All Hogwarts Legacy Beast Mounts Ranked

In Hogwarts Legacy, Beast Mounts have more or less utility, so we’ve ranked them to provide insight into their strengths and characteristics.

Hogwarts Legacy Thestral Beast Mount

All ranked below beast are magical creatures that can serve as mounts in the enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy. You can unlock four remarkable creatures in this mystical realm based on the Harry Potter book series. Exploration will become much easier when you gain access to mounts, each with a unique appearance and utility. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover them, form bonds, and learn their potential. What Hogwarts Legacy mount is best for you?

Thestral, with its skeletal wings and the ability to be seen only by those who’ve witnessed death, is an ethereal choice. The Onyx Hippogriff, distinguished by its jet-black plumage, is a majestic companion for those seeking beauty and power. Graphorn, known for its colossal size and spell-resistant hide, offers a powerful option for land transportation. Lastly, the iconic Hippogriff, with its combination of eagle and horse features, demands respect and loyalty in equal measure.

4 Onyx Hippogriff – Caligo

Hogwarts Legacy Exploration of Highlands with Mini map
Onyx Hippogriff

Caligo, Onyx Hippogriff features:

  • Name: Caligo
  • Species: Hippogriff
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Feathers: Onyx Black
  • Unlocked: The High Keep Main Quest
  • Requires: Pre-purchased the Hogwarts Legacy

The Onyx Hippogriff is a variant of the traditional Hippogriff, distinguished by its jet-black plumage. Like regular Hippogriffs, they have the front half of an eagle and the hindquarters of a horse. Onyx Hippogriffs are highly valued magical creatures known for their majestic and powerful presence. Skilled wizards and witches can engage in the delicate process of taming and forming bonds with these creatures, often using them as loyal companions.

This particular beast mount is exclusively available to players who pre-purchased Hogwarts Legacy. You can unlock it alongside Highwing by completing the High Keep Main Quest during the Autumn Season. After that mission, you can pick your new mount in your Inventory.

Also, Caligo is a black reskin with blue eyes of the base game Highwing Hippogriff. We put it in the last spot of our ranking due to those two factors. However, the Onyx Hippogriff, characterized by its majestic and beautiful appearance, is worth considering as your mount if you own it.

3 Thestral – Sepulchria

Hogwarts Legacy How to unlock and fly Thestral Mount

Sepulchria, Thestral features:

Thestrals are magical creatures known for their eerie appearance. They are dark-colored, often black or charcoal, skeletal-winged horses with reptilian features. The unique aspect of Thestrals is that only those who have witnessed and fully understood death can see them. They are gentle creatures despite their frightening appearance. Wizards and witches often use this beast to pull carriages.

Sepulchria is one of the most unique creatures of the wizarding world, and flying on a Thestral can make a fantastic backstory for your Hogwarts Legacy student. Sadly, you must own the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe edition or Dark Arts Pack DLC to get this mount. Similarly to the Onyx Hippogriff, Sepulchria becomes available as soon as you complete the High Keep Main Quest with Natsai.

In our ranking, Thestral would be higher if it were available in the game without requiring additional purchases. As a result, it earned third place of all best mounts in Hogwarts Legacy.

2 Graphorn – The Lord of the Shore

Hogwarts Legacy How to unlock Graphorn Mount

The Lord of the Shore, Graphorn features:

  • Name: The Lord of the Shore
  • Species: Graphorn
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Skin Color: Brown
  • Unlocked: San Bakar’s Trial Main Quest
  • Requires: Hogwarts Legacy Base Game

The Graphorn, native to the mountains of Europe, have immense size, a hump-backed appearance, and a tough hide that repels most spells. This powerful and dangerous creature possesses a single large horn on its snout. Despite their fearsome reputation, wizards seek Graphorns for their valuable hides, used in crafting magical artifacts. They have tentacles surrounding their mouth used to tend to their young and capture food. They are aggressive, and on rare occasions, they can become friends or even a mount of wizards and witches who are brave enough to try to tame them.

Graphorn is the only land mount in the game. While The Lord of the Shore doesn’t possess the advantage of flying mounts, it brings a special charge attack. Graphorns can run at extremely high speeds, damaging everything in their way. For that, it’s considered a combat mount. You can pull this beast into the Nab-Sack.

However, you must wait and progress in the main quest to the game’s late stages before you can unlock this beast. As a result, Graphorn’s most significant disadvantage is that it’s not obtainable earlier. Players tame and mount The Lord of the Shore for the first time during the San Bakar’s Trial Main Quest. Also, the help of this majestic beast is required to complete the last trial.

As a mount, this creature has its main utility in combat, but exploration on the back of a flying mount or even a broom is much easier. For those reasons, we ranked Graphorn as the second-best beast mount in Hogwarts Legacy.

1 Hippogriff – Highwing

Hogwarts Legacy - Beasts Class brush Highwing
White Hippogriff

Highwing, Hippogriff features:

  • Name: Highwing
  • Species: Hippogriff
  • Gender: Female
  • Eye Color: Orange
  • Feathers: White
  • Unlocked: The High Keep Main Quest
  • Requires: Hogwarts Legacy Base Game

The Hippogriff is a legendary creature with the front legs, wings, and head of an eagle and the body and hind legs of a horse. Known for their pride and sensitivity, Hippogriffs demand respect from those they encounter. To approach a Hippogriff safely, one must bow as a sign of deference. If treated with proper respect, Hippogriffs can be loyal and powerful allies, often used by wizards for aerial travel.

Flying beast mounts are a fantastic choice, and you can explore rich woods, swamps, mountains, and plains around the castle on their back quickly. It’s the perfect scouting creature. You can easily spot interest points from the skies and discover new areas. Additionally, Highwing is a big part of the Hogwarts Legacy main story, and two of the companions, Poppy and Natsai. During The High Keep Main Quest, Natsai will help you save Highwing and Cligo, and from that point, you can explore on the back of your new Hippogriff.

Highwing is available to all players, and no extra DLC is required. It’s also the first mount you will unlock, and she plays such an essential role in the narrative that Highwing can be considered one of the main characters in the game. This beast is also why you and Poppy are bound and develop a strong friendship initially. Therefore, the majestic White Hippogriff, Highwing, is the best mount beast in the ranking and Hogwarts Legacy.

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