All Baldur’s Gate 3 Musical Instruments You Can Play

The Bard’s true magic comes from music and its most powerful weapon, here are All Baldur’s Gate 3 Musical Instruments You Can Play.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Bard Class and Instruments You Can Play
Bard Class

In Baldur’s Gate, 3 Musical Instruments are primarily Bard’s secret weapon, you can’t use them directly to damage the opponents, but the tool works perfectly as destruction. In the guide, we look at all types of instruments and how they can be helpful in the BG3.

How to Play Instruments?

To play music, you need at least one point in Musical Instrument Proficiency, a feature that the Bard class receives at level one. Also, you must obtain and equip at least one of the five musical instruments available in the game. When picking the Bard class in the character creation menu, you’ll also get a chance to choose one of the instruments, and as a result, you’ll get one for free.

Baldur's Gate 3 Performer Feat
Performer Feat

If you’re not playing as a Bard, you can purchase musical instruments from vendors or discover them while exploring the game’s world in various containers.

You can increase your chance of passing any skill checks related to musical instruments and performing if, in the character creation, you’ll choose the performance skill. This will make you proficient in performance talent and help you successfully charm your audience tell engaging stories and play musical instruments. It is not required but recommended especially if you play as a Bard. The background that can provide you with performance proficiency is Entertainer, but you can also pick it for certain classes in the character creation menu skill tab.

Charming and entertaining the crowds can be as fun as combat, mainly when you perform an epic musical piece. Meanwhile, your party is taking advantage of the distracted audience. It’s the perfect opportunity to sneak around, steal or open locked chests without being noticed.

How to get Musical Instrument Proficiency

Normally, Musical Instrument Proficiency is only available if you choose a Bard class or a performance proficiency feat at specific levels. Thankfully, the developers thought about the players who don’t want to commit to any of those yet still want to roleplay as a character trained in playing musical instruments. If you want to play a different class than Bard but still be able to play musical instruments at level 4, you can choose the Performer Feat. It’s a special ability that will give you Musical Instrument Proficiency.

  • Performer Gain Musical Instrument Proficiency and increase your Charisma by 1, to a maximum of 20.
Baldur’s Gate 3 Alfira

The second method to get that ability is to can complete the simple quest to also get permanent musical proficiency and be able to play musical instruments regardless of your class or the feats you take.

  • Effect: You know how to play a variety of musical instruments and are able to entertain a crowd with them.

To gain Musical Instrument Proficiency in BG3, you must assist Alfira with her song in Druid Grove. Locate her on the hill near the central Druid’s circle, gazing over the beach and sea below. You’ll need to succeed in two Charisma checks, so consider saving the game and reloading if necessary. Once accomplished, obtain at least one of the available musical instruments, and you’re prepared to captivate the crowds with your enchanting melodies!

All Baldur’s Gate 3 Musical Instruments

The following list presents all the musical instruments You Can Play in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Flute
    • “It is said Diores the Charming once lured a nest of harpies to their deaths, using only a flute.”
  • Hand Drum
    • “Whether sounding war, celebration, or simple rhythm, the drum is a mainstay of any entertainer’s arsenal.”
  • Lute
    • “Many a bard’s first instrument, the lute, is heard in taverns across Faerun.”
  • Lyre
    • “Devotees of the goddess Sune hold that the lyre’s seven strings represent the seven different forms of love.”
  • Violin
    • “Strings of silk bound in copper lend the violin a distinctive range; mellow, soft notes to harsh, discordant edges.”

What is the best Musical Instrument in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Musical Instruments are only a fun feature you can use and play with as a Bard and enhance your roleplaying experience. There are no advantages to any of the instruments over the others, so choose whatever you like.

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