Destiny 2 Exalted Truth God Roll and How to Get

This Destiny 2 guide explains the best roll for the Trials of Osiris Hand Cannon for both PvE and PvP content!

Exalted Truth Hand Cannon (Adept)
Exalted Truth (Adept) Adaptive Frame Void Hand Cannon

The Exalted Truth is an Adaptive Frame Void Hand Cannon introduced in Season of the Seraph that can be obtained from the Trials of Osiris. This hand cannon is a powerful option in PvE or PvP. A normal version can be obtained easily enough with some persistent grinding, but an adept version of the weapon can also be earned by completing a Flawless Passage and visiting the Lighthouse.

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Why You Should Get the Exalted Truth Hand Cannon?

You should get the Exalted Truth because it is a really powerful hand cannon in PvP. Its also a great choice for a Void Hand Cannon in PvE. It has several great perk options and boast some of the best stats of its archetype. Here’s our list of why you should get Exalted Truth Hand Cannon:

  • Great Void Hand Cannon
  • Excellent in PvP
  • Varied selection of Perks
  • Adept version can use Adept mods

How to Obtain the Exalted Truth in Destiny 2

Exalted Truth can be obtained from any Trials of Osiris Reward source, which includes the Weekly challenges for winning 7 matches and winning rounds. It can also randomly drop from Trials engrams. Exalted Truth (Adept) can only be earned by completing a flawless Trials of Osiris Passage by winning 7 matches without losing. Once the weapon has been earned you can focus it at Saint-14 for Trials Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. The Adept version can only be focused on the Weeks it is the weekly Flawless reward and only with a 7 win Passage.

Destiny 2 Saint 14 Location
Destiny 2 Saint 14 Location

This weapon will be leaving the Trials weekly rotation after the weekend of August 4, 2023, and its Adept version will no longer be obtainable. Its standard version will remain available in the Trials loot pool until the end of Season of the Deep. At that point, the only way to obtain the standard version Unwavering Duty will be through the Legacy Focusing tab at Saint-14. It is unknown if it will ever return to the weekly rotation, but other weapons have returned in the past.

Exalted Truth PvE God Roll

BarrelHammer-Forged Rifling
MagazineAlloy Magazine
Column 3 TraitOutlaw
Column 4 TraitRampage / Repulsor Brace

Hand Cannons are a niche choice for PvE in Season of the Deep. They do decent damage but have smaller magazine sizes, making them less effective as a primary weapon than submachine guns or auto rifles. That being said, they do have their uses and are often selected by Bungie to be Anti-Champion weapons during various Seasons.

Barrel options on cannons in PvE are not as important as the other columns. Anything that improves stability or range is a great option. Because Hand Cannons tend to have smaller magazine sizes, reloading is inevitable in most engagements. Alloy Magazine helps us in those situations when a quick reload is absolutely necessary. Any masterwork will do, with Range being the best in slot option.

For our primary perk columns, we actually have a few options. Outlaw and Killing Wind are great options for Column 3. In Column 4 though is where the choices really come into play. Rampage, Multi-Kill Clip, and Frenzy are great damage boosting options. If you are doing a Void Build, Repulsor Brace is a nice option as well.

Other great Hand Cannons to substitute for this weapon in PvE include:

Exalted Truth PvP God Roll

BarrelHammer-Forged Rifling
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Column 3 TraitKilling Wind / Rangefinder
Column 4 TraitEye of the Storm

Hand Cannons really shine in PvP as they are the ultimate dueling weapons. With decent range and accuracy, while still packing a punch, these weapons are PvP mains favorites. While META’s tend to shift and change often in Destiny’s PvP sandbox, Hand Cannons of all Frames always find a way to compete.

For our barrel and magazine options we want to maximize our range. Hammer-Forged Rifling and Smallbore do this with no negatives, and Accurized Rounds for our magazine is always the best choice.

Exalted Truths can roll with absolutely amazing of Rangefinder and Eye of the Storm. These two perks together just make this hand cannon the perfect dueling weapon. That being said Rangefinder is going to get a significant nerf in Season 22, so Killing Wind becomes the best choice then. Multi-Kill Clip can also allow for two shot kills, but is difficult to proc and more difficult to keep up.

Other great Hand Cannons to substitute for this weapon in PvP include:

  • Austringer, from Season of the Haunted
  • Eyasluna, from the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon
  • Fatebringer, from the Vault of Glass Raid

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