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Best ESO Grind Spot Alik’r Desert HIDDEN Grind

Best ESO Grind Spot Alik’r Desert HIDDEN Grind is one of my favorite, easiest, base game, no DLC required grind spots. Check out the video below for a complete explanation and demonstration of how to complete the grind!

Last updated for Necrom Chapter on June 1, 2023.

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Keep in mind, monsters do not scale to level so even at level 10, most of them are pretty easy. The downside to these are that people can interrupt these spots since it’s open world and can be a bummer when your favorite spot is packed. The optimal group composition for all of these spots is two players, no more. 

Alik’r Desert – Hidden Grind

ESO Alikr Desert Motalion Necropolis Grind Spot

A secondary spot is in the back northeastern area near a bridge called Motalion Necropolis. This is much less populated and can be easy pickings when other spots are busy. You make sort of a loop clear back on double bridges, then come back and drop off to the lower level and clear the zombies at the base, working your way back up to where you came from. You’ll need to double back some here, but the packs are super dense with high respawn timers and not nearly as camped as others.

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Thanks for checking out my ESO Grind Spot Alik’r Desert HIDDEN Grind guide! If you’re looking for a one-bar PvE builds click HERE, one-bar PvP builds HERE or one-bar Werewolves builds HERE. Also, consider watching me on TWITCH where you can ask me questions about my current builds.

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