ESO How to farm Alliance Points (AP)

The ESO How to farm Alliance Points (AP) is a short guide for beginner players who want to learn more about AP.

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What are Alliance Points (AP)?

ESO PvP has its levelling system linked to the PVP currency called Alliance Points (AP). Let me explain. By doing PVP activities, completing quests in PVP zones, and killing players you earn Alliance Points (AP). Alliance points help you advance your PvP rank and most importantly two alliance skill lines (how to unlock alliance skill lines HERE). As you can see in the gif below my character is level 12 alliance rank – “Covenant Corporal Grade 2”.

ESO alliance menu
ESO alliance menu

Alliance Points (AP) are a form of “PvP experience” but also the in-game currency. We use AP to buy gear, collectibles and supplies. Just like gold, AP can be stored in the bank, and available to withdraw for all of your characters and use! All of your characters can collect AP to buy items like gear, siege equipment, crafting materials and even special motifs. However, each character has its own Alliance war level, and you need to earn AP separately on each one of them to advance their PvP rank and alliance skill lines.

How to boost Alliance Points (AP) gain and quickly level Alliance War skill trees?

To boost your Alliance Points (AP) gain use a special consumable called the Colovian War Torte. The ESO Colovian War Torte increases the AP and Alliance War Skill Line experience gain by 50% from all sources for 30 minutes. The timer pauses when you are offline, and continues when you return. This bonus is compatible with other foods or drinks.

ESO Colovian War Torte
ESO Recipe: Colovian War Torte

The Recipe for Colovian War Torte can be found only in the Cyrodiil zone. The small book with a green glow around replaces the classic materials node and is very rare. Once you pick it up it becomes an item the “Recipe: Colovian War Torte”. You can also buy the Colovian War Torte recipe and/or the Colovian War Torte food from other players in guild traders.

Moreover, if you are planning on farming AP in Cyrodiil you can also locate and enter any of the delves in Cyrodiil and kill the boss there for a lasting one-hour, 20% boost to your CP gain. Both buffs from killing the boss and eating Colovian War Torte stack so you can have a 70% experience bonus to alliance points AP in total.

The map below represents all Cyrodiil Delve locations with the white torch icon. You can go to the delves closest to your alliance’s main gate for your AP boost to avoid enemy players.


What is the best place to farm AP?

The best place to farm Alliance Points (AP) in ESO are Battlegrounds. It’s probably the easiest way to farm Alliance Points AP, especially if you plan on doing it solo. But with a group of players and full boosts from Colovian War Torte and Cyrodiil Delve Boss mentioned before (70% AP gain) Cyrodiil might be the fastest.

It truly depends on your PvP skill. You can kill players solo or in a group and capture resources in a populated campaign, which will be the fastest way. Or as a group go to an empty campaign where your alliance has very few keeps and capture them. The Keeps’ Resources also can give a considerable amount of AP in a short time for a smaller group. Until you’ll dominate the map, you’ll be rich with AP.

What AP is used for?

AP is a currency that can be spent only in Imperial City and Cyrodiil vendors. You can buy with it various resources, motifs, and gear sets. One of the most profitable strategies that PvP players use to earn extra gold with AP is buying from Siege Merchants Alliance Spell Draught and Alliance Battle Draught and then selling them in the guild store to other players. They also buy elite gear set boxes from Elite gear vendors to then sell the currently most used sets for gold. However, elite gearboxes contain one random item set, so it’s not guaranteed what item set you’ll receive from the box. Some of the most important AP vendors are shown in the pictures below all of which you can find in the alliance’s main gates.

ESO Siege merchant

Siege Merchant

Siege merchants sell food, potions, and siege equipment. Before you join the fight in Cyrodiil buy some supplies. I can recommend meatbag catapults, regular ballista, stone trebuchet, forward camp, and keep recall stone. Also, some repair kits for walls and doors.

ESO War resercher
War Researcher

War researcher sells all kind of things. Collectibles, motifs, traits, style materials and much more. Check his stock maybe you’ll find something for yourself!

ESO Elite gear Merchant
Elite gear vendor

Elite gear vendor sells various boxes with random gear piece. It is not guaranteed which set exactly you’ll get. To check what gear sets can be found in the box, hover over it, and check the description.

ESO Golden Vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro

You can find Golden Vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro in any Alliance base (main starting gates). She is available only during the weekends and each time she sells random items from a selection of gold jewellery gear sets and monster helmets. She changes her stock every week and shows at the same time as Luxury Furnisher (00:00 UTC and 07:00 pm EST). All items from her can be bought with gold or with Alliance Points, regardless if you have DLC that the item was realised in or not. So it’s a good idea to check her stock every week, and not miss out on any powerful item sets that your characters may need. We also have detailed information on our website when golden Vendor is online (click HERE).

ESO Golden Vendor

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