All Hogwarts Legacy Houses Ranked

Join us on a tour of all the Hogwarts Legacy Houses Ranked, showing you their common rooms, unique quests, and more!

All Houses Ranked - Hogwarts Legacy 2023

This Hogwarts Legacy Guide was updated for the June 2024 Summer update.

In the world of Hogwarts Legacy players can create their Wizard or Witch and explore the magical time in the Harry Potter universe.   With the recent release of the game on the Nintendo Switch, we thought of revisiting an age-old Harry Potter question.  Which House should you choose and why?  In this guide, we explain the differences between the houses, and which are the best and why. 

What is the Best House in Hogwarts Legacy

The overall best house in Hogwarts Legacy is Hufflepuff. Their house has the coziest common room, the most unique side quest, and the most interesting companion. While all the houses represent their unique personality, traits, colors, and more, Hufflepuff gives you that overall Harry Potter nostalgic feel with unique characters. Continue reading below as we show, and explain the details of all Hogwarts legacy Houses Ranked.

During the initial phase of the game, you are required to complete the sorting Ceremony. This Ceremony sorts you into a specific house. However, you can manually change this if you don’t like the option. 

Here are the four houses in Hogwarts Legacy:

GryffindorLionScarlet & GoldCourage
HufflepuffBadgerYellow & BlackPatience
RavenclawEagleBlue & BronzeIntelligence
SlytherinSnakeGreen & SilverAmbition
Hogwarts Legacy House List

4 Ravenclaw

Known for wisdom, wit, and creativity, the Ravenclaw house stands out for its dedication to learning. Ravenclaws are renowned for their endless curiosity, their sharp intellect, and their unwavering quest for knowledge. Adorning Blue and Bronze colors and the badge of the Eagle, Ravenclaws embody intelligence.

  • Pros: Beautiful sprawling commons room
  • Cons: Uninteresting companion student, lack of historical figures.

Climbing the spire stairs on the 5th floor, you reach the eagle-knocker door of Ravenclaw common room. Ravenclaw common room is a special place for learning and creativity. The walls are covered with bookshelves full of old books and rare papers.  There are comfy chairs and soft couches where you can read, study, and talk about interesting things. The common room is a safe place for Ravenclaws to learn new things, be creative, and have interesting conversations.

Notable Ravenclaw Figures:

  • Rowena Ravenclaw: Founder of Ravenclaw House.
  • Luna Lovegood: Eccentric and oftentimes loveable Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series.
  • Garrick Ollivander: Renewed wander maker at Ollivanders Shop.
  • Amit Thakkar: Amit is the Ravenclaw companion student.

Ravenclaw House Unique Quest

Ollivander’s Heirloom - Hogwarts Legacy
Ollivander’s Heirloom Quest

The Ollivander’s Heirloom is Ravenclaw’s unique House quest. This quest aids Mr. Ollivander, the wand maker from Hogsmeade.  Using your Ravenclaw resourcefulness, you will need to track down a disappeared wand.  This will involve some puzzle-solving, which is a perfect fit for any Ravenclaw student.  Once completed, you will connect with the main story quest for Richard Jackdaw.

Overall, Ravenclaw is the worst House in Hogwarts Legacy. The main companion, Amit, seems to be the most uninteresting of all of them. Your commons room is amazing, with a massive ceiling and seemingly endless piles of books. Moreover, Ravenclaw’s unique sidequest is interesting considering you get to learn more about Ollivander. What holds the house back from ranking higher on the list is, that nothing screams “you should play Ravenclaw.” They have the least notable figures in Harry Potter lore, and that’s the main thing that holds Ravenclaw back.

3 Gryffindor

Ranked 3rd on our best Houses in Hogwarts Legacy, Gryffindor stands as a beacon of bravery, courage, and chivalry. Dawning the colors of Scarlet and Gold, and the badge of the Lion, this house represents heroism. While most would assume Gryffindor would be the best of all the Houses, we rank it 3rd on the list due to its plain and inspiring companion and side quest.

  • Pros: The most notable figures in Harry Potter
  • Cons: Weak companion and quest

Perched on the 7th floor of Hogwarts’, the Gryffindor common room radiates warmth and friendship. The walls are adorned with tapestries chronicling the house’s noble lineage, while an abundance of plush armchairs and couches invites relaxation and fellowship. A fireplace anchors one wall, offering a comforting hearth against the chill of the winter.

Notable Gryffindor Figures:

  • Godric Gryffindor: founded Gryffindor house.
  • Albus Dumbledore: headmaster of Hogwarts during the Harry Potter saga.
  • Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived, the epitome of a courageous Gryffindor.
  • Natsai Onai: Natty is the Gryffindor companion student.

Gryffindor House Unique Quest

Hunt For The Missing Pages - Hogwarts Legacy
Missing Pages Quest

The Hunt For The Missing Pages is Gryffindor’s unique House quest.  This quest has you interact with a favorite from the Harry Potter series, Nearly Headless Nick.  As you progress through the quest, you encounter Richard Jackdaw.  You then complete a minigame involving destroying pumpkins to find the missing head.

