Ark Survival Ascended: Best Expansions Ranked

In Ark Ascended, players will soon be able to buy and play all old expansions known from the Ark Survival Evolved; let’s look at them ranked and which is considered the best.

ARK Survival Ascended Environment - New Creatures, new dinosaurs

Want to prepare for an epic journey through the ever-expanding world of ARK Survival Ascended with our guide to the best expansions? From the lush landscapes of ‘The Island’ to the challenging deserts of ‘Scorched Earth,’ each expansion brings unique maps, creatures, and survival challenges.

Dive into the depths of the underground ‘Aberration,’ face the city ruins in ‘Extinction,’ and explore the simulated biomes in ‘Genesis Part 1’ and ‘Part 2.’ Uncover the highlights, from notable creatures to distinctive features, and choose your next adventure in the captivating universe of ARK Survival Ascended. Let’s dive in and discover the wonders that await in these extraordinary expansions so you can decide which is best for you!

Best Expansions to Buy Ranked for Ark Survival Ascended

We feel that Aberration and Scorched Earth are the best expansions. Many players in the ARK Survival community see those two as unique and challenging maps that bring a fresh touch to the base game and The Island. Older expansions such as Genesis Part 2, Genesis Part 1, and Extinction focused more on group play, and their theme was well defined. Still, it didn’t provide the feel of the “prehistoric phase” – a game’s beginning known from the base game and first two expansions. Later, DLCs were more tech-focused and will be suited for players looking to buy expansions with a “post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi theme” and fantastic TEK engrams to play with.

5 Genesis Part 2

  • Map: A space station with ruins of the technologically advanced city, TEK, and a simulated moon.
  • Map Size: Big
  • Notable Creatures: Stryders and Noglin.
  • Unique Features: It continues the Genesis 1 storyline, featuring new mechanics, mutated creatures, and mutated biomes.

Genesis Part 2 expansion allows players to visit an advanced tek space station and a simulated moon. You can meet new tek and mutated creatures such as Stryders and Noglins. It continues the Genesis 1 storyline with new mechanics and biomes, which is where the name comes from. Despite its exciting story and new biomes and creatures, it’s probably the least-played expansion.

It has an apocalyptic, solid sci-fi feel and a noticeable night and day cycle specific to the setup, making for a fantastic, unique experience. The new mutated biome has a particular theme that some may call a little too much as it features the brain or other inerts looking like plants, and every element of it strongly resembles the “ugly” side of mutations and biological damage that can be caused by science.

4 Extinction

  • Map: A ruined cityscape with corrupted creatures.
  • Map Size: Big
  • Notable Creatures: Titans and corrupted versions of existing creatures.
  • Unique Features: The ARK’s last stand against extinction, with massive city ruins.

In Extinction, you can explore a cityscape in ruins, battling Titans and corrupted creatures. Engage in the ARK’s last stand against extinction amid massive city ruins. If you like to discover hidden treasures and explore the ruins of advanced civilizations, this will be the expansion for you. The map is big, with deserted, corrupted areas separated, city ruins, desert, and snowy biomes. Each has a new set of creatures that don’t appear in any other expansion. This DLC is best played with friends.

We ranked it as 4th in Ark Survival Ascended: Best Expansions Ranked for a few reasons. One of the main disappointments may be the desert ark, where, instead of being a challenging temperature, survival experience is probably one of the safest. No extreme heat or cold, and creatures inside are easy to tame and kill. The snowy area is cold with challenges ahead but extremely small, taking from otherwise fantastic gameplay. However, the big advantage of this DLC is the corrupted creatures, planes, and new TEK creatures that players can craft in city ruins that still hold the secrets of its advanced technology.

3 Genesis Part 1

  • Map: A simulated ARK with various biomes.
  • Map Size: Very Big
  • Notable Creatures: Magmasaur and Ferox.
  • Unique Features: Introduces a narrative-driven simulation with diverse mini-biomes.
All TEK Available Day 1 in ARK Survival Ascended - Tek Engrams List

Genesis Part 1 was a big step into simulated ARKs with a narrative-driven simulation and diverse mini-biomes. Each biome seems endless, with a decent-sized map to explore. That includes a unique ocean biome with only a few land towers sticking out of the endless water surrounding it. Secondly, the vulcanic biome with one of the best metal gatherers, Magmasaurs, efficiently gathers this essential resource and passively smelt it to metal Inglot in their inventory. Lastly, we have cute and terrifying Ferox, a little buddy that can approach you in one second and grip your heart with its adorable big eyes and fluffy fur. A second later, it transforms into the biggest and most terrifying pile of muscles that will tear you and your dinos into pieces.

In Genesis Part 1, players can experience many good aspects of the game while effortlessly having multiple bases and teleporting between them. It was one of the best additions to the game that still heavily leans into the tek and sci-fi theme. Genesis Part 1 is a good choice for players who like the mix of technology and primitive gameplay mechanics of Ark in multiple biomes and diverse creature selection.

2 Scorched Earth

  • Map: A harsh desert environment with sandstorms.
  • Map Size: Medium
  • Notable Creatures: Wyverns (fire, poison, and lighting-breathing dragons), Deathworms, and Jerboas.
  • Unique Features: Introduces extreme weather, electric storms, and new survival challenges.
Scorched Earth - Ark Survival Ascended Best Expansions to Buy!

On Scorched Earth, you will need to navigate a harsh desert with sandstorms and survive extreme weather challenges in this desert environment. Water is the rarest and most desirable resource. Wood is in deficit, and every possible carnivore tries to hunt you while desert vultures wait for the scraps to feast on. It is a challenging environment, especially for beginners. The only downside of the expansion may be that compared to other expansions, it is a small-sized map. It introduces many new creatures and resources, the most noticeable being Wyverns.

Stealing eggs and lack of ability to traditionally tame Wyverns was first introduced in Scorched Earth Expansion. Later, the Rock Drakes from Aberration and other creatures followed this mechanic. To tame those fire, poison, or lighting-breathing lizards, you must steal the egg directly from the wild creature nest and raise it as your own, but there is a catch: as soon as you pick up the egg, all adult Wyverns will attack you determine to kill the thief. This mechanic is probably one of the most fun in ARK and brought something fresh to the game-making. And there are Jerboas, too!

1 Aberration

  • Map: An underground ARK with bioluminescent landscapes.
  • Map Size: Very Big
  • Notable Creatures: Rock Drakes and Nameless creatures.
  • Unique Features: Vertical exploration, complete dark mechanic, and radioactive zones. No Flayers.
Aberration - Ark Survival Ascended Best Expansions to Buy!

Aberration is considered by many players the best expansion for ark survival. It evolved and most likely ascended as well. It has a strong theme of hazardous areas of nonfunctioning and destroyed ARK. On top of the map, during the day, it’s impossible to survive even for a second. Extreme temperatures similar to the sun’s orbit burn everything alive. While, in dark depths of Aberration, hazardous radiation without proper preparation and a protective suit will also kill you within seconds. The map is filled with new fantastical creatures and the effects of ever-evolving flora and fauna on the new environment.

All of this makes the map enchanting bioluminescent landscapes with luminescent plants, and mushrooms. Even glowing creatures can lead your way and protect you from harm in extreme darkness. It’s a non-flayer map, which may be a big downside for many. However, if you like shiny glowing fantasy words with an ARK twist, this will be the perfect map for you.

Why Aberration is the Best?

Aberration is the best ARK Survival Evolved and Ascended Expansion, thanks to the fresh mechanics, strong theme, and beautiful hand-crafted environment. Players can encounter Reapers and Nameless creatures, navigating vertical exploration and radioactive zones.

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