ESO: Threads of War Explained With How to Get Instructions

Instructions and everything you need to know about the Threads of War set, which you can get from the West Weald zone in ESO.

Threads of War Features and Set Bonuses in ESO

Threads of War

Threads of War Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Threads of War
  • Type: Craftable
  • Available Armor Weight: Light, Medium, or Heavy Armor; Jewelry and Weapons
  • Location: West Weald
  • Requires DLC: Gold Road
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • 2 items: Adds 1096 Max Stamina
    • 3 items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
    • 4 items: Adds 1096 Max Magicka
    • 5 items: Your Light and fully-charged Heavy Attacks gain 100% Status Effect Chance. The Status Effect is based on the damage type of your weapon.

In ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online), the Threads of War set offers you a variety of different attributes and damage boosts. First, wearing two items from this set will increase your Stamina pool. Next, wearing three items will boost your Weapon and Spell Damage. Then, adding a fourth item will increase your maximum Magicka.

Finally, when you equip a fifth piece from the Threads of War set you will gain a boost that increases your chance to apply a status effect. The status effect the target is inflicted with is based on the damage type of the weapon you are using.

ESO Threads of War Explained With How to Get Instructions

Triggering the Status Effect boost on the Threads of War set is fairly easy. All you have to do is keep up your rotation and include Light Attacks and/or fully charged Heavy Attacks. Each of these types of attacks will have the 100% Status Effect chance applied to it.

How to Use Threads of War Set in PvE and PvP?

The Threads of War set is somewhat similar to the Symmetry of the Weald set you can collect in the overland of the West Weald zone. Both offer a boost to your Status Effect chance. However, the boost from the Threads of War set is lower. Moreover, while neither set is difficult to trigger, the Threads of War set is technically ‘harder’ in the sense that you have to continually make certain types of attacks. While on the Symmetry set the application of the boost is more passive.

Therefore, much like with the Symmetry set, the Threads of War set is not likely to see a lot of use in PvE. Builds could be crafted to make use of the Status Effect chance boost, but overall they will be less effective than other, much more powerful armor sets and builds.

The player vs player environments of Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds would not be a good place to take this set into. Survivability is priority number one, with high DPS a close second. The Threads of War set doesn’t help with survivability at all. Moreover, the boost to status effect chance is not worth it when compared to other, much better sets.

How to Get Threads of War Set in ESO?

Threads of War Map Location - ESO - Deserter's Lagoon Crafting Station

You can get the Threads of War set by crafting it at the Deserter’s Lagoon location in the West Weald zone. This is off of the road running straight north on the eastern side of the zone. Moreover, the nearest fast-travel location is either the Valente Vineyards or North Hook wayshrines.

To venture into the West Weald in ESO, you’ll have to own the Gold Road chapter, which is available for separate purchase. It won’t be bundled with DLCs or accessible through an ESO+ subscription until at least a year later.

Additionally, you can attune crafting stations using crafting writ vouchers. This enables you to place the crafting station in your home. Moreover, it allows others without the chapter to craft the set. Lastly, you can earn a significant amount of gold by selling the craftable set.

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