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Best ESO Grind Spot 2023 Greenshade Shadows Crawl

Best ESO Grind Spot 2023 Greenshade Shadows Crawl is one of my favorite, easiest, base game, no DLC required grind spots. Check out the video below for a complete explanation and demonstration of how to complete the grind!

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Keep in mind, monsters do not scale to level so even at level 10, most of them are pretty easy. The downside to these are that people can interrupt these spots since it’s open world and can be a bummer when your favorite spot is packed. The optimal group composition for all of these spots is two players, no more. 

ESO Grind Spots

Greenshade Shadows Crawl

Best ESO Grind Spot 2023 Greenshade Shadows Crawl

My go-to spot provides a little less experience, but is nearly always free and it’s in the southwest corner by Shadows Crawl. The downside of this grind is you make a horizontal path and double back, so you’ll need speed and often times range to kill the archer mobs. A helpful skill is some type of pull like the Fighters Guild Silver Leash which is a decent grinding spammable plus it pulls those annoying range casters/archers in. You’ll also need to break free a few times when stunned. This isn’t the best spot for grinding overall, but it’s a great backup when Verrant Morass is packed.


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