Ark Ascended Worst Creatures: You Should Never Tame

Ark Survival Ascended has many inefficient creatures to tame, so here is a list of the worst dinos you should never waste your resources getting.

Ark Ascended Worst Creatures You Should Never Tame

ARK Survival Ascended has many fantastic creatures, and we all have our favorite tames and strategies in the game. But some dinosaurs are objectively useless or don’t provide anything useful to the gameplay. After you once tamed them, you will probably never do it again. We created our list with three questions in mind:

  • Does the creature possess a unique ability that none else has?
  • Is it Easy to Tame?
  • Is it excellent at gathering or killing anything?

If all answers to this question are NO, the creature ended on our list of the worst creatures to tame in ARK Survival Ascended and what you should never waste your resources on.

5 Compy

ARK Survival Ascended Compy

Why You Should Never Tame Compy

  • Expensive to tame
  • High torpor drain rate
  • Zero utility

The Compy, a small carnivorous dinosaur that typically hunts in packs of 2-6, inflicts minimal damage even when attacking collectively and is easily defeated with a basic stone spear, the most fundamental weapon in ARK.

Despite their lack of threat, taming these creatures requires prime meat, raw mutton, or raw prime fish meat—resources that are challenging to obtain, particularly in the game’s early stages when Compies could be most beneficial. Due to their high torpor drain rate and the risk of accidental kills during taming attempts, they are objectively among the least desirable creatures to tame. Personally, I tamed one upon release but never found a reason to revisit this creature again.

4 Manta

ARK Survival Ascended Manta

Why You Should Never Tame Manta

  • Violent, complicated Taming Process
  • Stats comparable to Ichtiosurus
  • Challenging to obtain taming food

Despite Manta being a non-violent tame, eliminating the need for tranquilizer arrows, the taming process often becomes unexpectedly aggressive. Mantas become hostile if they feel threatened, and with the inherent difficulty and imprecision of swimming in the water, it’s nearly impossible not to provoke them accidentally. Taming requires Angler Gel, a challenging resource acquired only from killing Angler Fish (exclusive to the deep oceans of ARK) or Deathworms (Scorched Earth DLC). This makes the taming process a nightmare. Moreover, the Manta’s utility is questionable. While it can execute impressive jumps above the water, its stats are considered average and comparable to the Ichthyosaurus. The Ichthyosaurus, requiring only simple meat to tame, will swim and play with you without attacking.

3 Gallimimus

ARK Survival Ascended Gallimimus

Why You Should Never Tame Gallimimus

  • Runs away fast, hard to tame
  • Mount with terrible damage
  • Has a big turning angle and is hard to control.

Gallimimus may initially seem like a worthwhile tame, but you quickly realize that the effort to tame it wasn’t worth the reward. With low health, it’s easy to kill during the taming process accidentally. Being a herbivore, if chosen as your next mount, your only line of defense is to run, as it deals minimal damage and has low health. While it runs extremely fast, this can be a disadvantage during taming. Unless you manage to trap them, Gallimimus will escape, and you may never encounter them again. Despite its speed, its turning angle is comparable to larger creatures like the Gigantosaurus and Rex, making navigation extremely challenging.

2 Onyc

ARK Survival Ascended Onyc

Why You Should Never Tame Onyc:

  • Weak Stats
  • Aggressive nature and natural environment
  • Complex Taming Process

Onyc is another creature that’s expensive to tame. Requiring the best prime meat or Mutton, you must be at level 65 and apply Bug Repellent for a non-violent taming process. Found only in caves filled with dangerous, poisonous creatures, including spiders and snakes, Onyc is naturally aggressive and will attack if it feels threatened. This, combined with the elaborate taming steps and its lower base stats compared to Argentavis, makes Onyc less appealing. While it can damage a player’s armor, it needs to get close, unlike creatures like Anthropluera, which can do so from a distance with a single-shot attack. As a result, Onyc is one of the least tamed creatures in ARK.

1 Dimetrodon

ARK Survival Ascended Dimetrodon

Why You Should Never Tame Dimetrodon

  • Inconvenient Travel
  • Otter is simply better and has higher utility.
  • Nightmarish Taming

Dimetrodon’s utility may seem clear, but even for beginners, its impracticality becomes apparent. While it provides insulation similar to an air conditioner, the taming process is a nightmare due to its high torpor drop rate. You can only transport it with an Argentavis or large flayers, but this limits your ability to carry other creatures. Dimetrodon’s slowness and lack of travel suitability make it inconvenient. While the idea of keeping it in your base is appealing, it’s more efficient to level up and build air conditioners than to find and tame a high-level Dimetrodon. Also, it is naturally found in swamps – a dangerous area and requires a lot of narcotics to tame. Comparatively, the Otter provides similar insulation effects, is shoulder-mounted, helps gather pearls, and aids in combat.

Other Creatures With Low Utility

Here is a list of other the worst creatures to tame:

  1. Dimetrodon
  2. Onyc
  3. Gallimimus
  4. Manta
  5. Compy
  6. Araneo
  7. Diplocaulus
  8. Parasaur
  9. Pachy
  10. Araneo

Please Note: Every Creature in ARK is part of the game and adds to ARK’s versatility and prosperous environment. We all have our favorites regardless of their use. Always play to have fun, and please treat this as a guide to the worst creatures to tame in ARK Survival Ascended.

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