Character Creation Guide. ESO does a great job letting your character progress with total freedom.  However, as you advance in the story and in levels, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for when your reach end-game (or max level) content.  The purpose of this guide is to make sure that you enjoy the content while leveling, yet have an optimal experi...
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