To summarize, Gryffindor in Hogwarts Legacy is boring. Gryffindor has the weakest of all the side quests and arguably the most unassuming companion Natty. The commons area is what you’d expect, without anything that you can point to as the signature piece. With inspired design, quest, and companion we ranked it 3rd. What makes up for the ho-hum parts of Gryffindor is the mysticism and history of this house. With legends like Harry Potter and Dumbledore, it’s no wonder Gryffindor remains a popular house. However, if you want a better experience we’d recommend one of the two other houses on this list.

2 Slytherin

For those seeking limitless ambition and power, the Slytherin house is a perfect choice.  Slytherins are known for their sharp intellect, and their ability to achieve their goals. Wearing the badge of the snake with the colors of green and silver, Slytherin’s are all about ambition. We rank Slytherin as the second-best House in Hogwarts Legacy due to its interesting companion story, history, and quest for power.

  • Pros: conflicted companion, grand commons room
  • Cons: Devious reputation, appearance isn’t cozy

Down in Hogwarts dungeons, the Slytherin common room feels grand and fancy. The walls are covered in dark green tapestries that show the house’s long history, and the room is full of comfy armchairs and couches that are perfect for relaxing and making plans. The sprawling ceilings, historical statues, and paintings radiate the area with the feeling of power. The common room is a special place for Slytherins to meet, share their goals, and plan their next move.

Notable Slytherin Figures:

  • Salazar Slytherin: founder of House Slytherin.
  • Severus Snape: Maligned and misunderstood Professor Snape who helped defeat Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.
  • Draco Malfoy: One of the main antagonists of Harry Potter in the series.
  • Sebastian Sallow: Sebastian is the Slytherin companion student.

Slytherin House Unique Quest

Scrope’s Last Hope - Hogwarts Legacy
Scrope’s Last Hope Quest

Scrope’s Last Hope is Slytherin’s unique House quest.  This quest has you look for missing pages and clues after being promoted by a house-elf.  You find Scrope’s notes, and as expected, this leads to a mystery and a secret map.  After some investigation, you locate Jackdaw’s in the Forbidden Forest and continue on the main quest.

To put it simply, the Slytherin House in Hogwarts Legacy is interesting. Your companion student, Sebastian Sallow, has a deeply personal conflict brewing inside of him. You can see the path to the Dark Arts unfold in him, and even understand his rationale for making his choices. The downside of this is, that you don’t need to be in-house Slytherin to take part in Sebastian Sallow’s quest.

Lastly, what holds Slytherin back is that it lacks the widescale appear of the other Houses. Something about sitting around a warm fireplace, in a well-lit room with people laughing that brings out the best in us. That’s the reason Slytherin remains second on our best Hosues list.

1 Hufflepuff

If you were looking for a house that represented hard work, loyalty, and dedication, Hufflepuff would be it.  Dawned in the colors of yellow and black with the badger symbol, Hufflepuff embodies patience and perseverance. We ranked Hufflepuff as the best house in Hogwarts Legacy due to the comfy common room, remarkable house quest, and interesting companion Poppy.

  • Pros: Best side quest, most warm commons room, interesting companion
  • Cons: Weaker history in comparison to Slytherin and Gryffindor Houses

The Hufflepuff common room is near the Hogwarts kitchens and feels warm, cozy, and friendly. The walls are painted in warm, earthy colors and filled with comfy furniture, making it feel like a safe and welcoming place to belong. There are soft couches and chairs to relax on, and a big fireplace to keep everyone warm in the cold Scottish winters. The common room is always busy with Hufflepuffs chatting, playing games, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Notable Hufflepuff Figures:

  • Helga Hufflepuff: Founder of Hufflepuff House.
  • Cedric Diggory: tragically killed by Voldemort and winner of the Triwizard Tournament, from the Harry Potter saga.
  • Nymphadora Tonks: a talented metamorphmagus with abilities to transform from the Harry Potter Series.
  • Poppy Sweeting: Poppy is the Ravenclaw companion student.

Hufflepuff House Unique Quest

Prisoner of Love -Hogwarts Legacy
Prisoner of Love quest

The Prisoner of Love quest is Hufflepuff’s unique House quest. Unlike another quest, this one has you visit a prisoner of Azkaban. After a frightening encounter with Anne, you leave Azkaban to investigate the remains of Jackdaws.  Following clues, you eventually meet Jackdaw’s ghost.

If you haven’t experienced the Hufflepuff side quest, it makes joining the House worth it. This unique quest has you travel to the prison of Azkaban. This place and the movie/book have a special place in our hearts as one of the best in the Harry Potter series. While the quest is short, you get an inside, never-before-scene glimpse at the area.

Moreover, Poppy’s character is a breath of fresh air with her love for animals. Similar to Sebastion, you do not need to be in the house to experience all of these quest interactions, but the proximity for animal lovers aids in the choice to pick Hufflepuff. Lastly, the commons room feels the most friendly, alive, and safe. Watching the fire crackle, laughing, and comradery in the air, gives you a deep sense of connection with fellow students. Albeit a video game, we think everyone yearns for this feeling. If you pick Hufflepuff, you won’t be disappointed as it’s the best house in Hogwarts Legacy.

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