ESO: How to Get Slivers of the Null Arca Explained

Everything you need to know explained about how to get Slivers of the Null Arca trials set from Lucent Citadel in ESO Gold Road.

ESO - Slivers of the Null Arca - Gold road gear sets

Slivers of the Null Arca

Slivers of the Null Arca Features and Set Bonuses in ESO:

  • Name: Slivers of the Null Arca
  • Type: Trial Set
  • Available Armor Weight: Medium
  • Location: Lucent Citadel
  • Requires DLC: Gold Road Chapter
  • Armor Set bonuses (Level 50 – CP 160):
    • (2 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance.
    • (3 items) Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
    • (4 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance.
    • (5 items) Dealing Critical Damage gives you a stack of Sliver for 10 seconds. You can only gain one stack of Sliver every 0.5 seconds. When you gain your third stack, the stacks are consumed and the crystals launch at the last enemy you damaged, dealing 1311 Physical Damage. This damage scales off your Weapon or Spell Damage. Once you launch the crystals, you cannot gain Sliver for 5 seconds.

In ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online), Slivers of the Null Arca is a dps trial set that basically fires a crystal projectile at your target every 6.5 seconds. It does this by building stacks every time you deal critical damage.

Slivers of the Null Arca Proc in ESO

Since these stacks build every 0.5 seconds, you need 3 stacks to fire the crystal, and the set it on a 5 second cooldown, you won’t fire crystals any faster than once every 6.5 seconds.

How to Use Slivers of the Null Arca Set in PvE and PvP?

This set is in a bit of an odd place, in this situation. The proc just doesn’t deal a lot of damage compared to the other PvE options. It doesn’t perform as well as pillar, aegis is much stronger, whorl hits harder, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, any of the “meta” options will pretty comfortably outperform Null Arca.

Player vs. Environment (PvE) – There’s basically just not a great reason to run this set at this moment with the other options we have. It’s a single target set that deals less damage than Pillar of Nirn. It still just wasn’t buffed enough through the end cycles of the patch notes.

Player vs. Player (PvP) – It’s single target, you can’t miss the projectile hit, and it also gives a good amount of crit chance. Many people were wondering why Null Arca isn’t stronger, and PvP may be the reason after all. Normally, you wouldn’t want to run a Minor Slayer trial set in PvP, but you can always rock the perfected version of Null Arca for an extra line of weapon and spell damage. Regardless, Null Arca might see some decent play in Cyrodiil or Imperial City, where you can take advantage of the Minor Slayer as well as the proc damage.

How to Get the Slivers of the Null Arca in ESO

Lucent Citadel Trial Location Map - ESO - The Elder Scrolls Online

You can get the Null Arca weapons and jewelry for killing the final boss in Lucent Citadel, and the armor pieces drop from the other bosses in the trial. These can all also drop from treasure chest as well, but they won’t drop the Perfected versions if you plan to clear Lucent Citadel on veteran difficulty.

Lucent Citadel is the new trial from the Gold Road chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online. If you are wondering how to get Slivers of the Null Arca in ESO, in short, your journey starts at Lucent Citadel.

Trials & Dungeon Drops Info

In Elder Scrolls Online, Dungeons or Trials bosses drop armor, items, and weapons using the following ruleset:

  • Bosses – Body armor pieces
  • Final Boss – Weapons, Jewelry
  • Chest – Weapons, Jewelry, Body armor pieces

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