Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Unlock Summon Us

Discover how to permanently unlock Summon Us, in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, or how to use its abilities and attacks.

BG3 How to Unlock Summon Us

How to Unlock Summon Us in Baldur’s Gate 3

To unlock Us, the Intellect Devourer NPC, you need to free him during the Prologue and later free him inside Mind Flayer Colony which is below Moonrise Tower. Us is a powerful Intellect Devourer who alongside Scratch and Shovel can be permanent companions and allies giving you a massive advantage in combat. This guide will walk you through how to unlock Us summon permanently in BG3.

Below are the steps needed to permanently unlock Us, the Intellect Devourer in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • In the second room of the prologue interact with Myrnath
  • Free Us from the skull with either Strength or Dexterity Check
  • Choose to release Us, and complete the rest of the tutorial
  • Progress until Act 2 and the finale of the Act by going underneath Moonrise Tower into the Mind Flayer Colony
  • Kill or convince Chop to give you a Morgue cage key to free Us in Act 2

Once freed, you will unlock Us Summon permanently for the remainder of Baldur’s Gate 3. Now let us walk you through the steps of how to unlock Us in detail.

Free Us in Nautiloid Prologue

BG3 Free Us in Prologue on Nautiloid

In Baldur’s Gate 3 Prologue, you discover Us in the second room taking a Neural Apparatus (coordinates X: -7 Y:-425) upstairs. Here, you will find a body named Myrnath which you need to interact with. You can pass a perception check which opens up various options. You need to free Us by passing an ability check with Strength (break the skull) or Dexterity (prise the brain from the skull). Once freed, spare the creature who will follow you for the remainder of the Prologue. If you fail, you cannot later get Us summon permanently so you must do this in Act 1!

Free Us in Act 2

BG3 Entrance to Mind Flayer Colony Act 2
Entrance to Mind Flayer Colony
BG3 Us in Mindflayer Colony
Us Location

In Act 2, you can locate and free Us below the Moonrise Tower in the Mind Flayer Colony area. This area is unlocked during the finale of Act 2, generally after completing the Gauntlet of Shar and Nightsong’s decision. Once you drop down into this area, you will not be able to return so make sure you’re prepared.

BG3 Summon Us Act 2

Once below, locate a key on “Chop” NPC at coordinates X: 663 Y: -74. You can either kill and loot the key or convince Chop to free Us which will both reward you with the companion/summon permanently for the remainder of Baldur’s Gate 3. Once the Morgue key has been obtained, use it on the cage to free Us for a second time. This time, he will remain with you permanently for the rest of BG3.

BG3 Summon Us Object

You now have the miscellaneous item, Summon Us. This is located in your inventory (do not sell) and allows you to summon Us on demand once per short rest. This acts similarly to other companions like Scracth but requires a physical object inside your inventory. We suggest putting the Summon Us item inside a bag with valuables you do not wish to sell to prevent randomly losing this object (learned the hard way).

Us Attacks and Abilities

BG3 Us Summon Attacks and Abilities

Us has an HP of 55 and three attacks: Claws, Devour Intellect, and Synaptic Discharge.

  • Claws: Melee attack dealing 2d8 + 2 Slashing damage.
  • Devour Intellect: If the creature has Intelligence below 4 deal 2d10 Psychic damage and cause Stunned. Otherwise, reduce Intelligence by 3.
  • Synaptic Discharge: Ranged attack dealing 3d8 + 2 Psychic damage.

These attacks are much more powerful than any other summon like Scratch or Shovel. What’s great about Us is he can do range or melee so likely to get damage on every turn. Its strongest ability is Devour Intellect IF the creature has low intelligence. You can examine creatures, but typically these are undead, animals, and others which will take significant damage and also be stunned.

Us is a very important aspect of combat performance and all players playing solo or on Honour Mode should consider freeing and unlocking it for extra support in BG3 combat.

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