ARK Survival Ascended: How to Make Gasoline

In ARK Ascended, resources play a key role in your survival, and the faster you start to make gasoline, the easier your gameplay will become.

ARK Survival Ascended - How to Make Gasoline - Refining Forge

Gasoline is a vital resource in ARK: Survival Evolved, serving as fuel for various devices and structures. You’ll need it for operating the Fabricator, Industrial Forge, and more.

How to Make Gasoline in ARK Survival Ascended?

6 Oil + 5 Hide will produce 5 Gasoline in the Forge

To make Gasoline, you’ll need three main ingredients: Hide, Oil, and any Forge. You can gather Hide from killing creatures and oil, commonly from oil rocks, and craft at least the most basic Forge. You can make gasoline in the following structures and creatures:

  • Refining Forge: Unlocked at level 20
  • Industrial Forge: Unlocked at level 80
  • Chemistry Bench: Unlocked at level 82, crafted from Congealed Gas Ball Resource on Aberration DLC.
  • Phoenix: Creature available on Scorched Earth DLC
  • Magmasaur: Creature available on Genesis: Part 1 DLC

Once you’ve collected Oil and Hide resources, head to a Refining Forge or Industrial Forge. The Refining Forge unlocks at level 20, while the Industrial Forge unlocks at level 80. Place the Hide and Oil in the Refining Forge or Industrial Forge inventory, and start the refining process. It takes some time, so be patient.

As a beginner, focus on using the Refining Forge until you reach higher levels. Gasoline is versatile, powering various structures and devices essential for your survival in ARK.

Here are all ARK Ascended structures requiring gasoline and time how long they burn one gasoline:

Structure1 Gasoline Burn Time
Chemistry Bench30m
Electrical Generator60m
Industrial Cooker30m
Industrial Forge30m
Industrial Grill40m
Industrial Grinder30m

Congealed Gas Ball Gasoline on Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis

It’s possible to make gasoline from unique resources found on the Aberrarion Map, the Congealed Gas Balls. Players need to place a Gas Collector on a Gas Vein to obtain gas blobs, extracting Congealed Gas Blobs over time. You can also produce gasoline from Congealed Gas Balls when placed in the Chemistry Bench. Additionally, on the Extinction and Genesis: Part 2 DLCs, you will come across Condensed Gas that can be transformed into a Congealed Gas Ball. Repeating the process will give players Gasoline.

Where to Find Hide and Oli to Craft Gasoline?

Hide and Oli are easy-to-find resources in ARK Ascended. You can get them by actively exploring the map, killing creatures, and gathering them from special nodes.

ARK Survival - Oil Rocks Resource Map And Locations
ARK The Islnd – Oil Rocks Resource Map


Oil can be found in different locations and sources:

  1. Underwater Rocks:
    • Dive into oceans, lakes, or the ocean to find rocks with dark patches. These rocks contain Oil nodes.
  2. Snow Areas Rocks:
    • Maps such as Extinction DLC or the Island have broad snowy areas where oil rocks spawn, usually on the top of the mountains or close to water sources.
  3. Form Hesperornis Egg:
    • You can turn Hesperornis Egg into Oil in the Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker.
  4. Oil Veins (Scorched Earth DLC):
    • Look for oil-rich, unique circular veins with black patches in the deserts of Scorched Earth, where oil veins are common. Place the Oil refinery on top of the vein to extract Oil over time.
  5. Killing the Following Creatures to get Oil from their bodies:
    • Basilosaurus
    • Trilobite
    • Leech
    • Enforcer
  6. Tame Creatures that Produce Oil:
    • Place Feces in the Dung Beetle inventory and set their behavior to wander. They will produce Oil Fertilizer over time.
    • Tusoteuthis and Basilosaurus passively produce Oil in their inventory, but check their behavior settings and feed them because they will eat more when the oil production is turned on in those creatures’ settings.

Best tools and creatures to gather Oil in ARK

ARK Survival Ascended - Oil Rock Nodes

Here are the best dinos, creatures, and tools that gather or produce oil in ARK Survival Ascended:

  • S Tier: Gacha (Extinction, Genesis: Part 2), Dunkleosteus, Magmasaur (Genesis: Part 1 DLC), Chainsaw (Scorched Earth DLC), Mantis (Scorched Earth DLC),
  • A Tier: Ankylosaurus, Basilosaurus
  • B Tier: Dung Beetle, Metal Pick, Tusoteuthis


You can collect Hide from hunting animals in ARK: Survival Evolved such as Parasaur, Dodo, or Trike. Fish and chitin creatures don’t drop Hide in ARK Survival Ascended. Use a Metal Hatchet for increased Hide yield.

Best tools and creatures to gather Hide in ARK

Here are the best dinos, creatures, and tools to gather hide in ARK Survival Ascended:

  • S Tier: Chainsaw (Scorched Earth DLC), Direwolf, Sabertooth, Therizinosaur, Thylacoleo
  • A Tier: Allosaurus, Mantis, Metal Hatchet, Mosasaurus, Rock Drake (Aberration DLC)
  • B Tier: All carnivores

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