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Best ESO Grind Spot Imperial City Sewers

Best ESO Grind Spot Imperial City Sewers is one of my favorite, easiest, base game, no DLC required grind spots. Check out the video below for a complete explanation and demonstration of how to complete the grind!

Last updated for Necrom Chapter on June 1, 2023.

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Keep in mind, monsters do not scale to level so even at level 10, most of them are pretty easy. The downside to these are that people can interrupt these spots since it’s open world and can be a bummer when your favorite spot is packed. The optimal group composition for all of these spots is two players, no more. 

Imperial City Sewers – Daggerfall Zone

ESO Imperial City Sewers Vile Drainage Grind

This requires a bit more attention and effort, but now the Imperial City is base game anyone can grind effectively in the sewers. In addition, this spot can gain you Tel Var currency as you loop thru the area and defeat enemies. Keep in mind, this is a PvEvP zone and you could be ganked and killed by another player, but the upside is you can make an enormous sum of gold selling items which can be bought only with the Tel Var currency.

The general premise here is to rotate down in a clockwise rectangular way, pulling mobs as you go. Avoid the big wandering bosses here as they hit very hard, especially if in close quarters. If you’re wondering why I have 1 million Tel Var currency, this grind is a big contributor.

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