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Destiny 2: How to Get ALL New Ikelos Weapons & Resonate Stem Locations

The new Destiny 2 Season 19 Weapons, have arrived with some ultra powerful crafting weapons.  This guide how to get all the new ALL IKELOS Weapons and Resonate Stem Locations.  The Resonate Stem are combined with Amp giving an random location which we have pictures and video guides on all.  Follow this and pray to RNG that you get a new meta guns like the Ikelos SMG with Voltage Shot.  Special thanks to AZN_Synik for help with pictures!

Ikelos Weapons Seasonal Weapons Season of the Seraph

Here’s the list of the new IKELOS Weapons for Season 19 Destiny 2, Season of the Seraph.

How to Get New IKELOS Weapons

How to Get New IKELOS Weapons is very simple, you’ll need to complete the initial season quest, obtain an item, and start completing activities.  Here’s the TLDR method with individual locations you’ll need further down the post.

Step 1, Complete Part 1 Quest

1) Activate seasonal quest and complete the first mission More Than A Weapon.  You should get the seasonal quest the first time you login, with a cut scene. If you bypass the cutscene, you’ll have the quest in your log.  Once completed, you obtain the Resonance Amp shown below and now step #3.

Resonance Amp Consumable
Resonance Amp Consumable

2) Complete activity after this to earn Resonate Stems WITHIN your Resonance Amp (won’t be shown in consumables separately, highlight Amp specifically to show). You can earn two Resonate Stems from completing any playlist activity and three from opening the second chest in the new Heist Battleground. I suggest grinding either Strikes or Crucible matches since these will be much faster than grinding materials and finishing the new seasonal activity.

Heist Battleground Playlist
Heist Battleground Playlist Via Helm

3) Combine the Amp with Stem which which produces an Override Frequency.  This will be a small hint at one of two planets you need to go, the Moon or Europa.

Override Frequency

4) The locations are random, but thankfully we have pictures on where to go and why. Share with your friends, it helps this website make more content!

Collecting Override Frequency Loot
This is what you’re looking for
Red Bar New IKELOS Weapons
Pray to RNG You Get this!

Resonate Stem Locations

Moon Location Resonate Stem Locations


Video Guide



Video Guide


Video Guide



Video Guide



Video Guide



Video Guide



Video Guide

Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall_Location Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall_1


Video Guide



Video Guide



Video Guide



Video Guide



Video Guide

Europa.Eventide.Dome.Catwalk_Location Europa.Eventide.Dome.Catwalk

Operation Seraph’s Shield Quest





Entrance on the top platform

Orbital.Engineer.Shaft.Platform - entranceOrbital.Engineer.Shaft.Platform


The last one you can find after the last boss in the chest room. Look for it right on top of the table.

Orbital.Control.Nexus.Upload - entranceOrbital.Control.Nexus.Upload

Important Information

Now that you know how to unlock the weapon you probably will work on your build. Check out the website for more guides (click)Destiny 2 Beginner Builds (click) and End-game PvE Builds (click). Also, I’d encourage you to check me out on twitch.tv/deltiasgaming where I stream Destiny 2 and other games live!

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