New Secrets of the Telvanni ESO Events Schedule Q3 2023

New Secrets of the Telvanni event is coming to ESO, and we also received the Quarter three (Q3) 2023 Events Schedule for July to September!

New Secrets of the Telvanni ESO Events Schedule Q3 2023
ESO Events Schedule Q3 2023 – picture by Bethesda

New Secrets of the Telvanni ESO Events Schedule Q3 2023

During each event, many players come back to ESO to explore new activities and earn fantastic new rewards or cosmetics for their characters. The in-game events are a great way to enjoy the game and something new regardless of how many hours you already spend in the game. In a recent tweet, the ZOS team announced two events coming to eso in quarter 3 of 2023. That includes a community event that celebrates the latest Necrom chapter and is related to the famous house Telvanni.

Undaunted Celebration

In early September players will be able to participate in Undaunted Celebration. It is an annual celebration dedicated to the Undaunted, a guild of elite dungeon explorers and fighters. Throughout this event, players can secure event tickets by conquering group dungeons. The tickets can then be traded for exclusive rewards from the Impresario, who can be found in specific locations in Tamriel.

The festivities of the Undaunted Celebration typically span two weeks, presenting an excellent chance to acquire unique rewards and relish thrilling adventures in Tamriel’s group dungeons. For those seeking an extra challenge, attempting the Undaunted Pledges on Veteran difficulty adds an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Secrets of the Telvanni

Secrets of the Telvanni community event will begin in late September, representing a new celebration still shrouded in mystery. It will be associated and related to the Necrom Chapter this year’s biggest ESO Expansion. ZeniMax Online Studios organizes community events in ESO for the players, which usually include fantastic in-game incentives. These events typically unite players in pursuit of a common goal. If the community successfully achieves all specified objectives, every participant who contributed will receive rewards. There is gossip around that this year’s Secrets of the Telvanni event will reward players with a new Telvanni house!

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