All Scribing Class Masteries In the Elder Scrolls Online

Take a look at all scribing class masteries in the Elder Scrolls Online. Every unique class buff is powerful, but should you choose them?

All Scribing Class Masteries in the Elder Scrolls Online

Scribing comes with the Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Expansion, and every class has a unique class mastery buff. Each skill, “Grimoire,” allows you to choose three different kinds of scripts to attach to your base Grimoire. Every class can choose a unique class mastery signature script among many other choices. These are all of the scribing class masteries in the Elder Scrolls Online.

1. Arcanist Scribing Class Masteries


The Arcanist class mastery signature script might appear weaker than the others on the surface, but this could be a solid situational choice.

Cruxweaver Armor is powerful in content where you can proc it consistently. Fights like the Rift Guardian in Dreadsail Reef deal a lot of consistent damage to every member of the group. This means you’re consistently gaining that extra crux. Because the Arcanist’s damage relies heavily on crux generation, fights that allow you to run Cruxweaver Armor always show a noticeable Arcanist dps increase.

There are many fights that don’t have any reliable way to proc Cruxweaver Armor, which is where the Arcanist scribing class mastery really shines. Typically, you must cast Cephaliarch’s Flail to gain a crux, and you always want to cast Fatecarver with three crux. If you can attach crux gain to a back bar DoT, this saves a global cooldown. It’s still worse than Cruxweaver Armor since you can’t eliminate a Flail cast every Fatecarver cycle, only when you need to recast the skill with this class mastery.

Time will tell if this actually sees play, however, since you need to attach it to a strong damage over time skill for this to be worth it. It has to do more damage than a single cast of Flail to be worth it.

2. Sorcerer Class Masteries in ESO

Class Mastery Sorcerer ESO

The Sorcerer’s primary hurdle in content is its low area damage.

One of the main problems with this class mastery is the damage scaling. It does hit quite hard in dense packs of enemies, but the damage isn’t quite high enough to make the no-pet sorcerer fully viable for damage on the boss. It’s strong, but pets should hit harder. For a sorcerer trash setup, however, this skill is a no-brainer. You usually won’t run pets for trash anyway, and Storm-Cursed Revenge (SCR) is a very strong trash setup. As an additional source of lightning damage to proc SCR, you’ll always want to run this on your trash setup. Additionally, you’ll lose this proc if you cast your Storm Atronach ultimate, making it just a little worse in content.

The healing duration and cooldown to once per second are the limitations on the healing side. While this does cause a lot more passive healing, it’s a single target heal once per second that only lasts for five seconds. A healer doesn’t usually run a pet on every fight, but when they do, it doesn’t seem like that impactful of a heal when there are some other better options.

3. Dragonknight Class Masteries

Class Mastery Dragonknight ESO

The Dragonknight class mastery is incredibly strong when you can meet the conditions in the Elder Scrolls Online. The problem is meeting those conditions.

Eight meters is pretty tight. Even in tight PvE encounters, you’ll have trouble taking full advantage of this buff, but you don’t necessarily have to. Even four stacks for 200 weapon and spell damage is strong. The other problem is it only lasts for five seconds, meaning you have to treat this as a semi-spammable skill. The DK has some of the strongest spammables in the game, notably molten whip.

This class mastery could still be seen in some plays in the Elder Scrolls Online during fights that are very dense and not single targets. Swapping Molten whip out for this class mastery on Traveling Knife would be strong for AOE encounters like Reef Guardian, where you cast Traveling Knife once every five seconds and spam talons/deep breath with the massive weapon and spell damage boost.

However, the Dragonknight class mastery could be powerful in PvP. Combining this Class Mastery with the grimoire Contingency, you can set up a really strong AOE burst that instantly procs this class mastery. For any DK bombers out there, this would be a really fun combination to pull off.

4. Templar Scribing Masteries ESO

Class Mastery Templar

The Templar scribing class mastery in the Elder Scrolls Online is almost entirely PvP-focused.

PvE content has a resistance cap of 33,000, meaning no resistances provide any additional benefit beyond 33,000. The Templar scribing class mastery in the Elder Scrolls Online pushes you way beyond that.

This amount is huge for PvP, though. Though there are diminishing returns, this massive armor boost will make you feel like a tank when you activate it. Timing this with bursts of damage while being able to output a lot of damage on your own will make some strong and forgiving PvP builds.

There could still be some play in PvE, however. It’s possible that mechanics that previously needed to be tanked could be outsourced to a Templar dd. Many bosses, like the twins in Dreadsail Reef or even the minis on Oax, don’t actually hit all that hard. This skill could allow a Templar to get a lot tankier for a duration to eat up some of that damage, while dealing a lot themselves.

5. Warden Elder Scrolls Online Class Masteries

Class Mastery Warden

The Warden scribing class mastery in the Elder Scrolls Online feels more like a PvP tool.

AOE crowd control is just weak in PvE. Sure, this skill has a sustaining element, but it’s incredibly underwhelming on an 8-second cooldown. There are better options.

For PvP, we like that this is cast on your target. You can use this as a kiting tool, perhaps paired with the Grimoire Vault. The main hurdle might be the duration, it seems too short to be great. You want to hit that charm, but it will depend on how consistently that charm will land on your target to determine if this will see any play.

6. Nightblade Class Masteries

Class Mastery Nightblade ESO

The Nightblade scribing class mastery in the Elder Scrolls Online could be nuts during an execute.

The sustain is fine, but that juicy 10% crit is where this class mastery shines. The duration is the primary limitation, which we would love to see extended in the coming weeks. Needing to cast this skill every other cast during execute to maintain that 10% critical chance is just too weak to see play right now. There’s not really even that much burst potential with it since you only get one skill cast off before the buff disappears.

It’s possible to run it on a grimoire like Contingency to get two full-skill casts off, but it still isn’t solid.

7. Necromancer Scribing Class Masteries

Class Mastery Necromancer ESO

During fights with persistent adds, the Necromancer scribing class mastery can boost your resource pool.

The two use cases that probably make the most sense to run are on the Necromancer off-tank or an EC Cro-wearing Spaulder of Ruin, giving you extra sustain. The Necro OT benefits from the resource gain, especially in sustain-heavy fights. This could be worth running in a fight like Bahsei if the archers are being chained in or in a fight like Ansuul.

While you need a lot of corpses to reap the benefits of this script, 12 meters is a healthy range to make this potentially worth running.

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